Thursday, September 22, 2005

I read this in our local paper yesterday. Annie's Mailbox is a couple of ladies who took over from Ann Landers and appears daily

I'm still trying to formulate my thoughts on it. On one hand I find it amusing. On another hand I find it incredibly offensive. And on the other hand - wait shouldn't we only get two - I think underneath the insulting aspect, there might be a kernel of truth.

Dear Annie: I read about your column about the woman who freaked out because her husband had a few pornographic tapes. She said she felt inadequate about measuring up to the women in the videos.
As a librarian, I have to read books I might not otherwise, including romance novels. Many of them qualify as soft-core porn, although they use words rather than pictures.
Does this woman read bodice-rippers?
If so, does it occur to her that her husband might feel inadequate next to the long-haired, bare chested, tight trousered heroes riding enomorous stallions across the moors?
She needs to realize that most people know the difference between reality and fantasy and that there is a place for both.

Dear Not Stuffy: As long as neither activity becomes an addiction or removes intimacy from the relationship, we agree people are entitled to their fantasies.

Any other thoughts?

'til later


Tara Marie said...

So, do you think we qualify as addicted?

Kristie said...

:) there's not a doubt in my mind that I am. but I don't like the long-haired, bare chested, tight trousered heroes.
And I think there is a hell of a difference between a love story between 2 people and the soft core porn you watch on late late night TV or rent at the video stores that have their windows covered. And I sure wouldn't want to check them out through *that* librarian who judges romance books as *soft core porn!*
There, that's some of my thoughts. I just needed a bit of a nudge to release them.
And further, I don't think that because I read romance, that gives my DH to start watching porn. Whether he does or not (he doesn't) should have no bearing on whatever the hell I choose to read!