Monday, September 26, 2005

My Recent Reads

I’m not quite sure why I list what I am currently reading at the side. I so seldom follow it. I’ll pick up the books I list but then something else will grab my attention or I can’t quite get into them at the time. Or more often than not, I’m reading one of the recently bought and it seems silly to have the same picture twice. So, anyone reading this – basically ignore the currently reading section.
Anyway onto the my recent reads

Luke - Jill Shalvis
I was planning on reading this for the August challenge of series books but then I did what I shouldn’t do and cleaned up my pile of books and I lost track of it. Never fear, I found it again, although too late for the challenge. I am an unabashed fan of series books and this one is one of the reasons why.
Luke Walker was an overworked, by the book and dedicated doctor. When he made less than flattering remarks about Nurse Practioner Faith McDowell’s health center, he was ‘sentenced’ to work there on his Saturdays for the next three months. Faith was also dedicated and overworked but the two of them had much differing ideas on some treatments. Neither one of them were happy with the amazing attraction that sprang up between them and with their busy schedules, they decided to ignore it but when it wouldn’t go away, they agreed to give in temporarily.
I quite liked this one. It was light and fun and I enjoyed seeing Luke transform into a kinder, gentler hero and eventually admit that maybe Faith was onto something. The sad thing is, this is a Harlequin Temptation, a line I’ve mourned before they are no longer publishing.
Grade: 4 out of 5

Feet First by Leanne Banks
This is the most recent book discussed
Pandora’s Box at AAR. It seemed to make a favourable impression. Then there was a not so good review. I decided to give it a try anyway as Leanne Banks is a new to me author. No point in me giving a synopsis as both links cover it pretty well. When I finished this book, I agree with the PB discussion. I liked it. I’m not a shoe person. I buy mine at Payless or Walmart and I never did understand Carrie Bradshaw’s obsession with them. But even though I ‘don’t get’ the shoe thing, it didn’t bother me when reading this book. It was great finding a new author and I will definitely be trying her again
Grade: 4 out of 5

The Stone Prince - Gena Showalter
I started The Stone Prince by the same author and couldn’t seem to get into it so I was a little leery of this one, but I could read it. It was OK. Grace Carlyle was searching for her brother in the jungles of the Amazon when she stumbled into a strange cave filled with mist. There she runs into the Guardian of Atlantis Darius en Kragin. Part dragon, part human, he has been guarding the entrance for centuries and is determined to kill all who stumble across the entrance. He finds it increasingly difficult to do what he is determined to do. Like I said, I found this one all right. I rather liked Darius a tortured dragon soul who, after his entire family was slaughtered was given the job rather against his wishes. He feels no emotions and is rather unsettled by his growing feelings for Grace. Grace on the other hand, I found rather twit-like, a no no for me in a heroine. First off, what the hell is she doing in the Amazon by herself? Yes, she started out with a guide who deserted her, but rather than heading back, she plunged forward instead – in a strange country – in a jungle. Twit. Then at the end she pulled another TSTL moment. Sigh once a twit, always a twit On top of this the book ended with way too much unresolved. I’m sure there is more coming, although I didn’t see it on her web page. I felt like I was being manipulated. I think readers who like Sherrilyn Kenyon, Katie MacAllister, Christine Feehan would like this one more than I did. I think of it as very paranormal-lite. I prefer mine with a little more oomph to it.
Grade: 2 ½ out of 5

To Wilde to Tame by Janelle Dennison
This is the one I mentioned previously as the book where the hero and heroine neglected to practice safe sex, but as I said, other than this lapse I quite liked it. This is one of a series of books about the Wilde family. I think I had read one before this. Apparently the hero/heroine have had an ongoing battle of attraction in the earlier books but this one read fine as a stand-alone. Mia Wilde is the only girl in a family full of guys. She has been overprotected but this has only made her more on the wild side. Cameron is partners with her cousin in an investigation business. Mia and Cam have been sparring and shooting off sparks for a while now. Cam wants nothing to do with Mia, first because of his relationship with her brothers and cousins and second because she is not what he is looking for. Their attraction ratchets up quite a bit though when Mia receives rather a nasty letter and asks Cam for his help.
I liked this book enough to search her back list and read more of her books despite what I consider a major miss. They mystery is rather lame too and I figured out the villain right off the bat – and I don’t read many mysteries. The sex is hot and well written and I like discovering that Mia has more depth to her than we realize.
Grade 3 ½ out of 5

The Wilde Side by Janelle Dennison
As you can see, I liked the first one enough to pick this one up when I saw it at the book store. This one takes place earlier than To Wilde to Tame and is Scott – Mia’s older brothers story. Ashley St. Clare is the daughter of a hotel tycoon who was burned once before when she was blackmailed before by a man she dated. As a result she has buttoned herself up, denying the wild side to her personality until on her 30th birthday s he decides to have one night of unbridled passion. The lucky recipient is Scott Wilde whom she picks up while playing pool with his brothers. But one night isn’t enough for Scott and he is determined to track down the mystery ‘just Ashley”. I liked this one too and yes – they did practise safe sex in this one. I really liked Scott who knew that his one night stand was actually more than that. I got a bit annoyed with Ashleys’ hot and cold, hide and seek games with Scott part way through, but other than that I quite liked this one too.
It seems to me, I have another one of these somewhere around the house. I think I’ll try and find it and give it another read now that I have read a few more in the series. And Ms. Dennison does right some might fine sex scenes.
Grade 4 out of 5


Anonymous said...

Oh, man... I kind of liked that Showalter dragon book, but I'm a huge hater of all things Kenyon, Feehan, and Fucking Katie McAllister.

I totally agree with you on Darius. I liked the whole 'tortured' thing.

Kristie (J) said...

Can't say as I've ever tried MacAllister and I have no intention of trying her. I used to read Kenyon but gave her up when she became more concerned with her future books than the current one and I read one Feehan's Dark books and that was quite enough thank you. I would have like this one better if Grace hadn't been (a) a twit and (b) the dreaded virgin. I liked Darius too though.

Anonymous said...

Kristie, I was reading the dragon book when it got to the sex scene between the two leads and darius is all, "i'm your only lover? you're a virgin?" and I swear to God, I did a spit-take.

ReneeW said...

I read Denison's Wilde Thing a while ago. It was pretty hot and I liked it.

CindyS said...

At least you make an effort to list your currently reading list. I don't even bother because I never know what I am going to pick up next. Right now, I have Do-Over by Dorian Kelly up on deck and the opening pages have been great - now if I can just get away from the reno house!

I haven't read any of the books you listed here. A half dragon - nope, can't do it ;)

*gasp* Your picture of Dark Lover just reminded me I have that in the TBR! How do I forget things like this - oh, that's right, have you seen the pictures of my library ;)


Anonymous said...

Cindy: I actually am reading Dark Lover *grin* It seems to be The Book to read at the moment.

Renee: I think I'm going to track down her other ones. And I've read and liked her Blaze books too.

Bam: yup - virgin heh heh.

Tara Marie said...

I was going to look for the Gena Showalter, I'm so going to pass on it--"I think readers who like Sherrilyn Kenyon, Katie MacAllister, Christine Feehan would like this one more than I did." Eek, not my thing, loved Bam's comment re MacAllister--LOL.

I'm sorry I fell asleep right after I got Junior to bed last night. I'll try harder to stay awake tonight. I guess I lost too much sleep staying up to read Dark Lover the other night.

Angela James said...

I read Stone Prince by Showalter recently and didn't like it at all. I read the first half, skimmed the second half and kept waiting for it to get better because it's a keeper for a good friend of mine. I never did blog about it.

We should all know my feelings on Dark Lover by now since I gushed madly about it and am holding a contest for a personalized, signed copy :)

Bam, I too hated all books Katie MacAlister. HOWEVER. I recently read Fire Me Up and Slay Me and found them not as objectionable as past books.

Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed LUKE!

Anonymous said...

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