Monday, November 06, 2006

Music to soothe the savage beast

Well - I had a choice of two things to blog about. Black as Ice and movie soundtracks. I decided to go with movie soundtracks first. After Ames posted about her favourite movies, I told her I would do a post about movie soundtracks. Now when I say movie soundtracks, I don't mean ones like Grease or something like that (see, I can't even think of any recent movies - I had to go way back in the time machine!) What I mean is the musical scores in movies. For some reason, I really seem to notice them and if I like the score, I'll get the soundtrack even if the movie itself wasn't that good. Case in point is this first one

I don't really remember much of this movie other then Brad Pitt gets it in the end. But I did love the musical score.

I loved this next movie, but I don't own it. When Ames included it in her favourite movies that got me to thinking I really should track it down - maybe see if I can find it in one of the cheapo movie bins. But I do love the soundtrack.

Now this one is another movie that I loved but don't own. I do own the soundtrack though

In fact, I love the sound track so much, I went Back to Titanic for a second one

This next one is the score from various movies, Rob Roy, Treasure Island, Tristan and Isolde (a much older version than the one just recently released), Barry Lyndon (anyone remember that movie with Ryan O'Neal? I saw it but can't for the life of me remember it)

The Chieftans are an Irish band with very infectious music!

And now we come to the movies I love, have and bought the soundtracks of

Ahhhhh Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom - or rather Captain Jack Sparrow and Will Turner.

Next we have

The first one

The second one (hmmm - looks like I need to do some dusting there)

And last but not least

(Is that not a drool worthy cover :)

And finally - my latest acquistion.

Actually I did have this on tape but the tape got all mangled and twisted and completely unlistenable.

So there you have it - my movie CD collection!

And Ames - I wish I did know how to do audio clips 'cause I would love to include some!

'til later


Meghan said...

Ha Ha! I'm not the only one. I have a collection of over 50 movie scores. I find that I like to pair what I'm reading with a score from a movie that fits the plot and tone of the book.

CindyS said...

My brother was the one who got me interested in movie soundtracks. Last of the Mohicans was one of the first we ever got on CD and then Backdraft - I'll have to see if I can find that song and put it on my blog. The song itself has been used on different movies now.

The Chieftans looks like it might make a great Christmas gift for my dad. I'll have to see if I can find some music clips - are there some faster songs?

OH, OH, OH!! I have this great CD (actually my Dad owns it) of Hollywood music - it has the Battle Hymm of the Republic and let me tell you, I can hum that song all the time.

You've encouraged me to go and find some of these to put on my blog!


Wendy said...

I love the Far & Away soundtrack - although I only own it on cassette! I really need to get it on CD.

I would also highly, highly recommend the soundtrack to Backdraft....

Kristie (J) said...

Wendy: Isn't FAA a great one! I'd love to get more of them. I haven't seen Backdraft (I know, I know - at times I live in a cave!) They are hard to find though. Although now that I've discovered Amazon, the world is a much brighter place! Another one I had - and I emphasize had - was the score for Robin Hood - Prince of Thieves. I'll have to see if they have that and Backdraft at Amazon!

Cindy: yes, there are some faster pieces on it. There is quite a few selections from the movie Treasure Island.

Meghan: Oooohh you lucky thing you!! It's amazing what beautiful music some movies have isn't it? I'd love to see it gain in popularity!

~ames~ said...

Thanks for posting this sweetie! I'm going to have to try and find some of those to listen too. I really liked Lord of the Rings, and the composer for the score is Canadian, Howard Shore. Braveheart is really good too.

Kellie said...

WOO HOOO! I'm all about soundtrax baby! Of Last of the Mohicans topping my list!

Kristie (J) said...

Ames: LOTR is a beautiful soundtrack. I think I like the first one the best. Enya has a couple of songs on it! I can tell something really affects me when I break out in goosebumps while listening to it and I do every time with this one. In fact, I just put it on and I'm all a pimple right now! And Braveheart eh? I saw the movie a while ago but don't remember the soundtrack that well. Now I have 3 on my list to buy! And I knew that Howard Shore wrote the score. I love watching all the different features on the making of sections of the CD's and this was one of my favourite parts :)

Zeek: There really are some gorgeous ones out there. And do you know what I just now found out????? If you go to Amazon and click on the ones you're looking for, they have music clips! Coooool! (I'm a little slow sometimes)

~ames~ said...

I love the special features on the extended edition. My fave DVD is the Two Towers. That one additional scene with Legolas and Gimli-doing their final tally? And Gimli's axe is stuck in one of the orcs and Legolas "kills" him, classic stuff.

And then in one of the features, Orlando Bloom is talking about bumping heads with cast mates and how whenever he looked at Viggo, he saw a white light. LOL

Kristie (J) said...

Ames: Oh I loved the bumping heads part too! I thought that was such a guy thing to do and I thought it was a hoot!