Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Note to self for next year

Do NOT miss "Talk like a Pirate Day" again.

I'm a day late, but for those who know how very much I love a good rolicking pirate adventure, may I present:

(The worst pirate movie - ever)

(ah that Errol - a true swashbuckler)

(if one is good, two is better)

(I never saw the movie but I loved the book. But why does she look so happy? Doesn't she know how it ends?)

(A remake - and this one might be worth tracking down)

(oh, this one made me cry when I was just a young girl. And look, Yul Brenner with hair though)

(what is it about those tall ships?)

(for the kids - look boys and girls, he has a parrot on his shoulder)

(ah that Kermit, he'll do anything for Ms. Piggy)

(and last but not least The. Best. Pirate. Movie. Ever! Captain Jack Sparrow foreva)

'til later


CindyS said...

Damn, I knew there was a movie lurking in my collection that I wanted to watch! I keep trying to save the movies so that Bob can watch them with me but the last time he sat and watched a movie was at Christmas and yes, it was Die Hard. I'm going to have to re-watch Pirates by myself ... hmmm, lucky me ;)


Megan Frampton said...

I just requested POTC from the library...um, I just know my son will love it. Mommy, why are you drooling?

I saw Last of the Mohicans again, too, thanks to you--mmm, Daniel Day-Lewis. The movie itself didn't stand up as well, but that was okay.

Kristie said...

I'm a big fan of movie soundtracks too and the soundtrack from POTC and LOTM are both excellent. It's funny, I've seen DDL in other movies and he doesn't do a thing for me but as Hawkeye - sigh.

Bev (BB) said...

Hey, I love Cuthroat Island. :-P

Of course, having grown up watching the old Errol Flynn movies with my dad, maybe my taste is skewed. :-D