Friday, August 06, 2010

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Woa!! I didn't mean to disappear for quite as long as I did there. Sorry 'bout that.

I've been working on a bunch of mini reviews as I'm way behind on doing them, but until I get it done and since I just finished this one tonight and it's fresh in my mind, I'll share my thoughts of
this book

Captured by Moonlight by Nancy Gideon

Why this one: I read the first book, and second book (one of the reviews I'm working on) and couldn't wait to read the third one in the series. So much so that even though I was surrounded by books in Orlando, I simply HAD to buy this one in the little B&N store they had in the hotel. Steam Level: Let's just say it was pretty steamy in Florida in a bad way, but this one is steamy in a good way!


Their Love Is Just Beginning

A mysterious death begins a dangerous chain of events. As the unexpected discovery of a family thought lost to him threatens the existence of Max Savoie's paranormal world, his awakening senses strain the bond he shares with Detective Charlotte Caissie.

His Time is Almost Up

Driven by instincts he can't control, Max fights the need to claim his human mate. How can he protect her when she's not safe with him? She's strong enough to keep his secrets, but can she survive the test of his love?

Will They Ever Really Be Together?

Separating business from pleasure just got more difficult. To have Max, Cee Cee must face her greatest fears by accepting who and what he is . . . someone deadly, unnatural and outside the law she serves. Loving Max Savoie isn't easy, but holding onto him could prove fatal.

My Thoughts: I am really, really enjoying this series. Thank goodness when I was talking to Nancy Gideon who was at the Literacy Signing, she was telling me she had 3 more books lined up with CeeCee and Max and then 3 more where although they aren't the main players, they will be playing a role.

This one continues on where the last one, Chased by Moonlight, left off, with Max and CeeCee deeply in love and trying to meld their two diverse backgrounds, she as a tough as nails cop and he as a former right hand man for crime boss, Jimmy Leger. They couldn't come from more different backgrounds and that doesn't even begin to take into account that she is human and he is a shape shifter of unrealized powers.

I'll go into CeeCee first since I simply have to go into raptures over Max but I don't want to short shift CeeCee. She defines the tough as nails, kick ass cop and she is mad for Max and determined to protect him at all costs. She walks a thin tightrope in not compromising her role as a cop and helping Max and his at times not so legal problems. She reminds me in many ways of Eve Dallas from the In Death book in that being a cop is very much who she is. She also has a dark past and is very much a loner. She's a bit frustrating at times as she holds a lot back from Max in order to protect him and that leads to some mistrust and misunderstandings. But she does it out of love.

But it is Max who is the real draw in this series. Although extremely powerful in both his life as head of a large network that he's trying to legitimatize and the leader of a group of shapeshifters who are almost seen as a disposable group of second class citizens, at the same time he is so damn vulnerable it breaks your heart. As he wasn't raised with his own kind and he has powers so strong that he is only beginning to realize, he is such a lost soul in so many ways. He doesn't know what he is capable of and has no one to show him or teach him what he can become. And he is SO gone for the heroine. He never allowed himself feelings until CeeCee became a part of his life and he is so afraid of what he is and that who is he will frighten her away. But she is made of stern stuff and is just as gone for him.

In this book there are some powerful and deadly enemies who are after him. He tries to protect CeeCee by pushing her away, yet he can't live without her. There is a real poignancy about them and their love for each other. Where CeeCee reminds me of Eve, Max is very unlike Roarke in his insecurities as a leader. His insecurities just make him more of a hero to route for though. If there is any faults with Roarke - and really - one does have to go digging to find them, it's his utter self assurance. But while in some areas Max has it too, in others, such as where CeeCee is concerned he is very insecure, which is quite appealing.

Again, I highly recommend this series. Although it is a paranormal, I think unless one hates paranormal, they will find this good reading too.

Grade: 4.75 out of 5

And - I do have another review up. If you head on over to The Good, The Bad, The Unread, I did a guest review for Libertine's Kiss by Judith James. Once again she has a winner so to see exactly what I thought, check it out


Jill D. said...

Hey Krisie!

I was wondering about this series. I have seen the book covers and they caught my eye, but I haven't ever read this author before. Great to see you are enjoying them. I just might have to give this series a try. Thanks for the heads up!

Jill D. said...

oh Jeez! My typing is off :)

nath said...

So, is there going to be 5 or 6 books to Max and CeeCee? I got the first book per your recommendation :)

What are you up to lately? Busy with the new job? Hope everything goes well. Also, how did your old department like the book?

May said...

I am in the same way like you. Surrounding by book but still cannot help myself bought this one. I read the first book on the way to Orlando, finished the second on the way back to Thailand, went back to work the next day and finished this book that very night.

I agree with you about the similarity between Cee Cee and Eve. I also feel this would be the story if Eve met Roarke during his time in criminality. I like that her acceptance do not come easy.

And I am so in love with Max. I love his complex character the way he does not afraid to show his insecurity.

I really cannot wait for the forth book to release and would love to read more about those 2 characters.

azteclady said...

Kristie, plz to email me? xthx

orannia said...

Lovely review Kristie - thank you! I just checked and my library has this series! *happy dance* I was dithering before that, as I find it kind of hard to relate to tough as nails heroines - probably because I'm conscious of the fact that I'm the complete opposite :) However, I like the fact that it's the hero with the gift, not the heroine. And I like the premise, so I'm going to give it a go. Masked by Moonlight is the first book, yes?

Kristie (J) said...

Orannia: Yep - Masked by Moonlight is the first one. Sounds like your library is a nicely stocked one as it also has Libertine's Kiss. It would be hard to find two books so different, yet both are good :-)

May: Aren't they great?? Interesting point about Eve meeting Roarke during his criminal days instead of after he got out. I can see that, I can really see it. And doesn't Max just break your heart? He's just so darn vulnerable in some ways. And I love that CeeCee sees that about him and is so protective of him - and so accepting of all that he is.
And I can't wait for the next group either. She left enough hanging didn't she?

Nath: The new job is a bit of an adjustment, though so far I quite like it. And I think the old department was thrilled with the book(s) - I got more than one. And the one girl who I got the signed Lisa Kleypas book for was REALLY REALLY thrilled. She hugged it just like she did Smooth Talking Stranger.
And I hope you like this series. I know you are a tougher critic than I am - but if you like the In Death books, I think you will like these ones too.

Jill: I've read a few books she wrote some years ago as Rosalyn West and really liked the ones I read - so much so that I got the whole series, though some are now hiding in my collapsed library. But until the next group come out, I think I might try tracking down another series she wrote as Nancy Gideon - a vampire series she wrote in the 90's - before vampire romance really took off!

May said...

Kristie (J)

I absolutely love her Roselyn West's books, which tell a lot since I do not really into Western (Sorry, I knew you love it but it's not really my cup). I did not like her vampire as much and feel a little bit on fence before began reading the first books.

But Max just kill me. I like to way you described him. I really cannot find the right word when I am trying to convince my friend to give this series a try.