Friday, September 23, 2005

More Cute animal pictures and an update

Thanks to my 'supplier', I have some more of those pictures you're going to go "aaawwwhhhh" over

Lending a helping hand

The Protector

Siesta Time

When you're really thirsty

And last and funniest

Laugh it up fuzzball! But know you're time is coming


Remember how I complained that Wendy Lindstom's website hadn't been updated? Well I was pleased as punch to discover it's been revamped and updated and now I can get a sneak peak at one of my "Eagerly Anticipating" books


Nicole said... cute! I've seen some of these before, but they're always adorable to see.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kristie:
Glad to see you enjoy the pics from your supplier!! Have a wonderful week.

Rosario said...

ROTFL at the poor cat in the kitchen sink! Love those pics!

Annalee Blysse said...

Great pics! My favorite's the cat in the sink too.