Saturday, May 15, 2010

It's kind of a sad night

My son is coming over tomorrow to start dismantling my 'library'. I took a few pics as it will be a while before I see them like this again. I'm a bit torn. He's coming over first thing in the morning - he hopes around 8:00 am. And I don't normally see 8:00 am on a Saturday. I'm debating on whether to get up and help so I know where they all are, or to keep on sleeping. It is a Saturday after all. I'll see how I feel on the morrow. In the meantime, here are some of the pics I took - *sad sigh* And I already rescued a few from being packed away

You can see that some of them are a bit on the fuzzy side. My hands must be trembling at the thought of having to pack my preciouses away

Of course, I do still have my book cases upstairs....

(Here's my Guy of Gisbourne Action Figure - heh heh heh)

And while I'm doing pics, here are for now anyway, the other two life forms that share space with me, Zina and Destructo Cat

The little one below is Destructo Cat. I know!! You are probably wondering how such a cute little dear could possibly be so destructive. But right now she is hanging on the kitchen screen trying to get a bug that's buzzing outside the window






Kim in Hawaii said...

Awesome library of romance books! Why are you packing them away?

And cute photos of your roommates! Four cats adopted us in our last house but we had to find homes for two before we moved to Hawaii. And I had to pack away my keepers because we didn't know how big the houses would be on the island. I have a goal of reading my TBR pile during my three years in Hawaii (assuming I do not buy new books - as if!)

pattepoilue said...

awww *hugs* I know it must be hard to pack them away. :/ *hugs*
You have an amazing library btw.

Ohh I can completely see the Destructive Kitty behing the cute kitty mask ;) I cat used to shred the curtains to get flies and still look like a angel. Cats! ;)

Amy said...

Just curious, why are you having to pack them away? And I'd be just as stressed out as you about it -- in fact, I am, since I know that that day is coming for me so that I can actually have a "tidied" bedroom!

Anonymous said...

Kristie, I'd be up at 7, taking more pictures of my loved ones. ;-)
I wish you strength, Marcella

Kristie (J) said...

Kim & Amy - the reason I'm packing them up is my oldest son is moving back home until he gets himself on a better financial standing. Yes - I am a cliche. Both sons were moving in and out of the KristieJ nest from the bedroom downstairs. When the last one left, I turned it into a library figuring (HA!) that would keep them from moving back home. It's not that I don't love the both of them to pieces but the baby birds were too big now. Then my oldest ran into financial difficulties and asked if he could move back home - into his former bedroom. He promised that when he left, he'd fix the room up real nice, since with having two sons living in it at different times, it was a mess underneath the shelves and shelves of books. He's moving back the first of June and before he does, he wants to do some work on it.

And believe it or not - *laughing* that's the short version.

Patti - she is the bain of my existence that's for sure!! I have a love/hate relationship going with her.

Marcella - it's 8:12 and nature forced me up - but I think I'm going to head back to bed for a bit - so far he's not here. And there are a lot of shelves in the next room to fill up first - the library somehow grew into the next room too. So I'm hoping he doesn't have time to start packing before I rise again *g*.

Kara said...

Packing up your library is so sad...I really feel for you. I have just unpacked a lot of my books and know how I would feel if I had to pack them up again.

Keep your chin up and know that you are doing something to help your son.

Anonymous said...

Awww, packing up books is heartbreaking, I hope it all goes well for you~ I can definitely relate, I've had to put books temporarily in storage before, it was sad knowing my books were halfway across town. Good luck with everything! :D

Lea said...

Wow, awesome library Kristie, amazing collection.

Sorry about the pack up but it is so nice you are helping your son out.

I'm in awe of your library. Very nice.

Cute kitties - Destructo! Get that bug man!!


Heather D said...

Wow, Kristie, you have a great library! I don't know that I would want to dismantle my library either, but I am sure that my kids would be the only thing that would make me do it.

Destructo looks just like my Psychokitty, a.k.a. Cleo. I'm telling you that it must be their coloring that causes them to be so destructive and in my case psycho.

Have a great morning!!

azteclady said...


Oh my poor dear!

You know, since he's staying with you, your son probably could find a way to make you some bookcases for behind the doors (they can hold literally hundreds of paperbacks...) or some such.

Do not despair, there are ways...


Hilcia said...

Ohhhh, Kristie!! I would just cry!! ((Hugs)) But kids, well... we do things like give up our space for them. *sigh* You'll get these back up again, I'm sure of it!

Kristie (J) said...

Kara: *sigh* I know - but it's not like I don't already have a lot of books in the shelves upstairs. But they were packed away in boxes and bins for so long and I know they were all so happy to be released from there plastic and paper prisons.

Anna: It does hurt doesn't it? He originally planned to store them in the same place he's storing a lot of his stuff - but there was no way I was going to allow THAT to happen!!

Lea: I'm looking on the bright side - now I have someone who will change light bulbs for me - I have this strange hang up about doing it myself - a fear of light bulbs is such a strange phobia isn't it? - and he will also bring in my mail for me. Another phobia. Not even hills for him - mountains for me - so it is a good trade off *g*

Lea: And when it goes back, it will be even more awesome - painted fresh walls, wood laminate flooring instead of the ugliest damn orange carpeting you can imagine - and hopefully when they go back up - they will be in alphabetical order this time - like in a real library :-)

Heather - despite losing my library, I am glad I can help him out. That's what mama's do.

AL: I'm sure over the next year I can come up with some alternatives - though not so many brilliant ones as yours - I love the over the window ones *g*

Hilcia: yes - we do what we must for the wee ones don't we - though in my case they aren't really wee - they're both quite a bit taller than me. And I do have a lot already upstairs. So it's not like I won't have anything to read over the next year or so. It's just that they were all so easily accessible if I started thinking of one - all I had to do was look on a shelf and there is was!

Mary G said...

Kristie, you're my hero. Tough but temporary right? The silver lining - when you unpack those babies again, it'll be like finding old treasures.

nath said...

So, how did it go? Did you get sick? Did you survive the shock? I hope so :D

Rowena said...

My heart broke reading this post...I'm with Nath, so how did it go? Are you alive still?

Anonymous said...

Kristie.. what did you do with Guy of Gisborne? claire