Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Cravenator Call To Arms

The Book Binge is running a top LK Hero Standing and our Derek is NOT in first place.

He is trailing that other Kleypas hero by quite a bit. This can not be allowed to continue.

Derek needs our help!!!!!

Unite Cravenators - go - put him in the place he so rightly deserves!!

Number 1



I just checked and Derek is leading - by one vote. So for those of you who watch SYTYCD Canada - do what Jean-Marc keeps telling everyone to do:

Voix, voix, voix


Penelope said...

I voted! Derek Forever!!!!!

Kristie (J) said...

Penelop: Derek - and I - thank you!! An excellent Cravenator you are.

lisabea said...

Cravenator CHECK!

Go Derek!

Rowena said...

Oh KristieJ, this is why I love you. Izzy and I were just talking about this last night. We can't let that other LK hero win!

Heather D said...

I would love to help out but I haven't read this LK book yet. :(

Mandi said...

Derek!! He is only down four. (it hurts to vote againt Merripen though!)

Mollie said...

Thanks for the reminder!

I keep visiting BB when I'm on my ipod touch and I can't vote from there!

orannia said...

I'm sorry Kristie. I stillhaven't read Dreaming of You so can't, in good conscience, vote for Derek. I will try and source a copy of Dreaming of You ASAP though!

And if it's any consolation, Derek is now second!

Kristie (J) said...

Orianna: LOL - nope, no consolation. He was second at the start of the day. Mind you the vote is close now - but I will only be happy if he is #1!!!
And if you haven't read it, it's OK not to vote for him, but *g* I predict you will kick yourself for lost opportunity once you read it
heh heh heh heh

Mollie: Well you must get you to a computer then so you can cast your ballot for 'our' Derek :-)

Mandi: He's better than he was - but still not there yet.

Heather: *chuckle* Like Orianna, you will moan " Oh WHY didn't I read it sooner?"

Rowena: Well - now is the time for us Cravenators to band together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lisabea: Ex-cel-lent!! He is just simply the best.

Randi said...

Hi Kristie,
I love Derek, but I love that other hero just a little bit more....sorry!!

Jennifer M. said...

I've been voting for Derek every chance I get. I cannot believe St. Vincent is getting so many votes! He was an OK hero, nothing like Derek though!! =)

orannia said...

It is on my TBR list Kristie :)

CindyS said...

Hey!! I should have known something was afoot! Off to see how many times I can vote! ;)

God, and don't you wish that man would do another great love movie? Like seriously.