Thursday, May 19, 2005

Oldies but Goodies

I keep track of my books in an excel spreadsheet. I was going through it and updating it and thought I would share some older and lesser known books that I gave 5 out of 5’s too. So here goes, five of my best (with more to come)

When Lightning Strikes by Rexanne Becnell - published 1995
Anyone looking for a good western should check this book out. She is one of those authors I enjoy who can write great books in many different genres. I've read quite a few of her books and although not much is heard about her, she's a wonderful writer who has been around quite a while. Worth checking out! And a good cover :)

Outlaw Hearts by Rosanne Bittner - published 1993
Another Western. This book is one that I never keep far away. I've read it quite a few times. I've recommended it a number of times and I'm thrilled that some readers have mentioned they have picked it up. It's one of those rich books with a to die for outlaw hero and the woman who changes him and gives him hope.

Letters From A Stranger by Connie Rinehold - published 1993
This is a contemporary book about a beautiful and lonely young woman who writes letters to men overseas in the armed forces. The letters between the heroine and the reluctant hero are wonderful and what is really refreshing about this book is the awkwardnes and realistic first love scene.

Once In Every Life by Kristin Hannah - published 1993
This was written before Kristin Hannah moved to women's lit. It's a wonderful time travel with two very wounded and lonely people and a second chance at love.

Wild Hawk by Justine Dare - published 1996
This one is part of a series she wrote. Also in the series are Fire Hawk (1997), a medieval and Heart of the Hawk, (1996)a western. They are all connected by a mysterious book and all are keepers. I'm cheating here by mentioning 3in1. Wild Hawk is a contemporary with a hard and cynical hero and woman he comes to love. Because they are all written in different eras, they don't need to be written in order. Each one is a wonderful story of love and redemption and a little paranormal thrown in.

I've seen all these books in UBS's so if you are ever in one and looking for something good to read........


Jill said...

Once In Every Life is on my keeper shelf ... as is every Justine Dare!

sybil said...

Eve Bryon! I knew I knew the name Connie Rinehold from some where. hee I haven't read books by her under either name yet but I am gonna keep a look out for Connie Rinehold ones now.

Thanks for the older recs, I love them!