Thursday, August 12, 2010

Speaking of Mullets

I think Adam Lambert does mighty fine with this one.

Love this song and this video!


Kim in Hawaii said...

I heard on the radio that he'll be in concert in Honolulu soon ... so perhaps he can meet up with Captain Jack Sparrow (currently residing aboard The Revenge of the Queen Ann in Kanoehe Bay) to discuss hair gels.

Kristie (J) said...

Wow!! Adam Lambert and Johnny Depp in one place. That would be quite the meeting wouldn't it??

azteclady said...

I hadn't seen this--turns out, I like it too.


orannia said...


Vero has blocked the video from me on 'copyright grounds'. Umm....perhaps they don't realize the song (and the album) has been released here?

So instead I went straight to YouTube. I love Adam Lambert, and even with the mullet he's cute :) Thank you Kristie!

orannia said...

OMG! Part way through the video and just realized who he reminds me of - Tina Turner in Mad Max Beyond the Thunderdome....or is it just me?