Wednesday, February 09, 2011

More work-ish kinda stuff

A bit of background for anyone new here. I work at a place that arranges home care. It's too long a story to tell - but I've been there going on five years. For most of that time I worked in what is called the Access department, where all new referrals come to. I love the department, but last summer a job opening became available covering for a maternity leave. Here in Canada, mat leaves are for a year - one area we so have it going on over you guys in the US - but that's an issue for another day.

This job was in the Supportive Care department where unfortunately for most, it's the end of life and what we offer them most is palliative care. I've been drawn to this area because of my own life circumstances. I was ready for a change when the job came up; it was a department I wanted to try working in and my existing job would be there at the end of my co-workers mat leave - a Win/Win.

Less than a month later I fell on my basement steps breaking my legs in two places resulting in a most interesting month long stay in the hospital and a two and a half month absence from work myself.

{This is exactly what I broke and what they did by the way - is it cool or what?}

But I'm back full time and really enjoying working in the Supportive Care department. But as you can imagine, there are some sad times and sad stories. I fell part of what I offer the team is comic relief. This is some examples of what I mean. Take it away!! And yes - I do include the pictures.

From: J, Kristie
Sent: Thursday, February 03, 2011 10:09 AM
To: My Current Team
Subject: Thought for the day

See full size image

So – I was watching TV last night – American Idol I do believe, when a commercial came on and I got to thinking. It was the commercial for Mini Wheats and the little Mini Wheat people are all happy and relaxing and even singing in a bowl of hot milk. They seem very mellow and totally enjoying the fact that they have discovered the wonders of hot milk. But they are so sadly obvious to the fact that their little lives are very soon to be dramatically cut short. Because looming in the background are people. Hungry people. People that have spoons in their hands and plan to eat up those happy little Mini Wheat people.

Just thought I’d share where my mind sometimes goes

Kristie J

Client Services Assistant


And here is another way I made my team wonder what kind of oddity they are working with. We have, as a group, entered a trivia contest fund raiser coming up soon and this is some communication concerning it:

From: N, Kimberley
Sent: Tuesday, February 08, 2011 3:51 PM
To: J, Kristie
Subject: RE: UPDATE - Trivia Night Event

Yes…thanks Goodness…I on the other hand rely heavily on Tequila!

Kim N RN

From: J, Kristie
Sent: Tuesday, February 08, 2011 3:44 PM
To: My Current Team
Subject: RE: UPDATE - Trivia Night Event


LOL – if you aren’t a winner yourself, the next best thing would be me winning that HUGE basket of wine. I can’t drink wine anymore so should I be the lucky winner, I’d have to give it all away. You would think I would have learned when I could no longer drink gin for the same reason…….or rye…….or rum……..

Thank goodness I still have beer and coolers

Kristie J

Client Services Assistant


From: N, Kimberley
Sent: Tuesday, February 08, 2011 2:41 PM
To: The Team
Subject: UPDATE - Trivia Night Event

Hi Group;

Confirmation today from the event co-ord, our registration is confirmed and table reserved.

Our team name is : CARE PALLS

There will be a registration table at the event. The first member of our team to arrive can pick up our envelope under our team name, which includes question sheets, door prize tickets, sponsor information, etc. A table at the event will have our team name on it, we can all gather there.

Alcoholic(beer, wine & coolers) and non-alcoholic drinks are available for purchase. Snacks on our table and intermission food (sandwiches, desserts) are included in the price of the event.

There will be silent auction items and a contest to win a HUGE basket of wines... bring some cash!

Sounds like fun!


Date: Sat. Feb. 26

Time: 6:30pm

Location: Somewhere in the city

Kim Nichols RN

(as a footnote - anyone who spent time with me at RWA a couple of years ago will get the wine reference)

I went to a Jewellery Party a couple of weeks ago where I learned that wearing multi-necklace strands was all in style. I've been a bit of a bling-aholic lately so I've been having a grand time wearing it all now that I know I can. My fellow Client Service Assistant on the team noticed and I kind of preened when I noticed I had entirely forgot earrings!!!!! I had matching watch, bracelet and multiple strands on necklaces but Oh Noes - naked ears. A little later I could tell my coworker - I shall call her Rebecca - was stressing out. We have an in-office IM system so I IM'ed her out of the blue:


Thank GOODNESS I had an emergency pair of earrings on hand is all I can say!!

11:58 AM Rebecca

Did you have to break the glass??

11:58 AM Kristie

Of course - they don't match what I'm wearing - but at least it's something!

11:59 AM Rebecca

You can't have everything!!!

11:59 AM Kristie

No - I think I had them here from before I started using the little earpiece and had to remove them because they are the stump post kinds and I kept hurting the back of my ear when I answered the phone, SLAMMING the metal post into my head hurts!!

12:01 PM Rebecca

It is hard to type when you are laughing so hard.


Although I'm not in the Access department at this time, I'm still on the team email list and get the emails that are sent to the team. This one came today and while it really has nothing to do with me in my current department, I thought I'd answer anyway:

Well, Deborah, I hate to be known as the joy killer – though I know I have developed that somewhat unfair reputation through the years, but I kind of put in for those days first. I put in my request two weeks ago. And since despite my attempts to rectify the situation, on the reception board I’m still listed as working in Access, being the destroyer of dreams that I am, I have the sad task of tell you that your S.O.L!

MC900366402[1]Unless of course you agree to shovel my driveway for the rest of the winter. I would consider reconsidering if you were to agree to that. And lucky you, it’s really more just my front porch and little walkway to the house as one of my neighbours has been plowing my sidewalk and driveway for me. So I’d say it’s a good deal for you – the two days you want for just some shoveling for the next couple of months.

Kristie J

Client Services Assistant


From: E, Deborah
Sent: Wednesday, February 09, 2011 2:13 PM
To: My Former Team

Subject: Vacation for February 18 and 22/11

Hi team

I would like to take February 18 and 22/11 off. Please let me know if this causes any conflicts within the team for other vacation times. Thanks : )

Deborah E

Client Services Assistant - Access Department


You know - there are many, many days I really like going to work


Karenmc said...

SOOO glad you're back. The work stuff is much like my workplace - good people with senses of whimsy and the absurd.

nath said...

LOL, Kristie :) I have to say, working with you must be interesting!! :P

Kristie (J) said...

Karenmc: And I'm glad to be back and dare I say almost better than before? *g* And it sounds like you have a good work environment too!! It' makes it so much easier to spend 7 to 8 hours a day at a place if it's fun sometimes isn't it?

Nath: What was great about the Little Shreaded Wheat people was that most of the team got into the act and we were all emailing about this silly commercial. It's nice when you work with people as quirky as oneself.