Friday, February 25, 2011

Reality Television

I have this watch/hate relationship with reality shows. The granddaddy of them, Survivor, I’m over and have been for several years now. I don’t care if Boston Rob or Russell stay or go, I won’t be watching. Others I find myself watching and then when it’s over, I wondered why on earth I watched it when I could have been reading a good book. I saw the Hoarders episode where the mean guy hoarded bunnies – now was that a strange episode! The really rude dude had a house full of rabbits. They were eating the house – literally! They showed a half eaten chair. I saw the one where they guy hoarded rats. They had to tear down the walls to get them all and when all were caged, there turned out to be over 3,000. I also saw the rather sad one where the nasty trailer trash woman kept these poor chickens in cages. Hundreds! They discovered a few flattened chickens and the woman herself was enough to give one nightmares. She had no teeth and big gums.

A couple of weeks ago I watched about two hours of a Toddlers and Tiaras marathon and afterwards thought “what the heck were you thinking; wasting your time when you could have been doing something productive like housework?” followed by the thought, “what the heck are these mothers thinking entering their children in these things?? What kind of message are they trying to send these children that somehow there worth is tied up in whether they wear flippers (false teeth) or a sprayed on tan?”

As you can see, I sometimes get too invested in some of these reality shows, going as far as too boycott them when they made me mad. This has happened a number of times with if Survivor is the granddaddy then this is the grandmamma, American Idol. I stopped watching altogether a couple of seasons ago - I mean where is Kris Allen? We know where Adam Lambert is – rockin’ it with ‘If I Had You’. But I decided to give it a try when J Lo and Steven Tyler were announced as judges and I’ve watched all the episodes so far. And I’ve been amazed at how really good they are. Seriously – before this I wasn’t a fan of J-Lo, though a couple of us at work agree that Stephen Tyler has this odd yet compelling kind of sex appeal. I may even try downloading his upcoming book from the library once it comes out.

But, being too heavily invested at times, I think Randy and the gang made a mistake last night when choosing the final girl. I’m of the opinion that 15 is too young to be on this show. Yes, yes, I know that Justin Bieber has made it big and he’s been younger. But so far at least he’s been a bit of an exception. Look at the mess that’s been made of the lives of Brittney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and the train wreck that may be headed our way of Miley Cirrus. Fifteen is just too young to be overwhelmed with fame and fortune for many a young person.

So it was with dismay that when it came down to the final two last night, a young 15 year old girl – I’m rotten with names so I don’t know her name, and the 25 year old rocker chick who had tried out 7 times already, that they went with the 15 year old. They didn’t highlight the 25 year old rocker chick much, but from the bit they showed last night, she could really sing!! And to me, at the age of 25, with 7 attempts under her belt and a real good husky, rock tone, she’s paid her dues and should have been put ahead of the young girl. They already have quite a group of really young singers. I don’t know the exact number, but there are a few. I figure it’s not going to hurt them to have another couple of years to mature. If they have great voices at 15, and they do, I won’t deny that, they will have them at 18 too. So when faced with two young women of equal great talent, I felt Randy, Jennifer and Stephen should have put through the older singer. I told them that too – but as the show was prerecorded, they didn’t hear me.

If the old guard, Simon et al were still on, it wouldn’t have been an issue with me since I wouldn’t have been watching, but since they weren’t and it was the new guard – guys – you blew it! And no – not enough for me to boycott AI. I still plan on watching it as I think there’s a lot of talent, Jennifer Lopez strikes me as being a warm, caring, compassionate judge, Steven Tyler is a hoot and the way he sits there sometimes with his eyes closed just seeming to take in the music and Randy Jackson never bothered me and he seems to have cut back on the ‘dawg’. So until the voting public manages to annoy me, I’m back with this reality show.


nath said...

The problem is, how many times is enough? After 7 attempts, you should get the message... I totally agree with what you've said, Kristie. 15 years old is too young for this... and the young ones that have made it, it was not on reality tv show... However, there's a reason that the woman has been refused that many times. I think that if there was a chance she'd get chosen, it would have been her 3, 4 or 5th time... at 7th, it's clear that the judges for whatever reason think she doesn't have it. She's good enough to make it to the finale, but not good enough for the show... That's my understanding of the situation... Course, I don't watch AI at all, so I could be wrong ^_^;

orannia said...

15 years old? I thought they had an age limit?

I've kind of been sucked into watching it to... Would rather it was SYTYCD though!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kirstie!!
My name is Sophie and I need your help! How did you make your blog three column? You can just give me tips :) I would appreciate it! Thank you so much!

Sophie said...

Haha its Sophie again...If you didn't like Survivor and have not watched it for a long time, you wouldn't know who Russell is , as he is pretty new compared to oldy Rob...I'm sure you still glimpse at it a few times lol. I love your blog comments :)

Kristie (J) said...

Sophie: Hi - and welcome. Sorry it's taken so long to answer. To answer your first question *gulp* I don't know how to get three columns. Any formating or design has been done by others. I don't understand HMTL at all but thank goodness there are others who have helped me. I just pretty much do the insides - though I have figured out how to add stuff to the side bar. That's a major accomplishment for me :-)
And I know who Russell is *shudder* Why people don't get rid of him I don't know - unless he's gone. I haven't watched it this season except for the first night. And thank GOODNESS I've gotten over The Bachelor.

Orannia: I think this is the first season for contestants that young. I think it was either 17 or 18 before that. And I hear you on SYTYCD!!

Nath: *g* As I said, we didn't see that much of her, but I do so love rocker chick's voices. I remember that other show they had - forget the name but the one where they were trying out for rock bands and for the most part I really liked the girls better.

Double Your Dating said...

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