Friday, October 30, 2009

Random Thoughts for the day

I was driving to work this morning and things weren’t as clear as they usually are. I put on the fog clearing thing, I kept putting on the windshield wipers, opened the window hoping things would get a bit clearer, then realized I forgot to wear my glasses! I don’t NEED to wear them when I drive but I usually do, especially since I got my new pair of Harry Potter glasses.

Speaking of Daniel Radcliffe, I’ll be honest here and say it was freaking me out somewhat that I find him incredibly hawt. I mean compared to me, he’s a baby and I was feeling rather pervish about it. Then it dawned on me that the reason I was so strangely and scarily drawn to him is he reminds me of someone else.

I think he looks a lot like a younger version of my fantasy guy (also dare I add – Katiebabs too)

Why can’t they get the order right when I order coffee? I always order 3 sweetner and 2 cream but instead I often get 2 sweetner and 3 cream. I even tell them when they repeat it back to me – ‘yep, think of me as a grouch who needs extra sweet’. I can tell the difference right off. So yesterday at work when I noticed it wasn’t sweet enough, I went to the kitchen to get more. When I added it to my coffee, I didn’t have a stirrer stick. So I used a letter opener to stir it. Then I noticed that there was wet ink all over the letter opener that dripped on my hands – and there was nothing to wipe it off with. What a mess!! All because they don’t hear me at the drive through.

I became a clichĂ© this week at work – really I did!! I was in the washroom and when I got back to my desk, a coworker pointed out something was hanging on my shoe. Yep – it was

toilet paper. A real long piece of toilet paper that trailed quite a bit behind me!!

And speaking of washrooms, why is it that in our public washroom, I can be the only one in there and the next person to enter takes the stall right next to me!! There are 10 of the suckers. It’s not that I have a shy bladder exactly, but I do find it creepy when they do that.

I’ve been on the 8:00 to 4:00 shift all week. There was a day when that would have been my favourite shift but now it’s my most hated. I just can’t seem to get myself up and ready and out the door on time. It’s about a 20 minute drive plus a stop for coffee they often get wrong so I like to be out by 7:40 at t he most. I’ve been driving myself nuts trying to figure out what the problem is. I can’t figure out why what used to be so easy for me is now next to impossible. I have two alarm clocks in the bedroom and the one is at full volume and I’ve had to turn the other one up twice already this week and still I’m sleeping through them. Do you realize how little time this gives me to read or blog in the morning? They just aren’t what they used to be! Perhaps I need to not stay up so late the night before reading and blogging.


nath said...

So that's why we haven't seen you much this week, Kristie? :D

It's true that Daniel does look a bit like Richard, especially in the pic you posted... hey, maybe they'll play father and son one day.

Do you take the stall right in front of the door or middle? Try to take the stall at the far end... I know I just take the stall that's right there... maybe that's why.

Mary said...

You are one busy lady! Sorry about the tp event. Although you did make me smile.

I'll have to look for a Stephanie Laurens book. I'm just getting into the whole historical genre in the past few months (and I like it!).

Mary said...

Um, forget the Stephanie Laurens part of my comment above. I confused the post below yours in my google reader (it's early and I need my coffee *sigh*)

Mandi said...

It is definitely an unwritten rule that if there are bathroom stalls open, you go every other one!

Oooh..creepy about Daniel I will be looking at him in a whole new light..:)

Mary G said...

HI Kristie
Love this post. Us Leo the lions are doomed because we love to stay up late even though we pay for it in the morning. My ideal job would be 12PM -4PM LOL. Go in when I'm awake & go home before the heavy traffic.

azteclady said...

I love when you post like this! It's so absolutely and brilliantly YOU! :grin:

Here's hoping the peeps at the coffee place finally get it right!

Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

If John was in a movie where he had a son, Daniel would be the perfect person to play the part.

orannia said...

What a week! And I know what you mean about bathroom stalls! Although, what's gets me is those people who don't wash their hands! *cringe*

*crossing fingers that's tomorrow's coffee is right*

LorelieLong said...

I used to be like that, too - at one point, I had five different alarms, all staggered to go off five minutes apart.

Now I've got my iPod on a Sound Deck, set to a *really* high volume. But here's the important part - I change the song every couple days, or I'll still sleep right through.

CindyS said...

Awww, I know what it's like when they get orders wrong. You've been with me at a drive thru - I'm very precise in what I order and it better be right. You could take a sip while in the window to make sure and then ask for the sugar. I will unpack an entire bag of food to make sure it's right. Hey, I'm paying for it, it better be right!!