Monday, October 12, 2009

Holidays, Holidays

For those who don't know, this is the time of the Canadian Thanksgiving. That's why I've been a bit MIA in the past couple of days. Saturday I mostly vegged and read. I think I have about five books on the go now. Most of them are rereads. I missed Nath's challenge for September so I was bound and determined to make up for it in October. I've seen some blogs with reviews of older books and thought 'dang, I need to read that one again.'

Yesterday was 'Kristie is a procrastinator par excellence and it's time to get her shit together 'cause the 'boys' are a comin' for dinner' day. I'm on five different kinds of medication - gad I hate getting older - and being a procrastination queen means I leave it until I pretty much run out before I get them renewed. I had to take care of that yesterday. Add to the fact that I hadn't done a whole lot of housework in the previous week (cough two weeks cough) and once I had the pill situation taken care of it was time to clean house. So I wasn't on the computer hardly at all yesterday.

Dinner with them was good - though because they are guys and yesterday was "football" day, we ate in front of the telly. Probably not the best thing to do for a 'Thanksgiving' dinner - but hey - they were happy and both stayed longer then they usually do so it was all good. I didn't quite work up the gumption to ask them their first thoughts when they found out where babies really come from - I think I'll do that on a one on one basis *g*.

Sister Lisa couldn't make it yesterday so she is coming today for turkey leftovers. So what I didn't get done yesterday in the way of housework, I have to get done today. But - being the queen of procrastination, first off I took care of another 'chore' I'd left too long. Let's just say the gray hair that was starting to come through at an alarming rate is now covered once more and I'm again a faux red-head.

And I've also started working on something for another blogger. Since it's not my project, but hers, details must stay close to the vest until she is ready - but it is ever so much fun.

And now - I must do more housework and see what the hair looks once it's styled and dry - and here's hoping I didn't miss big sections!! But since Lisa is coming for lunch - thus the rush - I will probably be returning later


Leya said...

Happy Thanksgiving Kristie! Nothing wrong with turkey leftovers... :)

I had a late start, it's all the Oktorberfest Parade's fault. I'm starting mine now, and the kids already asking how long it will be until it's ready.

SarahT said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Kristie!

Tara Marie said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!

It sounds like you had a nice visit with your boys and hopefully you had a great lunch with your sister :)

azteclady said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Kristie! *hug*

JennJ said...

A Very Happy Thanksgiving hon! I hope it's a great one. :)

I hear you on the meds I'm on three myself and I hate it but they say it's necessary sigh *really suppose to be on four but I stopped one shhh don't tell my Dr. LOL* It's a pain in the kister isn't it. BIG HUGS

orannia said...

Happy Thanksgiving Kristie! I'm glad you and the boys had a lovely day. And isn't Thanksgiving (and it's a serious question because we don't celebrate it) about spending time with the ones you love...doing the things you love?

Am sure your hair will look spectacular :)

Lynn Spencer said...

Happy Thanksgiving! It sounds like you had a wonderful time.

Tricia said...

Happy Thanksgiving Kristie!

Joyce Henderson said...

Hello Kristie,
A fellow writer beamed me your way because of your love for Westerns, which I write. I'm thrilled folks like you search out Westerns. I wrote for 20 years prior to publication in 2005 because I wrote what I like to read and was determined to find an audience for my Western heros and heroines.

You mentioned meds. Well, I can relate to that because an illness put me on the writing sidelines twice in the past four years, consequently, my last release was in 2007, although that book is still available on B & N and Amazon.

I'm not a blogger, but I'll pop in now and then to see what you have to say. Every single author you've mentioned are those I read time after time.

Thanks for listening, and I hope you had a super Turkey day.

Kristie (J) said...

Joyce: Hello - and welcome!! That was the point of the Great Western Drive - our small part to help revive a genre all three of us love. And you are most welcome any time *g*

Tricia: Thank you! It was a good one - alas though - that was our last holiday until Christmas. Now it's back to the grindstone

Lynn: I did have a good one - the boys were pretty well behaved. Of course at 21 and 29 they aren't boys and they had better darn well have been behaved but then they are guys and seem to love trash talking each other.

Orannia: Since I like football too, it was no hardship. And as promised - the gray is gone :-)

Jenn: I hate taking them - but it's better than going slightly wonky the way I do when I go a few days without them :(

AL: Well - ours is done now - but yours is still to come!! I wish we got those days off too though.

Tara Marie: The hot turkey sandwiches we had were DELICIOUS!! Sometimes it's almost better the second day.

Sarah: Thanks! I think Monday is the real Thanksgiving - but I like having the big meal on Sunday - gives me a day to recuperate.

Leya! Mine too!! I was late getting the turkey on and about every ten minutes they felt the need to yell at me from the living room what time it was. I finally yelled back that if one of the would come out and help - dinner would be ready sooner. Neither of them came out to help but at least it shut them up!!