Monday, May 17, 2010

What once was, is no more

Well, my library is a thing of the past. It looks so sad now. It used to be so colourful and now it's just bare ugly walls. Brent plans on ripping up that horrid ORANGE carpet and putting down laminate floors; also painting the wainscotting and the walls - so eventually it will look much better.

The good news is I have enough shelves that he didn't have to pack any away. They are doubled up and stacked and everything, but it's better than putting them in a dark box - where they would be lonely.......and cold.

I couldn't get a picture of what else he did because it's too dark in that part of the room, but he stacked the half bookshelves and has them facing each other - just like in a real library. But since it is dark in that room - and no outlets to plug a lamp in, it's going to be tricky if I have the overwhelming urge to read a book in that area.

Boy - I can take bad pictures can't I? In the second batch, I figured out that there was a button on the camera for shaking hands and they turned out much better. It's those small electronic devices I tell you!


Wendy said...

I have my books double-stacked, but still have a large chunk packed away thanks to my all-consuming Harlequin addiction. I really should make a concerted effort to read through the trade pbs and hard covers I have - because dang, that would free up a ton of room on my book shelves.

::sniffle:: So sad that you're losing the library - but yippeee that the oldest son is fixing up the room. Will you old a memorial for the ugly orange carpet? LOL

Kristie (J) said...

Wendy - it would be tempting to burn the carpet - but Destructo Cat has *um* used parts of it as her own personal litter box (thus the 'gate' you see in one of the pictures) so I'm thinking the smell of the fire might just be too gross. Brent is taking care of disposal - heh heh heh.
I don't like double stacking - but sometimes you just have to do what you have to do.

Jill D. said...

Oh man Kristie, I weep at seeing those bare walls! But hey, at least you can still keep them shelved and not packed away in boxes, even if they are double stacked! I am going to eventually invest in some new shelving myself. One can never have too many shelves :)

Lea said...

Double and triple stacking is me too. ;)

I bet the room will look awesome when your son finishes redecorating.

CindyS said...

So glad the books didn't end up in boxes - I was so out of sorts when mine were put away! I do double stack or I would have to have bookcases in every room in the house. I would put up a flashlight on the wall by the door to the 'library' so that you always have light!


Cecile said...

at least they are not lonely and cold honey... i know they feel your love!!!!!

azteclady said...

Cindy, what's wrong with bookcases in every room?

And under the stairs... behind doors... inside closets... over and below windows...


I love the idea of the flashlight myself--and perhaps a catalog of whatever is behind the outside row of books... (which is why I don't double shelf--I like to see what I have)

nath said...

Wow, Brent did a good job :D

It's good that the books are not put away :D I know you don't like double-stacking, but it's really better than boxes.

What are you going to do to protect these books from DestructoCat?

and yes, keep looking at the bright side: better and improved room!!

Kristie (J) said...

Nath: *laughing* there's a metal gate at the bottom of the stairs so she can't get in the basement.

AL: I don't like double stacking either - but you gotta do what you gotta do - and it does make them easier to get to. I think somehow I'll try and run an extension cord to the other side of the basement and have a light that way.

Cecile: *g* They may be temporarily in the dark - but they know they aren't forgotten and they are among friends.

Kristie (J) said...

Jill - books sheeeellllvvvveeesss - you just have to love them. Getting all books out of boxes is a wonderful thing. And luckily I have the room for them!

Lea: TRIPLE STACKING!!! That would really drive me nuts!! I'd have to have a list posted on the case so I'd know what was in the third row. It's hard enough knowing mine are doubled. The phrase 'out of sight, out of mind' is too applicable.

Cindy: A flashlight will work on a temporary basis - but I need to see them all - in their full colourful glory. So I'm going to see what Brent can do until such time as the go home.

Hilcia said...

Kristie I'm so glad you found a way to keep from boxing your books. I double up my books since I have no choice. It's not the best way... but it solves the problem. The room is going to look great when your son is finished with it!

orannia said...


That must have been so hard. I know when I went to the UK and had to pack my books away it was heart-breaking. They are all still in boxes...and have been now for 10 years *sob sob* As are the books I bought while in the UK and they books I've bought since I've been back. I need to get to work on my library!

The rennovations do sound lovely though :)

orannia said...

ARGH! Sorry, renovations! *heads desk*

Lynn Spencer said...

Wow! I am in awe of all the bookshelves. I wish I had more shelving in my house. I've done some double and triple stacking, but there's still a lot of overflow.

Hope the newly fixed up room looks good, too!