Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Last of Last Night's Lost

Oh! Wow!

Oh! Wow!

OK - I watched it twice and if it was on for a third time, I would have watched it again!
Tonight (or last night since it's after midnight in this section of the woods) was the best episode of the season I thought.
So what did I love about this one?
I loved Kate's back story, it was so sad, even though I've lived in caves and didn't know who Nathan Fillion was until C2 was kind enough to tell me.
I loved how for a change, they didn't raise more questions that drove me nuts.
I loved how Jack turned the tables on the Others for a change.
I loved how Locke went back to get Eko's stick.
I think I'm missing something.

Oh. Right.

I LOVED the scend in the cage between Sawyer and Kate. My sympathies to all the Kate and Jack fans but since I'm in the Kate and Sawyer camp, Oh Wow! That sure as hell beat The Kiss in the first season. I LOVED how Sawyer asked Kate if she was just saying she didn't love him to save him from getting beaten and I LOVED how she didn't answer. And I LOVED how the then told her he loved her too. And I LOVED that little smile Jack gave when he saw them together on the camera. And I LOVED how brave Sawyer was when he thought what's his name was going to shoot him. And I LOVED how he told Kate that he didn't mention they were on a different island because he didn't want her to give up hope. And I LOVED how hot the love scene was.
There was only one thing I didn't love. And that's the fact that we have to wait until next February before we get to see it again 'cause I wouldn't mind watching that episode all over again.

'til later


CindyS said...

I have it on DVR ;)

There was a new question though, who is Jacob? There was one line where the guy who is going to kill Sawyer says something about Jack not even being on Jacob's list but then I don't know who Jacob is?

I'll have to re-watch that part and see if I can make it out.


Kristie (J) said...

What? no comment on the scenes between Kate & Sawyer? *g* Yea - that was one question I had too, but then I figured they were maybe prisoners the Others had stolen from some other poor unsuspecting group like the ones that were with the French woman or maybe some of the other tailie people. And maybe a question about what they were building. But I was so caught up in the Kate & Sawyer storyline, I didn't really care.

jmc said...

I haven't watched Lost this season -- I missed a bunch of episodes at the end of last season and was out of the loop, so I gave up. Except I have a huge crush on Nathan Fillion, and if he's going to be on the show, I'll watch just so I can drool over him. :sigh:

Tara Marie said...

It was a fabulous episode, and a great cliffhanger--Will Jack let Ben die?!?!?

Is Locke going to "look to the north" and what's in the north?

Ben asked about Alex when he was going into surgery. Who's Alex?

Jack doesn't realize they're on an island seperate from their island. Where can Kate and Sawyer run and is that guy going to back down or shoot Sawyer? Of course, I don't think they're going to kill off Sawyer, but who the heck knows.

So frustrated that we have to wait 3 months.

Lisa said...

I almost gave you a call last night after Lost was on, 'cause as soon as I saw the love scene between Kate and Sawyer I just knew you'd be thrilled. But then I thought - Oh Yeah, she's going to be watching this one again, and again and probably wouldn't answer the phone anyway :) And I was thrilled that they didn't add yet more questions - I'll watch it again when it's back on - even though it really P*sses me off when they do stuff like leave you hanging. And, oh, by the way, when I was watching it, they cut in with some stupid "fog warning" on the station it was on and I didn't get to hear what Sawyer said to Kate after their "tender moment" Fog warning for pity's sake!!! Glad you mentioned what he said in your blog - the first words after a night of blissful romance are so very important - I was hoping he wasn't telling Kate he would still respect her in the morning :)

Zeek said...

ahahahaha! See i took that little love scene completely different. She loves Jack not Sawyer. (Although I give she has feelings for him.) She never SAID she loved him, Dearie. (heee!)

These other island dudes are all about the manipulation. They knew they could control jack with kate. They also knew that if they put her and sawyer together as they did they can put those together and use THAT to control Jack.

Anyway, this one gave me hope that Jack and Kate will be together! (And they will!)

My post is up and you have to read it and tell me what you think.

jack and kate FOREVER! LMAO!

Zeek said...

Oh and isn't Jacob the guy who wore the fake beard when they first encountered the group of others ... and if you remember used KATE to manipulate jack there too!

Kristie (J) said...

Oh Zeek, Zeek: You little optomist you. She DID say she loved him in the previous episode and it was the old double negative last night. Sawyer asked her if she didn't love him, that she was just saying that and she didn't say no. I think she has feelings for Jack for sure, but she just knows she's not good enough for the good guys. She either leaves them or gets them killed. I expounded more over at your place :)

Lisa: You watched it! You watched it! Dare I hope that you also have it on tape? I would have answered the phone after midnight *g* I couldn't have missed The Nine either. (Tim Daly don't you know) but after the second time I watched Lost - well it would have been fine to call after that.

Tara: I think Sawyer has been saved by Jack's actions. Gotta love that. And I wondered who Alex is too. Not so much as I was still in swoon land over the Kate and Sawyer scenes. Maybe when the stick says "look to the north" that will point to the other island that Jack, Kate and Sawyer are on. Although are they really? When they let Hurley go, he didn't seem to notice a boat trip on the way back.

JMC: I don't think he's going to be a regular, he was part of Kate's past, a cop she married and left because she was a fugitive on the run and she realized that she could ruin his career. But he might show up on another flashback. And disappointed as I have been so far this season, last night's episode made me forget all the frustratin shows before it.

Zeek said...

Sorry I missed the "didn't" part!She won't LET herself deserve him! BUt she does! She's no Analucia! I can see how they set it up with her husband, (oh and btw, because she used a fake name, is she "really" married to him?), they definately showed through her background story that she THINKS she doesn't deserve a good guy. BUT that's the type she truly falls in love with. Sawyer is someone she lets herself have knowing she can never truly give her heart to him and thereby protecting herself from hurt.

Tara Marie said...

I think Alex was the girl that told Sawyer and Kate to run while they were working. And why would Ben care if she asked about him?

I was thinking the same thing about the "look to the north" thing.

Zeek said...

alex is Danielle daughter who was supposedly kidnapped as a baby from the others. My guess is either Ben is the actual father or 'adopted' her after she was kidnapped ...

i think the look to the north thing is pointing them to jack, kate and sawyer too ...

Zeek said...

But who is Jacob???

Kristie (J) said...

I missed the Jacob line. Hopefully someone can clear it up, but yea - I think Jacob is the guy with the beard that Jack got the walkie talkie from. And I don't know why what's his name is so hell bent on killing Sawyer. It wasn't Sawyer who killed his wife. I think he just has a mad on for any of the survivors.

Jenster said...

Hey! Did you know you can watch it on-line??? Our DVR keeps cutting off the last two minutes -- THE LAST TWO MINUTES -- so I watch the rest on-line. Go to

It's great! Then you can watch it over and over as many times as you want to.

I loved everything you mentioned! EVERYTHING! I was solidly in Jack and Kate's camp first season, last season started pulling up stakes and now I'm thrilled with the way things have turned out. I think Jack's going to have a thing with what's-her-name of the Others.

Where is Sun and Jin? And does anyone else love the way Desmond talks? I wish they'd have a whole episode of him standing there in nothing (like two weeks ago) talking the whole time. That would be nice. :o)


Jenster said...

A couple more things --

1. I'm all for hot sex outdoors, lol. But don't you think the thought of being watch may have cooled the passions a little? I mean, Kate and Sawyer don't seem the "exposition" type.

2. "Alex" is the French woman's daughter, the girl with the sling shot.

3. Do you really think they're on a separate island? That could have been a lie. I mean, everything else has been a lie. Why not that?


Mailyn said...

OK, tell you the same thing I did to Zeek except here I am rooting for you and the guy you like. See? I am an equal oppurtinity employer. I just like to cheer for ya'll :-P

C2 said...

Some people think Jacob might be the guy in the eyepatch...but that's just conjecture, of course. :o)

I'm in the Sawyer and Kate camp, too! :o) Kate and Jack together lack chemistry - plus he'll never trust her and that would drive me insane. I read somewhere that Jack and Juliet will continue to dance around an attraction to each other.

I think Nathan will just be back for one more episode of flashbacks...but it would be awesome if he happened to be lurking around in a cave or something. ;-)

Ack! February!! Toooooo far away!!

Jenster said...

I have another question. Do you think Kate had laser hair removal before she got on the plane? Because she had no armpit hair. Think we'll ever get the answer to that? Maybe it will be in one of her flashbacks.


Kristie (J) said...

Jenster: LOL on the armpit hair. Although she probably shaved when she was using the shower in the hatch. And I was wondering about the voyeur thing too while Kate & Sawyer were *enjoying each other's company*. I dont' think they've caught on to the fact that there are cameras and microphones watching and listening to everything they do. But still they were taking a risk of someone walking by. I guess they were just swept up in the moment. Hey - it could happen :) And I was kind of wondering about the other island thing too. Questions and more questions. And yea - an hour of listening to Desmond talk would be a very nice thing.

Mailyn: LOL - a diplomat are you? The thing is, Jack is a great character too. But I just loooovvvee bad boy Sawyer.

C2: I was thinking of Jack and Juliette too, but I dunno. She gives off bad girl vibes. I was thinking more along the lines of someone nice and sweet like Claire. But alas she's taken by Charlie.

C2 said...

Wow, how much does Charlie get on my nerves?! Just when I think they are making him less obnoxious...well, I'm wrong. :-p

Jack's kind of dark, character-wise...I'm not sure he wouldn't steamroller a "nice" girl.