Thursday, August 12, 2010


Anyone who follows this blog may have noticed I tend to go overboard on occasion. One of the occasions that kicks me off that boat is So You Think You Can Dance. The US one just wrapped up tonight - I won't say who won in case it hasn't shown yet but I was happy with the winner. Of course they were all great so anyone of them would have been fine.

But lucky us Canadians because now we get to sit back and enjoy SYTYCD Canada. There are a small number of people at work who also watch it so I've taken to sending out group emails. They seem to enjoy them. So I thought I'd share them

From: J, Kristie
Sent: Thursday, August 05, 2010 4:09 PM

Subject: SYTYCD Canada - Season Premiere coming soon!!!

Now I don’t know if the rest of you are as excited as I am about the upcoming season of SYTYCD Canada, or if I’m alone in my “live for SYTYCD” nite of the television. Hands up!! How many have seen the promo that’s been running on any City-TV stations for it. This is the one with Nico *sigh* and Tara Jean doing this incredibly cool Matix like dance. Tres hot. Of course this is Nico, so for him to exist is to be hot. Before I go on though, I have a bit of sad news. Nico did not wait for me. No indeed, he married his long time girlfriend this summer. I probably would have made him happier, but alas, he went with what was familiar. Still, that doesn’t take away from his incredible talent (and hotness – have I mentioned I find him hot) and hopefully he and his fellow choreographer/new wife Wynn will choreograph some numbers this upcoming season.

Anyway, the spot is very good and makes me rub my hands in eager anticipation of the season premier Sunday, August 15 at 9 pm. For those of you who may miss it, though with me around I don’t see how that can happen, it will be repeated on MuchMusic on Aug 21. So unless one is going on a Caribbean cruise and may be excused for a couple of weeks, there is no excuse not to watch it. I do hounding very well so be warned (and worried – be very, very worried).

I do have more bad news though. It looks like our much loathed Leah Miller will be back again. *heavy very sad sigh* This will be especially difficult after watching the lovely and warm Kat Deely on the US version. But nothing in life is perfect so we simply must tough it out with the very imperfect Leah. I can only hope Jean-Marc has been asked to tone it down some.

So hopefully you all get a chance to see the spot on the telly and get that SYTYCD Canada burn going! As Arnold so eloquently put it – “I’ll be back”

Kristie J


From: J, Kristie
Sent: Thursday, August 12, 2010 11:45 AM

Subject: SYTYCD Canada - It starts Sunday Night People


I just know that you are all as pumped as I am about Sunday night and the premiere of Season III of So You Think You Can Dance Canada and this reminder email is totally unnecessary. But I thought I might just mention a few things. This season it starts at 9:00 on CTV and runs to 11. For those, like me, who prefer to turn in early on a Sunday night so they will be nice and refreshed and ready to work Monday mornings, perhaps a nice Sunday afternoon nap might be beneficial for staying up late. I know myself, I’ve found it helpful.

Now in case you get opposition from those living with you who may have the audacity to question as to why you are watching a “dance” show; I know I get cracks from my Adult son who is currently living in my basement, I have taken the time to check out the listings to see what might be “the competition” and I think we are safe. CBS is playing Undercover Boss, a show I think rather interesting but since I don’t think we will be seeing our own CEO, Xxxxxx Yyyyyyy going undercover, I think we can skip this show. And as compelling as David Carrusso is in CSI: Miami, the show the show that comes on after, I think we can all agree to do without our Horatio fix for one hour. It comes on again at 11:00 if you really need to count the number of times that sex on a stick man takes off his sunglasses.

And then on NBC we have 2 episodes of Law and Order: Criminal Intent. Since it’s a known fact that isn’t as good as the original Law and Order (why they cancelled it I’ll never know) or even Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, I think this is another show that can be skipped in order to watch SYTYCD. And let’s face it – Jeff Goldbum? He’s The Fly and will always be as The Fly.

Now Fox is a Family Guy marathon. Family Guy, from what I hear from my sons, is wildly politically incorrect. Even they are shocked at some of the things the show gets away with. So that may be an issue, but bottom line, it is a cartoon so I think the argument can be made in favour of SYTYCD.

Due to my ever growing short term memory loss, I can’t remember what’s on ABC. But I do know it isn’t Desperate Housewives so no need to worry about missing Terry Hatcher or Eva Longoria – besides even if it was on, this is summer and it would have been a repeat. Ah!! I just remembered! It’s a show called Scoundrels that is competing against SYTYCD. Now I happened to catch a bit of this show one time and while there is a character who could be considered a “Brad Pitt before he chose “that woman” over Jennifer and allowed himself to go all scruffy and ugly” look-a-like, overall the show is just odd and could also be skipped. It’s about a family of crooks so no real competition really – apart from the BP look-a-like factor.

So, with a nice Sunday nap and no real competition, we should be all set for a night of great entertainment – apart from Leah Miller. Now be warned though, these are just the try-outs. The most entertainment will be that almost sad hilarity we get from watching real bad performers who think they are good, interspersed with flashes of brilliant talent.

Now there is one amongst us I know that won’t be here for this week of tryouts, but I hope you have someone PVR’ing or whatever it is – I know ‘taping’ isn’t done anymore – good thing since I never did master how to do it. But, just in case that option is not available, they usually run repeats on MuchMusic in the next month or so, and since it is just the start of it, I think barring no PVR’ing, you won’t be too far behind. I just hope knowing you’re missing it won’t ruin the cruise for you.

I’m pumped and I’m willing you bet you all are too. And just in case you are thinking – 'but wait!! How can she go without mentioning Nico – that is just wrong!!' They say a picture is worth a thousand words……………

nico and tj.jpg

This is my thousand words.

Kristie J


Anna Carrasco Bowling said...

I'm happy with the SYTYCD winner, too. Will eagerly be scouring YouTube to see what I can find for SYTYCD Canada - Nico and Tara-Jean's Matrix like bit was incredible.

Must agree on the host, though. Can't we make Cat Deely make the rounds and do both?

orannia said...

Brilliant! Wish it was on here! Evil TV networks! No SYTYCD Australia but yet they are importing Australia's X Factor...GRRR!

Enjoy :) I saw Cat Deely when I lived in the UK. She's great!

nath said...

LOL, Kristie :D SO much enthusiasm!

What do you think of the auditions so far? I don't know, I think SYTYCD Canada is going to have a tough time a bit, because last season of US was very good. But we'll see :)