Wednesday, August 18, 2010

SYTYCD Canada emails

My new position isn't nearly as busy as my last one which is allowing me to do the recaps of SYTYCD to my fellow coworkers. Here they are for Sunday and Monday night's shows.

From: J, Kristie
Sent: Monday, August 16, 2010 4:50 PM
Subject: SYTYCD Canada - Audition Night I


Well, as these are just the auditions there’s not a whole lot to say. They had some good dancers it looked like, along with some not so good ones. Thankfully they seemed to muffle Leah quite a bit which is a good thing. I’m still trying to figure out why Luther wears shades all the time – even in a darkened auditorium. It’s hard to really get to know him with sunglasses on and makes one think of that Corey Hart song – I Wear My Sunglasses at Night.

At this point I should probably tell you that it’s on again tonight and Tuesday and maybe Wednesday. Now just for this week, if you don’t watch them all, you will be pardoned. I’ll be watching so I’ll let you know if anything spectacular happens, or if Luther takes his sunglasses off.

One point of interest though – there was a girl from London who auditioned and they sent her to Choreography. For any of those rookies out there, choreography is a second chance to impress the judges. Blake, a former SYTYCD contestant on one of the US seasons and a judge on the Canadian version is also a choreographer and he develops these wickedly hard looking dance routines that those sent to choreography have to master and perform in a short amount of time. And I think the girl from London made it through. So if she makes it to the Top 20, we will have someone to route for. Unless of course there is another one who looks like Nic – then we would have 2.

So until tomorrow’s report – you SYTYCD Canada reporter signing out.

Kristie J


From: J, Kristie
Sent: Tuesday, August 17, 2010 11:24 AM
Subject: SYTYCD Canada - Auditions - Night II


Well, first off I can answer that burning question. No, Luther did not take his sunglasses off. Another interesting thing I noted last night. Jean Marc’s hair seemed to have darkened considerably since the Toronto auditions. Unless the lighting was different, methinks Jean Marc may have dipped into the Grecian formula.

Another thing I noted, much as it pains me to say this, Leah Miller had a ‘cute’ moment or two last night. Not cute in a Cat Deely cute, but cute for Leah Miller. And they were very short lived, but there nevertheless. I don’t think it was enough to raise our hopes that she might be somewhat adequate this year, but still – better than ‘nails on a chalkboard’ annoying for the entire episode.

Something else that’s new this year. As well as the first and second place winners winning a new car, one lucky fan will also win a new car. Since I lost out on Nico, I think a new car would be an acceptable consolation prize. I’d still take Nic, but alas, he is lost to me.

So the first hour took place in Calgary. Nothing really stood out too much for me although there was one young guy who did a traditional First Nation dance and was quite good. They sent him to choreography and he made it through to the final round. I like seeing the different. There have been a couple of Bollywood dances too, though neither of the dancers made it through. But then there is tap – I really don’t care for tap. I’m not sure if the clickey noises the shoes make are supposed to have any kind of rhythm or not and they just seem to flail their arms about and tap dancers seem to often have strange expressions. This is a personal preference though.

So, after choreography and the dancers who made it through that, it was off to Halifax. The first couple up were ballroom dancers and they were very good. One thing I noticed was there were a lot of dancers from other parts of the country. I’m not quite sure why someone from Bolton Ontario would try out in Halifax instead of Toronto – not unless they decided to make a vacation of it. One ballet dancer (who ended up making it straight through) came from Ontario and the airlines managed to lose her ballet shoes – see, that wouldn’t have happened if she had stayed in Ontario and tried out there.

It’s at this point where honesty compels me to make a confession. Some of you may even want to fire me in fact. But I can only say I was seduced to the dark side of reality television and rather that watch the last 15 minutes of SYTYCD, I *head hanging in shame* watched the final 15 minutes of Dating in the Dark. Yes, I know, how could I?? My only excuse is I flipped to it during the commercials of SYTYCD and simply had to know if the two adorable but somewhat dorky people met on the balcony. He didn’t think she would show and then would be left heartbroken and rejected again all by himself. But – she did!! She did go to the balcony. But even more, I was curious what the other guy who had 2 women who favoured him, would do. You see (I know I’m the only one who watched this final 15 minutes of course – the rest of you were glued to SYTYCD) he was quite handsome and he had a kind of ‘connection’ with a real cute girl, but also a super model gorgeous girl fancied him too. It wasn’t until the end that he actually saw the two of them. So the tension was high as we waited to see if he would choose the really hot Maxim model chick or the cute girl he’d liked better when not having seen either.

It was rather interesting as hot Maxim model chick wanted to be judged on herself and not on her looks. But when there was more of a connection between cute guy and cute girl than cute guy and hot Maxim model chick, while not out and out telling him she was a cover model for Maxim, she clearly implied she was the better looking of the two. Yet, when she finally saw him in the final meeting, she didn’t think he was cute enough for her. If cute guy picked her, he was supposed to meet her in the music room and if he chose cute girl with whom he had a ‘connection’, he was to meet her on the balcony. Unbeknownst to him though, hot Maxim model chick left and wasn’t in the music room waiting. But cute girl was waiting on the balcony. It was the classic Archie/Betty/Veronica thing all over again.

And now, having outlined the scenario, perhaps you can see why I had to see who he picked; why I betrayed myself and even more importantly all of you, by abandoning SYTYCD Canada for trashy reality TV! So, I hope you will forgive me for the lapse.

I will do better tonight, I promise!

Kristie J


nath said...

Oh, if you go on CTV, you'll have the schedule for this week.

Tonight: 1hr - Vancouver audition
Wednesday: 1hr - Montreal audition
Thursday: 2hrs - Top 20 selection
Sunday: 1hr - Top 20 revealed
Monday: 2hr - Top 20 performances
Tuesday: Top 20 results.

It's SYTYCD overload LOL

and yes, Leah had a cute moment. It was cool that she tried out the routine :)

Marcella said...

SYTYCD sounds so interesting - I would like to see something like that over here. As far as I know it's only American Idols or equivalents and the BBC ballroom dance program.

(jumping up and down) Who did cute guy pick?

Kristie (J) said...

Marcella: ROTFL!!! I was waiting ever since I sent the email out for someone to ask!! My faith in men was restored!! He chose the cute girl and they drove happily off. I was so glad picked her and not the not as gorgeous girl.

Nath: Thursday too??? I thought this week ended on Wednesday. That's going to take a lot of reporting still!

Carrie Lofty said...

Marcella, are you in the UK? They premiered SYTYCD UK last Nov/Dec on the BBC. I think they have plans to air a second season this winter.

As for the auditions, I thought the blonde girl from last season had real guts for coming back after she had such a temper-tantrum exit during finals week. She must've seen herself on TV acting like a whiny tween and learned good lessons from it.

The breakdancing ballet cutie pie from Halifax is gonna stroll right into the Top 10. Rarely have I seen a contestant more completely suited for the show. Cute. White. Straight. Humble. And seriously skilled. He's got "obsessively vote for me, young teenaged girls" written all over him.

Kristie, I plan to congregate here when you post your recaps. I'll point my SYTYCD CA friends here too :)

Kelly McCrady said...

Hi, Kristie. I'm one of Carrie's migrated SYTYCD fans. I'd have been beside you, waiting to see if cute guy chose the right path. I'm happy with you that he did :-) Ah, romance. We write 'em and edit 'em--any wonder we want to watch 'em too?

Besides, that's what DVR is for...

Marcella said...

Kristie(J): Phew!

Carrie: no, I'm in Denmark/the Netherlands. Must have missed that on the BBC - thanks for the tip, I'll keep an eye out for it.

Carrie Lofty said...

Marcella, they've had one season in Denmark (back in 2005) and two in Netherlands (2008 and 2009), so there might at least be another on in the Netherlands in 2010. Dan Karaty, an American choreographer who I heartily lust after, is one of the judges. You can find whole episodes of it on YouTube.

nath said...

Oh crap, I just realized I miss the top 20 reveal!!