Friday, November 03, 2006

Don't you love it when you score?

I decided to celebrate by - surprise - visiting a couple of book stores. I made a few good scores!

I've been reading Take Me by Lucy Monroe and really enjoying it so naturally I had to see if I could find the two previous books.

And sweet - I did! Chapters purchases

And last but not least


And then on the way home I stopped at a UBS 'cause I had quite a nice little credit and got these ones
I've kind of been keeping my eye for this one. Score!

I think I've heard good things about this one. It's a spec buy and since it was free - Score!

And - last but not least.
Are you ready?

One of the few Stuarts I didn't have.


And it stays good. I'm off to see POTC II shortly!

'til later


Lori said...

You are going to love the first two Lucy Monroes - they were fantastic :)

And I'm so jealous about the Tara Janzen! I can't wait to read it! I only hope it lives up to my expectations. Red Dog needs to be rounded out a bit... will she get her memory back? Oooh, cannot wait!

~ames~ said...

I'm halfway through Crazy Sweet. My mood starting this book was very different than when I read Crazy Love. I was so excited for CL and this one was just meh going into it because I'm not a fan of amnesia stories. But surprise! It's not bad. :P

Also, don't you find the cover so bright it hurts your eyes? I can't look at it or I go into shock. LMAO!

Kris said...

You found razy Sweet at the ubs, I am so jealous. Great finds.

Kris said...

Okay i just realized i read that wrong. But it is still a great buy, I cannot wait to get it.

CindyS said...

Have you read the Anne Stuart!? *drool* I get so excited whenever I see her books. Pathetic really.

You'll tell us your thoughts on the Monroes? I was tempted to pick them up but there were in trade and I figured I could hold out a bit longer. You know, with the pile I got going on now, I could wait till they are cheaper. No. Really. I can!


Anonymous said...

Crazy Sweet is OUT? Crap! I don't have the funds to buy it for...ever! *banging head against wall* Man, I hate being poor.

Aw well.

Hope you have a great weekend. :)

romancelover said...

I sold that Stuart back to the UBS. I didn't even read it. Let me know if I made a terrible mistake.

I've never read MONROE. Let me know if she's any good. You seem pretty excited.

Stacy~ said...

I adore Lucy's books. I know there was one you hated, but that one wasn't a deal breaker for me. Love is blind LOL

Man, Kristie, your list sounds awesome! Now if I could just sit still long enough to read something...

I've got all the Crazy books 'xcept that one and I haven't even read the first one. I'm sick, and in need of help.

Rosie said...

I just finished the Monroe trilogy. They were good solid reads, but not great for me. Am I the only person who hasn't read a Crazy book by Janzen? What am I missing...tell me.

Lori said...

Cindy, they whole Lucy Monroe trilogy is out in Mass Market... go get it - it's fantastic!

Kristie (J) said...

Lori: Well, I'm liking the last one so I figure I'll like this one. And I was surprised CS was out too! Of course the one I'm really waiting for - Drop Dead Gorgeous isn't yet so it might have been that overcompensating thing again :)

Ames: I've loved all of them so far, but I was in a different mind set when I read them so I don't know if it will affect this one or not. Of course we've all been waiting for Travis' story

Kris: *g* CS was a regular book store purchase although I did see a copy of Black Ice at the UBS. I was kind of surprised about that. But since I already have it.....

Cindy: No, I haven't read this one yet but I'm really looking forward to it since I *think* it's one of the favoured ones. And these ones by Monroe aren't trade size.

Kaitlin: like I said I was surprised 'cause I remember most of them don't seem to come out until the middle of the month - not the beginning!

Romancelover: You didn't even try it? Usually I at least try them before I turn them back in *g*. I'll be sure to let you know what I think of this one!

Stacy: The one I hated was Come Up and See Me Sometime. I didn't even know she wrote historicals until I saw the review at Sanctuary's Finest. Then I didn't really pay attention that much until the review for Take Me. I did love The Real Deal though.

Rosie: I think the reason I like the Crazy books are because they are just so over the top, they are fun. And they are roller coaster type action. I think lots of people don't care for them for the same reason a lot of people do *g*.

Lori: It looks like she has another interesting one coming out soon!!

nath said...

Man, you did indeed score, you lucky woman :D I'm surprised you didn't get Take me by Lucy Monroe at Chapters since the book got a really good review at Finest's Sanctuary.

Nicole said...

Nothing better than scoring good books!

Kristie (J) said...

Nath: I did get Take Me a few days ago after reading their review at Walmart which is really the cheaper place to buy them. But they didn't have the other 2 in stock anymore.

Nicole: it really gives you the warm and fuzzies doesn't it.

Keish said...

OOOO those books look interesting!

Dev said...

I'm jealous. I've been looking for that series for months. I have a friend who has all of the Tara Janzen's so I'll be reading those at some point ~ but I really want the Lucy Monroe's. I'm probably going to have to bite the bullett and see if B&N can special order them in.

Anonymous said...

ooh ... an Anne Stuart. Let me know how you find that one. I'm still trying to hunt down the Anne Stuarts on my backlist but no luck so far.

Mailyn said...

Not my fave Stuart but not bad. The heroine was TSTL for a long time. Oh and I got that Stuart you were talking about, Nightfall? I can't wait to get into it!

~ames~ said...

Hey Kristie, did you start reading Crazy Sweet yet? I'm stalled halfway through. We'll see if it picks up later today (when I'm not working). hehe