Monday, May 02, 2005

I have a confession to make

It’s May 2 and I haven’t sent in my taxes. In fact, I haven’t even done my taxes yet. I didn’t start out to be a criminal. But eleven years ago I started becoming one. That was the year when I was still a good little tax paying citizen and did my taxes only to discover at the end of that year I still owed the government $1,600 dollars. I had a little part-time job as a cashier at a grocery store where I barely made enough money to pay for groceries and a few (well, more than a few I suppose) books. In order to try and have some more money I got a second little part time job at a lumber store. Finally, for the first time in my life I managed to save a decent amount of money. Then I did my taxes. The money I managed to save that year all went to paying taxes at the end of the year and a rebel was born. Oh, I still did my taxes but I resented the hell out of having to do them. And the resentment grew and grew.
I live in Canada and for those who don’t live in this country there is a huge scandal going on now in the government. We have had the same political party in power now for ten years, I don’t the exact number of years and I haven’t voted for this particular party for at least eight years. But it turns out the party in power has done some very illegal things with taxpayers money. They have spent millions and millions of our dollars giving it away to their friends. And I am very angry about it. Now it looks like we might have another election based on the illegal activity of the politicians in charge of the country.
We pay taxes on everything in this country. If I buy a book, I have to pay taxes on it. If I buy a meal at a restaurant, I have to pay 15% tax on top of it. If I get my hair cut for Pete’s sake I have to pay taxes for the privilege. And don’t even get me started on the taxes we pay for gas, cigarettes and alcohol. I bought a car recently and I didn’t even look at the 15% extra money I had to pay in taxes on my car. It would make me cry. Thirty five to forty percent of each and every pay check goes to pay taxes right off the top. If we get a work bonus, forty percent goes to taxes. That’s forty percent off of a bonus for a worker doing a good job!!!
So that’s why I haven’t sent in and not even done my taxes.
Part of me, the criminal part of me, hopes I get caught, hopes the tax man comes after me so I can make a statement that I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.
And that’s my rant for the day.


Nicole said...

I did mine early, but it was also pretty easy with Turbotax and we knew we were getting a refund back. Ouch on the taxes. Gotta love how everything is taxed.

But don't you guys up in Canada get more healthcare benefits, etc, for all that nasty tax?

Kristie said...

Well, yes and no. The provincial government recently levied a whopping health tax while at the same time cutting back on what was covered. This after after only a couple of months after the party that won the election promised, PROMISED they wouldn't raise taxes as the main part of their platform. And our health care is a mess here. Doctor shortages; a huge percent of the people don't have family doctors, long waiting lines for surgeries and seeing specialists are just some of the problems. More and more are bypassing the lineups here and going to the States for treatment. The hospitals are sending people home after surgeries way before they should be sent home. Their is a critical shortage of hospital beds, while wings in hospitals sit empty. If we were getting services for taxes, it would be one thing, but to see our money going to perks for friends of politicians is something that is very difficult to stomach.

Nicole said...

Ouch. That does suck. I have an annual exam next MOnday and hoping it won't cost a fortune and that insurance will cover most of it.

Kris (Kristine, actually) said...

Kristie, my daughter told me to check out your blog..said it was very entertaining and it is! I'm also middle aged tho I describe myself as 51 going on 15, lol! Isn't blogging great? Such a good way to let friends & family 'check up on us' without having to write a bazillion emails all over the place. Enjoy your week!