Thursday, October 08, 2009

Question for the Day

I was chatting with a girl at work today and she and her young daughter are reading Twilight - or rather she is reading Twilight to her daughter. I haven't read the book but my co-worker apparently 'edited' it somewhat. Which led, rather indirectly, to the question of the day.

Now you have to be honest here - when you first heard how babies were made, what was your reaction?

Mine was a big EEEEEWWWWWW, Yuck!!

What was yours?


Chudney Defreitas-Thomas said...

It was pretty much.
"Oh. Ok thought so." accompanied by the shrug of the shoulders.

I was a precocious child.

Cecile said...

Wow, bring on the memories... that I can't seem to recall. I have no idea how old I was when I found about where babies come from... **shakes head in disbelief...going call mother right now...**

heidenkind said...

HA! I was pretty grossed out, yeah. And it was just after my mom told me she was preggers, so double yuck there.

But there's no sex in Twilight, is there? Not until the last book, anyway.

CindyS said...

You know I can't rightly remember. I remember when I was around 4years old and my mom was pregnant that I thought of the baby like a photograph. My parents kissed and then a baby developed (like photos) Weird.

I also remember when I was in girl guides and a notice came home to ask my parents if I could be taught about how babies were made. My mom looked at me and said, well I guess you should learn sooner or later.

The movie had dogs and animals and to this day I'm not sure how knowing about fish spawning was supposed to help me understand where babies came from.

I don't remember ever having an 'ewwww' reaction though. I do remember thinking that our teacher must have been lying about a lot of things because she said that when a woman got her period it wasn't painful - maybe a bit of pain but not enough to stop her from going about her normal day. LIAR!! I used to puke from the pain. My mother when she was a teen used to faint. I'm just saying, you need to tell us girls the truth or we aren't believing.

And then there was the 2 tbsp of blood you would lose as a whole. I think my eyes rolled across the class room. I was lucky I didn't bleed out on most days! (Sounds dramatic but seriously - apparently I'm a touch not normal)

TMI on all that. So yeah, sex wasn't 'ewww' when I already had a period from hell every month ;)


Meghan said...

Heh, Cindy, I had the same experience with the period pain talk! They all said it was painless but I'd already known my mother had a painful time every month but didn't connect the dots until my own showed up. And I puked from it too. =(

I don't remember when I actually learned about sex itself. I do remember learning about the bits necessary in fifth grade and that was definitely disgusting to me at the time. My friends and I giggled a lot over the fact that all of our teachers had them!

Tara Marie said...

My mom gave my sister and I the "talk" when we were rather young. My sister remembers that she was sitting on the edge of Mom's bed and her feet didn't touch the floor.

So I can honestly say it was a little disbelief and "people don't really do that right." And "My parents have 3 kids, so they've done it 3 times."

Heather D said...

I don't remember when I found out where babies come from or how they are made. I learned more about sex from my friends than I did from Mom. And then there was the wonderful Sex Ed week in middle school. I don't think I ever experienced an "Eww, Gross!" moment.

How old is the daughter that the mother is editing the book? I don't remember it being too bad. But I am use to reading our "smut" lol. My daughter was in 7th grade (I think) when I read it and I didn't have any qualms about letting her read it if she wanted.

Here is another question... how old would your daughter have to be before you allowed her to read some of our romance novels?

PJ said...

I learned from two neighbor girls who were three years older. I remember being rather adamant that nobody was ever going to do that to me! ;-)

Jill D. said...

LOL, Kristie! What a question! Umm... I was in the fourth grade and 10 years old when I had the talk with my mom and I initiated it because of some things kids were saying and I wanted to know if they were true. Kids were holding their thumb and index finger in a circle and putting their other index finger through the circle. When my mom confirmed that it was true, I remember thinking, "He puts what, where! How is that possible?!" I just remember being flabergasted!

azteclady said...

We had a female German Shepherd and a male Collie when I was very very young--and they had litters like clockwork every six months.

I honestly don't remember when I learned how babies were made, so I can't tell you what my reaction was.

MB (Leah) said...

You come up with the funniest posts. Seriously.

My mom was a nurse and being the curious type, I used to look through her books. I think it wasn't gross to me because I had seen pics of a penis and vagina at a young age of 5 and asked about how it all worked and such. LOL

I'm sure I gave my mom heart attacks with all those graphic questions. At least she was honest with me and didn't tell me lies.

Of course she spoke of it in more scientific terms and not from the emotional aspect of it. I got "that" talk when I was 10 and wrote "fuck you" on huge pieces of paper, putting them in our windows when fighting with neighborhood kids.

Tonya said...

My mom wasn't one to talk about that stuff so I learned in 4th grade at school during one of those lovely "educational" classes. I remember having the whole 'sperm race toward the egg' thing stuck on my mind and then going home and inadvertantly tuning into the Kentucky Derby...I've never been able to look at horse races the same way since.

Mary G said...

OMG, I'm Italian descent, my mom is too shy & apparently no one has sex & all babies are born through immaculate conception. My 19 year old son brought a Family Life book home when he was in grade school. They showed the couple getting married, eating in a restaurant, then making a home and then they are holding a baby. All I could picture was a girl asking my son to go out for a bite to eat or to help her hang a picture & him saying "no I'm not ready to be a father" LOL. I'm pretty sure I learned about it through reading romance novels.

Mina Wolf said...

My reaction was "OMG, I wouldn't do that for a MILLION dollars!"

Tracy said...

Hahahaha! Oh that's too funny. I think my was REALLY? Wow that's....weird. lol

nath said...

LOL, great topic Kristie :P

I seriously can't remember where heard about it, but it wasn't from my parents for sure!! and even in Sex Ed, they only talked a little about periods and erection, but I guess it was obvious for other ppl where the erection was going!! LOL :P

I probably really got what it was when I started reading romance and yeah, can't really remember my reaction... but when it comes to sex, I have to admit, I've been quite naive ^_^; Took me a while to understand what oral sex was ^_^;

Kristie (J) said...

It's interesting seeing all the different reactions. I think a lot depends on how old you were and how you found out. I was about 10 - when boys were just gross - and through friends my age who also thought boys were gross - so it was a group Eeeeewwwww.
There were a couple of coworkers who didn't remember their reactions and some who were of the eeeewwww persuasion too.
Interesting - no one was thinking - Oooohh that sounds fun - heh heh heh heh.
Makes me wonder about guys reactions. I should ask my sons - that should give them attacks when their mother asks them that kind of question. Sounds like fun to me!!

orannia said...

I honestly can't remember how old I was...or what my reaction was. Probably ewwww!

Kristie - I would love to be a fly on the wall when you ask your sons that question :)

JennJ said...

LOL! I remember it well I was 12 and my first reaction was ... "they do what????" LOL

I'm so not looking forward to my son learning about this but it's coming up soon UGH. His dad is gonna have to do it I can't lol.