Tuesday, May 17, 2005

For those who watch American Idol

Was Bo incredibly awesome or what!!!!! Wowzers!!

Carrie and Vonzell were both very good too but Bo gave me goose bumps with his second song. And when he sang Satisfaction by the Rolling Stones - whew!


Jill said...

Loved when he sang without the band!

Caro said...

i wasn't that happy with the first and last song he sang because I felt he's done better performances. The second song, though -- whoa! The husband, who never watches Idol, walked into the living room and when Bo was done, the reactions was "He's good."

Angela James said...

I told my husband, during that second song "he just won American Idol with that" He agreed and we both are pretty critical of their singing. But that acapella song...totally tight Dawg!