Monday, May 30, 2005

Bliss by Judy Cuevas

Finally, finally, I got a chance to read Bliss by Judy Cuevas (Judith Ivory) on the weekend. It has been killing me for ages when readers discuss this book and Damce and I hadn’t read it. I started looking for it a few years ago when I started visiting the message boards and so many people recommended this book and said how good it was, but could never find it at any of the UBS. Thank you so much to Robin, who recognizing the desperation when it was discussed yet again, came to my aid and sent me an extra copy she had found. My thoughts on the book:
It was wonderful! It was obviously published before the whitewashing of historical romance began.
1) It takes place in France – not England
2) The hero is French – not some English Duke or Earl
3) The hero is an ether addict
4) The heroine is NOT a virgin, although by no means a skeet (Sybil – I did it)
5) The story takes place in the early 20th century

I loved both Hannah and Nardi. Both of them were so wonderfully imperfect. Hannah was a tiny bit on the selfish side and influenced by money, although when push came to shove, she chose love every time. She was childish and wise, brave and scared. She was a heroine I could really relate too.
And Nardi, what a wonderful hero he was. He’s temperamental and insecure with an addictive personality. He is indulged by his family and used by them at the same time. He is charming, spoiled charismatic and so loveable. And imperfect; wonderfully and deliciously imperfect.
This is a book I know that I will read over and over again, if only to read what good historical romance books can be. Thanks again Robin
Grade 5 out of 5

When I was flipping through the back pages where they advertise other books published around the same time (For My Lady’s Heart) I was surprised that I didn’t buy it when it first came out. I was heavily into book buying that year. I think though, that was long before I discovered review sites and message boards so somehow it just escaped my notice. Thank goodness for them now. I don’t think a book this good could escape me now.

How on earth can she redeem Sebastian in Dance? I know she does and I know Judith Ivory/Judy Cuevas has the talent, but Sebastian certainly was very dislikeable in Bliss. Of course, I'll have to get a copy first :)

Why, oh why haven’t these been re-released? I was at the bookstore the other day and I noticed that Kinley MacGregor’s A Pirate of Her Own has just been reissued. I would love to know how Avon decides what should and shouldn’t be re-released. Not to take anything away from MacGregor, but I bought the original only a couple of years ago, so it’s not that old and probably not very hard to find. In fact I stopped at Chapters on the way home from work and the original ($8.99) and rerelease ($9.99) were both on the shelves. Why do Avon and other publishers reprint books that are readily available but not classics?


Avid Reader said...

I'm always on the look-out for extra copies of both these books. I loved Bliss and Dance. She does a good job with both books and she does redeem Sebastian. I agree that there is a BIG difference in her writing before Avon. She's awesome. I've read all but two of her books. I'm glad Robin was able to get you a copy. So glad you read and enjoyed it!


erika said...

I read Bliss and Dance to find out if the postive reader hype about Judith Ivory/Judy Cuevas on AllAboutRomance was right and neither book worked for me. I faintly remember not liking the heroines.

Kristie (J) said...

Keishon; I've read most of her books too. Haven't got/read Starlit Surrender. I have Black Silk in my TBR pile. I started it but didn't finish it and I have Beast TBR too, if I can find it. All the rest I've read and enjoyed but Bliss best of them.

So Erika, my question just has to be then, do you still have your copies? (grin)

sybil said...


I will check my usb here and see if I can find them. If I come up with them I will let you know.

I have never read her, under either name. I think I picked up one once and the heroine's name was Submit. Or something horrid like that. I put it down and backed away slowly.

I will try her one of these days.

I bought my Pirates soon after I started reading romance (a year or two ago) and couldn't find it used. I found it at borders. Seems silly but I guess it is making them money.

Tara Marie said...

I have not read these books in years. I may have to start searching for copies--LOL.

erika said...

I returned both to the ubs...but if you want them I can find out if the ubs still has both.
Oh and I read Black Silk and I really really disliked it mainly because I had issues w/the heroine's name--Submit...yech!

Kristie (J) said...

That would be excellent! I have Bliss (thanks again to Robin) so all I need now is Dance. I started Black Silk but didn't finish when I realized the hero planned on keeping it "up" with the other woman (ha ha) I still might go back to it someday, I don't know yet.

erika said...

KristiJ, I called the ubs-they stay open til 9pm--and they nolonger have Dance. I checked Alibris and and omg the prices!!! Amazon has the cheapist going for $25.

Kristie (J) said...

I know, scary isn't it!!
That's why I do not understand why they haven't been republished yet!
The demand is out there.