Tuesday, February 08, 2011


So – it didn’t take too long to get the internet back again even though it took longer to get back to blogging. It seems that something somewhere became, um, unplugged. The Engaged Son discovered this when he came over to help me check out my finances so I can help contribute to his wedding. And since he is also The Accountant Son, he put me on a budget. I haven’t really followed one for a long time now – first because I didn’t spend money and then because I did have money so I spent money. But I didn’t really keep track of what I was spending or where. He made up an Excel spreadsheet and since I LOVE Excel and never get to work in it at work, it shall be ever so much fun. Not nearly as much fun as my book list spread sheet, but fun nevertheless.

Now I’m no accountant; numbers scare me, but it did strike me as somewhat odd that at the end of the month I want to see a negative dollar amount. That means this is money I’ve saved. After giving me a somewhat odd look, and probably thinking where did he really come from, he said he could change it if I want so a negative wasn’t a good thing, but I said it was OK. So along with having another spreadsheet to play with (I’ll have to figure out how to do graphs – I really like graphs) he discovered I had an unplugged Wifi thingy. So I’m back online again.

One of the things I discovered while I was internetless – at home anyway – was Mahjong. I don’t know if this is good or bad since it’s replaced Free Cell as my game of chance. I’ve become rather addicted to it I fear. I know that I rock the Crab board, but all the others; the Dragon, the Turtle, the Cat and the Fortress, give me fits. I especially like it when I match the dragons and the seasons for the little noises they make. I have it on my desk top but not on my laptop. I seem to be addicted to it and *gulp* I’ve been known to stay up way past my bed time trying to match all those darn tiles.

And then there is my……..fondness, for The Shopping Channel. It ‘calls’ to me, I was watching not long ago and the Today’s Showstopper was a Velocity Micro Cruz Touchscreen Wifi Tablet. I honest to goodness don’t know what came over me at that moment.

Perhaps it was the deal – from the regular price of $249 to $199. Or mayhap it was the 7 easy pays. But fuck me if I didn’t fold and buy me a Velocity Micro Cruz Touchscreen Wifi Tablet. And I don’t even know what it is!?!?!? I DO know it’s a small electronic device. A small electronic device that I have a crippling fear of. It should be there today. When I googled to see exactly what I bought, this is what it says “

We’ve designed and refined the latest generation of the Cruz Tablet to be powerful and stylish. At just under one pound, the .6” thick Cruz fits perfectly in a bag, purse, or backpack. You’ll turn heads with this stunning Android based dynamo! Key features include:

• Crystal clear 4:3, 800x600 full color capacitive touch screen display – ideal for viewing ebooks and magazines, web pages, and movies
• Built in tilt activated accelerometer
• USB and SD card slot for
upgradable storage
• Tons of useful apps and games
• Access to the largest selection of the most popular books with the Kindle for
Android app
• Extended life, user replaceable battery
• 802.11n Wifi and full brow
ser support
• Access to the Cruz Market™

What does this mean?? Why did I buy it??? I have an e-reader. I think what hooked me is it’s small and the laptop I have is rather large and heavy and I was thinking when I go on trips I can take it rather than the big heavy laptop. I was thinking I can sit in the living room and watch reality TV and blog and twitter. But what the hell was I really thinking?? I wonder if it has Mahjong?

They 'got' me previously in a week moment. It was the same day I got my new hair style. I was sitting there later with this great new look, still trying to get over the trauma of thinking I was going bald when what should they have on but a product, Ojon Hair Care, that would rejuvenate and thicken my hair. OK - it was the Today's Showstopper, it was a good price and I was sold. What tickled my funny bone though was when they started going on about virgin hair. It took them a while to get to what that actually meant - virgin hair?????? But what it does is put lipids back in our hair - so we would have hair just like a baby's. Now I don't know about you, but baby's hair isn't a big sell for me. It's superfine and let's be honest, many babies don't even hair for a while.

But I was still contemplating the horror of baldness so I got it anyway. I must say I do quite like the shampoo and conditioner but I don't care that much for the mousse. What was most fun though was going into work and telling my coworkers I revirginized my hair.


Anonymous said...

Mahojong is awesome!! I used to play it incessantly at work :D

CindyS said...

lol - you are so much fun! The good news is that Tablet sounds like it was worth the money - the iPad is around 800 bucks and I don't think it has half of what you are getting. Awesome deal as far as I can see. So good on ya ;)

And budgets - yep, we're heading for Budgetville and I'm not thrilled about it. Ugh.

And now that you have re-virginized your hair - you need to find someone to run their fingers through it to lose it again ;)


nath said...

LOL, Kristie. I'm glad you're back!! :)

Ohhh, I love the mah jong game! It just takes practice :P

LOL, I really wonder what you're going to do with the tablet!!

Leslie said...

Kristie, is so good to have you back!

I used to play Mahjong a lot then got hooked on Bejeweled (thanks nath!).

The Tablet looks like fun! Much better than lugging a laptop around.

Virgin hair - I have no words. o_0

Wendy said...

I'm so glad you're back online Kristie - because I want to have babies with this blog post :) It's so.....Kristie.

I am totally addicted to Mahjong. Sadly for me we only have it on our laptop, and not the desktop.

I'm really tempted to get a tablet, but as of yet I can't think of any reason why I NEED one. So I'm resisting for now.

I've always heard the expression "virgin hair" to describe hair that hasn't been processed within an inch of it's life. For example, some might say I have "virgin hair" because I've never colored it. Ever. I used to perm my hair back when it was "cool" to do so - but dang, my last perm was at least 15 years ago. So I think my hair has been suitably re-virginized :)

And as for small electronic devices. Sigh. Our wireless modem died over the weekend. Luckily for us we still had an old modem lying around so we're not completely Internet-less at home. But currently no surfing the 'Net while lounging on the living room couch with our laptop.....

Kristie (J) said...

Wendy: Sadly my hair went the slut route many, many years ago - while I was still a yungun and put Sun In in my hair and it went almost bleached blond. Took me a couple of years to get it back to it's natural colour. And then of course, later in life, I've become a red head - unnaturally so.
And I don't know why I took so long finding Mahjong - but it sure has replaced Free Cell as the game of choice!

Leslie: And it's good to be back. I've never even heard of Bejewelled - and *g* not sure I want to. I'm already hooked on Free Cell, Boggle and now Mahjong. Though I will be seeing Nath in a few short months and I'm sure she will show me - heh heh.
And as for the Tablet, it still hasn't shown up - but each day I have to wait for it, I become a little more afraid.

Nath: Oh - I've been practicing - and practicing - and practicing - but so far I can only beat the Crab.
And hoping for the fact I can figure it out, I shall be bringing my yet to be received table with me to NY!! So both you and Wendy can play with it :-)

Cindy: It's kind of interesting in the budget department. I added my own column for fast food, thinking it was creeping up on me, how much I was starting to eat it and hoping once I saw the dollar amount I would cut a lot of it out - and it's worked!! Since The Son that is the Accountant set it up, I've only got fast food once - and that was on a Sunday morning when I got Mickey D's coffee and maybe perhaps 2 hashbrowns and an Egg McMuffin to go with it.

Alex: The took all games away from us at work - long before I started so I don't miss them there - but I surely do love the challenge of them here on my home computer. Although I've noticed the fireworks that errupt when you beat the game go on and on and on. I did that the other day - one a game and just walked away. About an hour later I heard this funny noise coming out of the computer room and when I went to check, the fireworks were still going off!!