Saturday, November 18, 2006

I'm so easy!

I was out for a coffee with a friend this morning. The coffee shop just happened to be next to Chapters. I ordered Born in Death online 'cause it was much cheaper doing it that way than it was getting it in the store and when the book came the other day, there was a mystery card inside. Apparently, with a $50 purchase, I had a chance to win $1,000 when they scanned the card.
So with all kinds of releases coming out in the next few weeks, could I wait?
Of course I couldn't!!!! Dumb, dumb, dumb! Instead I took my mystery card, and bought some books I really didn't plan on getting (see recent buys).
And darn it all - I didn't win $1,000. Nope - not even close! Instead I only got $5 off. As Sybil says le sigh.

And to top if off, when I got home and was entering them in the spread sheet, I discovered a couple of them were Avons!!!! So - the inadvertently get another chance. They are ghost stories though, a genre that doesn't have that many and one I enjoy so maybe I'll have to eat my words and enjoy them at the same time.

'til later


nath said...

Hey Kristie, don't worry, you are so not the only one in that case :D I actually like their mystery cards, altho yeah, you always get only 5$ off... but then, 5$ + 10% off is good no?

CindyS said...

I got that card in June or something and yeah, I only got $5 too. Now Nath is worrying me by suggesting this could be more than just a one time deal. I don't need more reasons to be separated from my money :(

I liked this and like the 'buy 3 get the 4th for free' - where did those go?


nath said...

Forget it girls! I have 3 cards like that back in September! 3!!! It was almost like I was collecting them! Unfortunately, all I got was 5$ for each ^^;

oh and don't worry Cindy, the "buy 3 get the 4th free" still exist. I bet yeah, there's going to be one in January.

Anonymous said...

ahhhhhh Kristie, I was hoping you'd get the $1,000. *grin
better luck next time. have a good week.

ames said...

Hmm...buying books you weren't planning on buying? LOL I'm not a big fan of ghost stories. Especially when the hero miraculously has a real body by the end of the book. WTF?

Mailyn said...

I don't even know if we have mystery cards. I keep telling myself that if I get any more cards I'll just waste more money on books. Ugh. LOL.

Dylan said...

I'm sorry you didn't win any money sweetie, that sucks! How come I never get any mystery cards in my books? Stupid bookstores in L.A. keeping the money all to themselves!

Kristie (J) said...

The scary thing is I ordered more than one book and they came in a different times. I just found another mystery card!!!! Do I spend another $50 trying to win $1,000 or do I just buy books one or two at a time????

nath said...

Kristie, you spend 50$... I'm sure you'll be able to find 5-6 books that you like till Dec. 24... I mean, the alternative is buying one or two books at a time? What a waste! Grant, 5$ isn't much, but it's still something you can save :D