Tuesday, May 04, 2010

More on RT

Now that I'm on the laptop where the pictures are, this is one of the delicious potato 'martinis'.

So - I said I'd go into more detail of the weeks happenings. Looking back at the program, Wednesday starts out more as what I didn't do! There was a workshop that I'm kicking myself that I didn't attend.

Whodunit? He or She was put on by mystery writer Barry Eisler and Jennifer St. Giles. According to everyone who attended it was the hit of the conference. Mr. Eisler and Ms. Giles took turns reading scenes and it was up to the audience to determine whether the scene was written by a man or a woman. Apparently there was one particularly hawt scene that he read.
Though I didn't attend, I did pick up his latest book, Fault Line. I figured any guy willing to do that deserves to be read *g*

The first thing I did attend was the Trivia Pursuit game hosted by Jessica Anderson and Hannah Howell. I found that rather humbling since I figured with my many years of reading I'd know all the answers. Alas I didn't, though I did win a book so it was all good.

It's rather frightening as I don't remember what else we did that night. And it wasn't that long ago now - *gulp*. But whatever it was, I know I had fun.

You know - I was too tired last night and put this in draft and I forget even more now!!
I know someone had a breakfast and I went to that. And then I went to the Read a Book, Save an Author workshop. And I know that I enjoyed it. It was hosted by authors Toni Blake, Dakota Cassidy who was a fill in for Julie Anne Long who couldn't make it and Tessa Dare was also there. It was quite an enjoyable. One of the points I made, though not sure if I speak for all reader bloggers, is what a thrill it is when an author 'drops in' - not to comment about a review, but just as a regular visitor. It was interesting as I got the impression that some authors are leery of commenting - thinking maybe they might not be welcome. But before they were authors, they were readers and I imagine they still are readers. I get a thrill when an author leaves a comment and when next in a bookstore, will check out their books for sure.

After that I'm not sure what I did *sigh* I know they had an ice cream social put on by Red Sage. But I didn't have any. Until I start using Sensodyne on a regular basis, sadly, ice cream is just to painful to eat anymore.

Then I did something else but - egads!! I don't remember what though!

Then it was time to meet Sarah for the wearing of the mullet - and finally some more pictures. You may notice I don't have a lot. I'm not much of a picture taking person and after almost losing my camera, I kind of sort of left it in the room. So Nath was kind enough to take pictures and upload them for me.

Now a few weeks before RT, I got an email from Susanna Kearsley, asking for my address. Very curious, I sent it to her. A couple of days before the conference a package arrived in the mail. When I opened it, I laughed and laughed and laughed. Inside, besides a copy of her latest rerelease of The Shadowy Horses, was something to go along with the Mullet. It was a T-shirt. A very, very funny T-shirt - to wear along with the mullet. Not only had Susanna sent one for me, she also sent one for Sarah too!

Then we did something else for a while - but again I'm drawing a blank. Oh - that's right!! It's coming back to me now - phew! RT had a launch for their new web site!! We hung around there for a while (where I picked up a couple more books) and then headed up to the room for the Fairy Ball. There are other bloggers with pictures of some really great costumes but I was keeping my camera still safe in the room!

I think I'll end the recap here. I'm still trying to recover. It takes much longer at my age. Plus I'm multitasking and adding the books I got into not one, not two, not three, but four different cataloguing places and that takes a while. But I'll be back with more. Before I sign up though - one more picture I stole from Nath. Here is a great picture of my roomies - Jill and Nath!


Susanna Kearsley said...

The T-shirt looks great on you! And the guy at the printing shop where I had them made laughed and laughed, too -- I told him the whole story of the Mullet Smackdown, and he agreed with me that it would be just plain wrong to let a fellow Canadian suffer through The Wearing of the Mullet without lending her a little home-grown support :-)

There are only three of those shirts in existence, by the way -- the one I made for you, the one for Sarah (who I know is a lover of all things Canadian, anyway) and the one I made to keep myself.

It IS Kiefer, after all...

My thanks to you and Nath for sharing the photos and videos. They made my day!

CindyS said...

Damn woman, you really rock that mullet!! Way to show your Canadian pride cause even though I know the Americans won, I'm still standing behind everything you said.

Sounds like a whirlwind of fun and excitement. I'm so glad you had fun and can't wait to hear more!


Kim in Hawaii said...

Thanks for the update! RT is nom stop mayhem that can fry the brain! Perhaps you'll remember what you did when picture surface on the Internet!

Will the mullet make it to Orlando for RWA's National Convention?
Tampa-Orlando-Daytona is biker heaven ...and they may appreciate a woman in a mull

Taja said...

Kristie, thanks for sharing. It sounds like you had a wonderful and fun time. The potato martini does look delicious. What a great idea. Oh, and the T-Shirt is a hoot. Love it!

Anonymous said...

I love ot hear about your RT adventures. Sounds like a wonderful time. Thank you for sharing!

Carrie Lofty said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the t-shirt! And I'm glad you liked the mashed potato martinis. I hope all the potato love bodes well for Carina :)

Anonymous said...

Way to wear! -- willaful

orannia said...

The t-shirt is hilarious! And the potato martinis look yummy!

Thank you Kristie!

Wendy said...

Those T-shirts are WAY awesome!

nath said...

You were a great sport, Kristie!! :D I'm glad I was able to witness the mullet challenge :D

I'm glad at the amount of pictures I got :D what do you think?

and LOL, you can come by my blog to see what we did or at least, what I did :)

It's really too bad we didn't go to the Who Dunit :(