Tuesday, May 31, 2005

I have an idea

I don't know if it will work or not but what does everyone think? Who knows there might already be such a thing. It came to me when Robin sent me a copy of Bliss I couldn't find that she found in her neck of the woods. It seems us romance fans are scattered all over the world. What I might be able to find no problem (such as Patrica Potter's Wanted and Diablo - I saw them at a UBS on the way home) others might not be able to find. What if we somehow set up a wish list of books we are looking for. We could post the list every so often and if someone found a book we could swap or else work something out. It sure beats the S/H you pay ordering something through Amazon. I pay $1.00 for a book, and extra 50cents on exchange and then $15 for S/H. I know for me, I would be thrilled to find a book for someone who has been searching for particular book. If someone doesn't have a blog of their own to post it on, I'd be willing to share space on this one.
Just a thought

And a big thank you to Jay who has been helping me with posting pictures. It's still a work in progress but I was just tickled pink when I hit view blog and there they were.


sybil said...

hee I do this and it has worked pretty well.

Well not post a list but I trade books with others online and it has worked out really well.

I keep meaning to set up a free site like geocity or something and put up a wish list. You are welcome to email me a list of what you are looking for. If I can find them I would be more than happy to pick them up for you and send them off to you.

I see so many books all the time and think such and such was looking for this, wish I knew if they still needed it.

I called just about every ubs in san antonio and so far no luck on Dance. But I do plan to go to a big library sale, and I have had some awesome luck at the two I have been to. If I come across it I shall give you a shout.

Kristie (J) said...

I went on Bookswap and they have the right idea, but I found it somewhat overwhelming. I was thinking of just concentrating on romance/mystery books. Plus you have to sign up and I would prefer something informal. Just a bunch of fans keeping their eyes open for each other.

Kristie (J) said...

I'm reading The Cobra and the Concubine. It's the third of a series and really good so far. Now I'd like to read the first two The Falcon and the Dove and The Tiger and the Tomb, but they are out of print.
Shades of Honor by Wendy Lindstrom is another I'v started looking for that's OOP.
Those are some just off the top of my head. I'm sure other readers have books they are looking for too.

sybil said...

Shades of Honor by Wendy Lindstrom is the book I had in my hand on Monday but I had no clue if you had read it or not. I just remembered you went on and on about Lips. That is too funny.

They had two copies, if I see it there I shall get it. The bookstore I go to all the time has two copies of Tiger and the Tomb, I keep thinking about getting it but haven't. I have only seen Falcon, once, and that was at the last library sale I was at. I had it in my hand to buy just because it was so hard to find and then saw it was warped because someone had gotten it way wet. So I didn't get it.

Jay said...

Keishon has a link to a project that seems like what you're talking about. Bookstore Junkies is what it's called. If you don't feel like coordinating the whole thing, you could probably just join over there. But it sounds like a great idea and I think it could be really successful with just the romance blog posse.

CW said...

Count me in! I'd keep a blog post on the main page and update it every now and then, or something.

Ooh, if someone can grab those Vanaks I'd be glad to track down something for them. :D

sybil said...

I set this up Lost and Found

there is nothing there and it is bare bones. I have it open to where anyone can join at the moment.

IF and that is a big IF we could use it to keep track of lists and such. We can decide to work it however we want - trade for trade or person finds book buys it and then gets paid back.

It is not listed and we could keep it small and invite only. I just have it open now so any of us could sign up.

Really from looking at the link Jay put up Bookstore Junkies is pretty much the same thing, just on a larger scale.

So whatever you guys want. I can always delete the group if we don't want it.

sybil said...

I have your three books on hold, with luck I will get them today but it might not be until tomorrow.

I was shocked they had Falcon.

email me

redwyne at gmail dot com

Avid Reader said...

Count me in as well, Kristie. I love to looking for those HTF titles. Houston has some really great resale shops here. I've been verra,verra lucky. But no Dance by Cuevas yet but I'm on the look-out for it. I plan to hit a couple of of stores today. If I find a copy it is yours.

Anonymous said...

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