Thursday, February 10, 2011


So. I got the strangest email the other day. Some dude named Paul wants to buy my blog. Not to worry, not to worry, I have no intention of selling it, but I thought it a very odd thing. According to the email, his firm wants to use Ramblings on Romance, etc. to improve the search engine rankings of their clients - whatever the hell that means.

It has to have original content - no problem with that requirement I think, correct English and grammar; I strive for that though I know I'm not always successful. I must not have pornography or other distasteful content. I wonder if the post I did a while ago about what I would do if I directed a porn flick applies. And it must be found on google. I think one could find it there if they tried. According to the writer, I could sell it for as much as $1,000.


I don't care if they offer me 100 X's that amount. I don't want anyone else telling me what I can say and can't say. If I want to be distasteful, well, I damn well will be distasteful. If I want to shout it to the world that yesterday they did an office poll on who wears underwear to bed who doesn't and I told them I did a similar poll on my blog quite some time ago, I will do so. And By Jove I want to have the freedom to declare to the world that I go commando!

But I am curious as to what this is all about. Is it legit? Has anyone else received such an email? I don't plan on responding since I'm a distrustful soul and think that should I answer, even if it's in the negative, somehow they will 'find' me - whoever does that kind of thing. But if anyone else knows anything, I'm interested.

And upon further reflection - would you sell your blog? If you got $1,000 - would you be willing to give all editorial comment? How about for $100? How important is your blog to you and do you have a selling price?


today. And yes I opened it. And yes I'm afraid of it. I called my Accountant Son, the Son Who is Getting Married, to ask him if could come and help me figure it out but all I got was voice mail. If he doesn't call back soon, I'm going to have to dive into the Small Electronic Device world and try and figure it out myself. *shudder*


Anonymous said...

I think I would have been stressed out of my head if someone had sent me an email like that.

I have, however, heard of companies that do that, buy sites and domains and use them to improve rankings. It's not exactly illegal, but its somewhat regarded as bad form in marketing, sneaky and underhanded.

I don't know if that person in particular is legit though.

Good luck figuring out your tablet :)

Gracie and Lukes Mom said...

No idea about the weird email, but I can comment about the Cruz! My friend bought one and asked me to figure it out for him. I spent about 35 "cruising" (haha!) through it. It is actually pretty easy to navigate. I did not spend enough time with it to figure out how to sideload books, but it did come preloaded with Kindle for mobile. There is an instructional document on the desktop. It is a pdf and is pretty well organized. Sadly, the document doesn't have links, so you will have to flip through the pages. It seems pretty responsive and pretty intuitive.

I hope you have fun!

farmwifetwo said...

Another blogger - same city - mentioned it a few days ago. She's not selling either but it sounds very weird to me.

Kristie (J) said...

Alex: I thought it a very strange email that's for sure. I wasn't tempted - not for a nano-second, but it was interesting.

Gracie and Lukes Mom (LOL on your name - while my sons are all grown now, for years that's who I though I was - Brent and Ryan's mom)
As for the tablet, I took it to work and had the IT guy look at it. He'd never seen one so didn't know much about it - but he knew more than I did - how to turn it on. But I was getting more and more frustrated with it as I tried to do things. It kept turning off!! I think I'll let Ryan figure it out first - otherwise if left to me, it might *um* end up somewhat damaged

Farmwifetwo - hmmmm - interesting. I wonder if it's some local or provincial company or something. Not that it makes no never mind to me *g* I don't plan on selling.

Anonymous said...

Interesting question.

I'd sell my blog in a heartbeat and just make up a new one. Then I'd take the $1,000 and buy all the books my heart desires and start reviewing on my new blog! LOL



nath said...

Hmmm, you are good to be distrustful.

I definitively wouldn't sell my blog, because then, it wouldn't be mine anymore, right? If I wanted to make money out of it, I would have ads and stuff...

LOL, is your son going to ask you why you bought a tablet when you're so afraid of these electronic gadgets? :P

Kristie (J) said...

MsM: LOL - now there's a solution I didn't think of. With your plan you get both don't you?

Nath: I think of my blog as more me than I am most places if that makes any sense. And as for my son's reaction *sigh* see the latest post. Let's just say it didn't go so well.

Marg said...

Awww, I thought Paul thought I was special, only to find out he emailed other people as well!

Even though I am in a bit of blogging slump at the moment I still wouldn't consider selling it. Not even for a minute.