Tuesday, May 24, 2005

A challenge issued, a challenge met

I must admit to some trepidation when I accepted Keishon’s challenge. I haven’t read a trad regency kisses only book for a very long time. But I had accepted Keishon’s challenge in the past with much success. I kept putting it off and putting it off but a deal is a deal and I finally picked up Properos’ Daughter to read. To be honest I was surprised I even had some trad regencies to read. I picked this one up a couple of years ago when it first came out partly based on the reviews and partly based on the good looking guy on the cover. I’m shallow, I know it, I admit it.
I started reading it the morning of my trip. Bad thing to do. Instead of the packing I should have been doing I read. When I got to my destination, I’d forgotten quite a few things because I was too busy reading. It was a blessing though during the 3hour (did I already mention 3 hour) delay at the border. It really helped me from thinking about other pressing matters for a while anyway. I read it when I got to the hotel and I didn’t want to stop reading.
This book was very very good!

Prospero’s Daughter/Nancy Butler

Copyright Year

Morgan Pearce seems to be a hero who has it all. Good looks, a job he loves even though the ton aren’t supposed to work, a married woman whose older husband is out of town. Then he is talked very reluctantly into traveling to a country home to help edit his friends father’s memoires. It is there he meets the heroine Miranda Runyon. She had a terrible accident three years previously, is confined to a bath chair and virtually ignored by her family. Because Morgan couldn’t help a close friend injured in the war, he is determined to help Miranda. In the course of helping her, they fall in love and wonder if they can surmount all the obstacles in their way.

My grade/how did it compare with other reviews
TRR gave it 5 hearts
AAR gave it a B+
My grade – 41/2 out of 5

New Author to Me

Would I read more of this author’s work?

Thanks Keishon. I probably never would have read this book without your challenge and I would have missed a wonderful read. I look forward now to June’s challenge book. I hope you have better luck than you seem to be having.

Now for something totally different. Do I live in a great country or not? I love American Idol and Lost. What to watch tomorrow night? The Lost finale or the winner on AI??? And I don't know how to program a VCR. Turns out that both show are on the same Canadian channel. American Idol it on tomorrow night and Lost is on Thursday night. I can see them both now. Yes!


CW said...

I've been meaning to get that book for forever. Now, yet another reason to get it. Heh.

Nicole said...

Yeah, but you have monopoly money. Hehehe

Seriosuly, I worked at a discount store fairly near the Canadian border. I think I met all crazy Canadians for awhile. I even had one throw a fit because we weren't on her debit card system and she ONLY brought her debit card. And um..you guys need debit cards with visa.

Okay, slight rant over. It's nice to "meet" one who isn't so nasty to me. :-)

Kristie said...

Nicole: yes it is rather like monopoly money :) only bigger and prettier and better quality paper. I remember when it first started coming out in those rather astonishing colours. Took some getting used to.
Stupidity knows no bounds does it? I mean the very first thing I do whenever I go to the US is to make sure I have enough American money! My Visa is my back-up and I'd never use my bank card.