Monday, May 10, 2010

(I wish!)

Well, after spending most of the weekend doing nothing but sleeping; seriously - I went to bed at 7:45 on Friday night and did a lot more all weekend, I finally feel like I'm getting back in my groove. As you can see, I didn't get around to recaping the rest of the week. I had plans to, but the need for zzzzzz's trumped the desire to recap.

One of the few things I did manage to get done was cataloging the books I brought back. I still haven't really unpacked yet, but the books are now up-to-date in LibraryThing, Shelfari, Goodreads and the spread sheet. It's all about priorities.

But I did want to mention a couple more workshops I made it too. I've pretty much decided that I need to get an ereader so when I saw a workshop that Jane of DA, Sarah of SB and Angie of Carina Press were putting on, I thought I'd get some good info. The only trouble was I think I was the only one in the room that didn't already have one and the conversation was over my head for a lot of it. But I did get enough by osmosis to realize that there isn't a devise that has everything I want.


I've decided to go with the Kobo. I like the price!!! $149.00 is pretty hard to turn your nose up at. Unlike the Kindle, you aren't limited to buying books just from Chapters, the store that supports it in Canada. It doesn't have WiFi like the Kindle and Nook do, but then that will also allow me to shop at some of the smaller epresses which is what I wanted. I think I'll order one in the next couple of days. I can only hope that it isn't too hard to download from the computer to the reader. I shall be crossing my fingers that day let me tell you!!

There are so many great things about going to conventions/conferences. And one of them is the books one can get. After spending so much time cataloguing them, now I just have to share the books I got

Author Title
Aguirre, Ann Blue Diablo
Aguirre, Ann DoubleBlind
Bond, Stephanie Finding Your Mojo
Byrd, Rhyannon Touch Of Seduction
Carlyle, Liz Wicked All Day
Cooke, Lisa A Midwife Crisis
Crane, Carolyn Mind Games
Dahl, Victoria Lead Me On
Dare, Lydia A Certain Wolfish Charm
Dare, Lydia Tall, Dark And Wolfish
Day, Alyssa Atlantis Redeemed
Day, Zuri Lessons From A Younger Lover
Dow, Candice Feelin' The Vibe
Duran, Meredith Wicked Becomes You
Eisler, Barry Fault Line
Fennell, Judi In Over Her Head
Gibson, Rachel Nothing But Trouble
Grainger, Jess Beyond The Shadows
Hendricks, Elysa Star Raiders
Hieber, Leanna Renee TheDarkly Luminous Fight For Persephone Parker
Howard, Linda MacKenzie's Heroe's
Jackson, Brenda Hot Westmoreland Nights
Jeffries, Sabrina The Truth About Lord Stoneville
Lee, Jade Dragonborn
Low, Genita Virtually His
MacLean, Julianne Nine Rules To Break When Romancing A Rake
Madison, Tracy A Breath Of Magic
Maverick, Liz Crimson And Steam
McCoy, Judi Making Over Mr. Right
Medeiros, Teresa Some Like It Wild
Pineiro, Caridad Sins Of The Flesh
Quinn, Tara Taylor In Plain Sight
Reece, Christy Second Chance
Robards, Karen Scandalous
Rush, Jamie Touching Darkness
Rush, Jamie Out Of The Darkness
Thomas, Sherry His At Night
Walker, Shiloh Hunter's Need
Wilds, Elissa Darkness Rising
York, Rebecca Dragon Moon

I probably would have got even more at the book signing but alas, I wimped out. But still, I think I did rather fine. They were all from the conference. Nath and I made a run to a bookstore and then we went to another one along with Mollie. With the price being so different in the US as opposed to Canada and the dollar being almost par and Nath having coupons, well it just didn't make sense for us not to go!

I wish I hadn't pooped out as there was so much other stuff going on that kept us going almost non stop. But enough to say it was such a wonderful time and I can hardly wait until my next one!!


~ames~ said...

Great haul Kristie!!

Ok, glad you decided to try out an e-reader. Did you get a hands-on demo at RT? I went in store to check out the kobo. I'm still in love with my sony reader though. LOL But yeah, that price is nothing to scoff at. The sony pocket edition is only $179 too. :P

Karenmc said...

Borders has announced their ebook store, and it's tied to Kobo.

Wendy said...

I will never be one of those readers who goes 100% digital, but my Sony Reader has been godsend when it comes to my Harlequin addiction. Who knew those cute little books could take up so much storage space?

You had a great haul in books. I read one of Stephanie Bonds' Mojo books (not sure if it was that one....) and thought it was a cute read. Sigh, and I have that Lisa Cooke title in my TBR.

orannia said...

YAH for getting your groove back! When I read you were cataloguing your books I was wondering how many you picked up - WOW! I see too that you have the second Jess Grainger book!

I look forward to hearing what you think of the eBook reader. Still nothing available here *grumble grumble* so all I can say is 'I love my iPhone' *grin*

Kristie (J) said...

Ames: I DID get to do a hands on. Unfortunately my hands didn't know what they were doing and I kept losing the books that were on the different devices :-( When I get mine, I will need much practice.

Karenmc: Is the Kobo through Borders less costly than the Kindle or Nook? One of my coworkers did quite a bit of research before getting her Kindle, but she said if the Kobo had been out, she would have got that one instead. And she isn't interested in the same things as I am - she doesn't mind being tied to just Amazon.

Wendy: It's the epress books I'm most interested in really. I don't know how many times I've waited for an ebook to come out in print and in many cases, they don't and I'm left longing for all the books I've missed by not having an ereader and not wanting to read on the computer.
And I did indeed get a great haul there. There are a few I want to read before others, but there are a lot I want to read :-)

nath said...

You did the right thing, Kristie by sleeping :D I wish I had the whole week-end to sleep... but I didn't :(

Hmmm, I hope you share your experience of the Kobo soon :D I'm actually thinking of getting a Sony e-Reader later this summer. We'll see :D

and very nice haul :D and like you said, it just didn't make sense for us not to go at the bookstores! I mean, we definitively saved a bundle! :D