Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Power of Positive Thinking

Doesn't always work *sigh*.
Another $5 card. But....they were giving out $10 gift cards as a promotion for any purchase over $50.
And.... I did pick up some good books. So I guess it's not all bad.

Well - I'm off shortly to get my last Tim Daly fix *deep heavy sad sigh* as this is the last week The Nine is on. But being ever the optimist, I still have my DVD of The Outsiders.

'til later

*Edited to Add*

Ah damn, damn and double damn again!!! The bastards cancelled it already!


Rosie said...

Kristie sorry about your program. I was sweating out them cancelling Studio 60. I don't watch much TV so I sure hate it when a show I do like goes down under.

Mailyn said...

Oh that sucks! I also hate when that happens. I hope it at least comes out on DVD so you can watch and re-watch to your heart's content. :-)

Anonymous said...

I have to admit I lost interest in The Nine - sorry! Now I'm worried Studio 60 was cancelled!

I have been too busy this week which is new - you have 4 new posts up!

I'm glad that your youngest is being so open to you and he bought you a book! I'm shocked he would even try because what were the odds you didn't already have the book. No one I know would try to buy me books - if they do, they ask me to go to the store with them and point out the ones I want.

As to Peter Pans - my brother is in bad shape right now. I felt like a councellor over the weekend when he and his girlfriend came over. He's been out of work since August - I guess Krista felt safe with me because she started to cry. I don't think they are communicating and I'm worried but I have to remember I can't live their lives. I asked my brother to see about anger management courses - not that he would ever be violent to a person but words hurt too. Ugh.

Darn, I should finish my thoughts. I hate when they cancel a show and it just disappears without explanation. Sorry.


Jazz said...

THEY CANCELLED THE NINE!!!!! OMG Josh is going to be sooo upset. That was our new show we watched togeather! Damn it, and I think they also cancelled Vanished, another one we loved. I am behind on this cause we have a DVR so I am not always caught up, we have two episodes to catch up on still. Uggg!

Kristie (J) said...

Jazz: Yep! They cancelled it!! It's bad enough when a show you like gets cancelled, but when it's a show with an ongoing storyline, it's especially frustrating! I was really starting to get into it and now we will never know what happened during those 50 or so remaining hours. And what about the baby???

Cindy: Just as well you didn't keep watching it - SINCE THEY CANCELLED IT!!!
I think we all have Peter Pan relatives don't we? All we can do is love 'em and try not to let them get to us too much.

Mailyn: I doubt very much it was on long enough to go to DVD *sigh*. I'm telling you - it's going to be a long time before I trust a TV show again. I just started watching Grey's Anatomy for example (and truth be told - I'm not all that impressed)

Rosie: From what I can gather, Studio 60 should be safe. I think it's getting good ratings