Monday, September 19, 2005

Musings on a Monday

In my last blog, I mentioned how much I enjoy author websites but I must admit I don’t frequent their blogs very often. Oh I do read some of them, but not very many. I have visited quite a few but find many of them deal with the issues of writing itself. I’m much more interested in the finished product. It would sort of be like me doing a blog on my job. How I spent part of the day copying and pasting, signing up new customers on the company website, other kinds of things that only really would interest someone doing the same job. It would be rather silly to set up a blog for that when I can talk to my coworkers at break or lunch or anytime during the day about the job.
Authors on the other hand are in a different boat. By the very nature of what they do, they work alone all day – unless they have a regular job in addition to writing. I imagine they find other writers blogs that deal with the issues of writing very interesting and consoling. And I think it’s great they can establish on-line friendships with others in the business.

But being a reader, I spend more time reading other reader blogs. I could spend hours reading them and all the different things readers have to say. I’m always looking for new ones and am most annoyed with myself when I find one and forget to make a note of it and then can’t find the particular blog again. This has happened a few times. So if there are any other reader bloggers out there who stop in and visit, leave a message and I will make note of it this time. Angie has a challenge going to check out 15 new blogs in 15 days - and it sounds like quite the experience, but I’d rather concentrate on fellow reader blogs that aren’t in my usual rounds. Since Maili is on hiatus, I’d love to take up that slack and find new and undiscovered bloggers.

Speaking of blogs, I read an interesting article in the paper. It seems I’m rather unusual. The article stated that the majority of bloggers are young people – teenagers mostly and that the percentage of people in my age bracket aren’t into blogging. I kind of liked that I was ahead of my time.

Another interesting part of the article is it seems some bloggers are getting fired for blogging about their companies. Now many may disagree with my thoughts on this, but I see the point of the companies. It’s one thing for a bunch of employees to go out after work and bitch about the job, nothing at all the matter with that. I expect that kind of thing has been going on as long as people have been working. But it’s quite another in my opinion, to broadcast company issues on a medium that can be read by anyone around the world. I think most companies anymore, when you first start have you sign a confidentiality agreement. I for one take that very seriously. There is a reason why I have never mentioned when I work(ed) or even what industry.

And finally, when did Will Smith get to be so hot!?!.

I’ve been watching him for years. My sons were/are big fans of Fresh Prince of Belle Air and we’ve watched that show when it was on, and the reruns for ages. I’ve seen him in a number of his blockbuster movies since then and always thought of him as a good singer and a good actor but kind of goofy, but we watched I Robot for the first time last night and maybe it was the shower scene at the beginning, but at that moment I thought “Whoa, he is fine, lucky Jada Pinkett.” I’ve seen them on entertainment shows and they always seemed so hot for each other. Now I know why!

‘til later


erika said...

Hey KristiJ, I'd rather visit reader blogs than writer blogs.
I'm more than likely to find a new author.
Sometimes writers blogs reveal stuff that I'd rather not know. Like their politics and thoughts on religion. Knowing too much about an author can be a good or bad thing.

Wendy said...

Will Smith got hot with the first Bad Boys movie. There's a great shot of him running down the street with an open shirt showing off his chest....


Stay away from Bad Boys II though. Trust me on this....

CindyS said...

Wendy, I loved Bad Boys II!! Will was even hotter is this one. Okay, the whole backyard pool and stuff was a mess but I loved the shoot out scenes and the camera angles. It may also be that it was the first DVD movie my husband bought when he set up our surround sound system. Blew me away!

As for blogs I also prefer reader's blogs now and am glad to find so very many of us now. Maili is going to have traffic on her blog during her whole hiatus because I use it as a jumping off point to go and visit blogs. This is the only way I know to find reader blogs.

Do you guys use a search engine to find reader blogs? I used a search engine and have been to the home pages of bloggers where they tell you which blog is hot. Some of the stuff seems to be written by 5 year old. No grammar, punctuation etc.

Oh, and I am not a teenager either ;)


Kristie said...

I shall have to go on a Will Smith a thon. I haven't seen Bad Boys yet.
I find other reader blogs by following post trails too. I wish there was an easier way to find them. I know we have others of out kind out there, it's just finding them

Crystal said...

Kristie - I like reading reader's blogs too, and really enjoy yours. Just thought I would drop a note and say I have a reader's blog - I mostly blog about books I've read and a few other things about my reading. I don't read just romance though - I read just about everything. Come visit me at:


Kristie said...

Crystal: Thanks for dropping by! Readers of Romance - unite!

Bev (BB) said...

"Readers of Romance - unite!"

Yeah, why don't we. You know, I've owned the ReaderNetwork domain name for several years but haven't really used it. Mainly because I was never sure what exactly to use it for. KristieJ's comments have made me realize what I want to do, so I've opened a message board over on ezboards -

You do not have to join ezboards to view posts and initially I've set it so that you don't have to join to post. Check it out and pass the word along.