Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I know I said I was going to cut out all reality TV except for So You Think You Can Dance – and overall I’ve done a pretty good job of it. I only watched about 15 minutes of Paris Hilton’s New BFF – and that was quite enough. I don’t care if Tilla Tequilla finds love the second time around so I haven’t been watching it. I did watch a bit of the MMVDD awards – but that was only to see Nico – his Mohawk is now gone by the way. But there is another one I kind of accidently got hooked on and I have this to say about it.

ARE YOU NUCKING FUTS????? I think I squeaked that out when she turfed him!! You turned down a hot and hunky airline pilot who was everything a girl could watch for a boy break dancer and/or a slimy, sleazy looking bad country singer? Where is your head at girl?? I’m not good with names – only jobs – but the airline pilot was fine and seemed a helluva lot more sincere then break dance boy.

That’s it – I’m now officially done with this show. She’s just TSTL for me to watch it anymore. What’s worse – she’s a Canadian girl!!!! Plus, from the previews of upcoming shows, it goes into waters that are too deep for me to feel comfortable in. Apparently they have “overnight” visits coming up and – not interested. Plus, it seems one of them has trouble ‘getting it up’ if you know what I mean. I don’t know if they identify him but if they do, I don’t think I’d want my name out there as the guy who couldn’t perform.

So I’m saying bu bye to The Bachelorette.


In good television news, at least for anyone who might be reading this and lives in Ontario, guess what is on tonight at 9:00 on TVO??

Give up???

The second part of *drum roll please* North and South – British style!! One of the girls at work pointed out to me that they are running it Tuesday nights. I missed the Part I but at least I have Parts 2, 3 and 4 to look forward too. So anyone who hasn’t seen my favourite DVD of ALL time can get a glimpse of it tonight.


Lea said...

LOL Kristie! I know this is probably a dumb question but what is TSTL? Sorry no clue.

Thanks for the update on North and South. I have my DVD's here all wrapped up in that nice tight clear wrap stuff... I know, I'm awful...

Take Care

sula said...

SYTYCD is back on!!!! DF and I curl up together each Wednesday and Thursday night to watch. Our favorite summer show. :)

How cool that N&S is on. I feel the need for a rewatch soon. Everyone needs a regular diet of RICHard. heh.

oh and lea...TSTL is an acronym for "too stupid to live". usually applied to those ditsy heroines that populate cutesy romance novels.

Kristie (J) said...

Sula: I've been watching SYTYCD - twice a week - well - three times - On Wednesday and Thursday and then a repeat all shown at once on Sundays. I don't know what I'll do come the fall because they are having them back to back this time 'round but the Canadian version will also be on then too!
Ahhhhh RICHard - there can never be enough of him can there? I almost missed it tonight!!! One of those very rare urges to clean house came over me and before I knew it, it was 9:15. Good thing I have some idea of the story line!!

Lea: Sula is right - TSTL are those heroines you want to smack upside the head and tell them to "Smarten Up!!!" They have been know to ruin many a fine book or at least make it much less enjoyable.

My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...

Hi Kristie!

You are too funny! LOL!!

I gave up on the Bachelorette long ago. Just could get into this one.

Kudos the North and South find, it figures you would have it all scoped out! Have fun watching!

*still laughing*

Dottie :)

heidenkind said...

LOL Kristie... could not agree with you more!!! Jake is a definite winner. I think just about any woman would be more than happy to have him as boyfriend. And Wes is totally creepy and playing her. It's like, Hel-loooo, get a clue!

I can't believe the other guys haven't said anything to her about Wes and the fact that he's told them he has a gf and that he's only on the show to further his career (note to Wes' gf--ouch).

I think you should keep watching it. I love to rant about The Bachelorette on my blog. Sometimes it's just so mind-boggling, you have to let it out. :P

Heather D said...

LOL Kristie! I was a reality TV junkie for a while too. I finally am at the point where there are only about 3 shows (and they aren't reality tv) a week that I really want to see and get bummed if I miss.

I have to ask, what does TSTL mean?

AnimeJune said...

If you're looking for good Canadian TV with beautiful heroes, I'm really hooked on NBC/CTV's "The Listener" - Halifax native Craig Olejnik plays a Toronto paramedic who can read minds. The show's pretty interesting (I like how they work the telepathic idea), and Mr Olejnik is ... well, um, let me just say WOW. He honestly has the biggest, prettiest eyes I've ever seen.

And he's Canadian, which is always a plus.

orannia said...


Last year they screened SYTYCD Australia here, but this year they decided not too, so I've had no dancing to watch (apart from Dancing With The Stars, which isn't the same).

Oh, and Kristie - the Theresa Weir books have arrived! *happy dance* Stop the clock! I picked them up yesterday but I think they may have been delivered Monday 23 June. So, how long did it take (Canada to New Zealand) via sea? And thank you SO much!

Mary G said...

Hi Kristie
The only reality TV I watch is The Real Housewives of Orange County & RHO New York. These woman are TBASTL (too bitchy and snooty to live). They prove that money does not buy class. Take Care.

Kristie (J) said...

Dottie: *g* I really had no intentions of watching this. In fact every Monday I have no intentions of watching it - but somehow find myself glued to the TV despite intentions - but NO MORE!!

heidenkind: I KNOW!!!! What the hell was she thinking!!!

(and now it's time for work so I'll answer the rest in a bit *g*)

Cheri2628 said...

Kristie, thanks for the N&S video. That was lovely. Sigh...

nath said...

So what do you think of SYTYCD so far, Kristie? Any favorites?

LOL, you gotta stop watching The Bachelorette!! :)

Kate Diamond said...

It's such a relief, during the summer, to get a break from my many TV interests. Of course, having Bones on DVD doesn't help...

orannia said...

Kristie - just wanted to give you a heads up that Jennifer Ashley is the special guest at Nalini Singh's blog today:


And yes I'm going visiting :)

Monroe Dawson said...

OMG I LOVE SYTYCD!!! LOL Watching it as we speak! ;o)

Anonymous said...

Kristie!!! This is completely unrelated but I had to say, I just saw your book room over at Nath's blog and OMG!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!! It's amazing!!!!!

Kristie (J) said...

Oops!! I disappeared longer then I planned!! It was real busy at work and I ended up working overtime and then was too pooped to participate.

Heather TSTL = Too Stupid to Live - which Jillian has become *g*

Orannia: I'm glad they arrived!! That was one heck of a slow boat. I think I mailed them somewhere around the end of April or beginning of May!!
And that's a bummer about not being able to see SYTYCD! That would almost be like them not letting us in Canada see the American version.

AnimeJune: I did watch one episode of The Listener and thought it was pretty good. I tried watching it again, but they had another show on instead of it, but I will watch it next time I see it.

Mary: I've seen them on shows like Access Hollywood etc, and I can't even stand them on there. I'm afraid if I were to actually watch the shows I'd be too tempted to destroy the tv just to get rid of them :-)

Cherie: *g* I use any reason I can think of to post a video of it

Nath: I forget his name - but I like the guy who grew up as an orphan. He's been in the bottom two the last couple of weeks. But they are all so good this year I hate seeing any of them leave :-(

Kate: I love that there are very few new shows on in the summer too! So the fact I got hooked TEMPORARILY on the Bachlorette drives me nuts

Orannia - thanks for the heads up - hope I'm not too late.

Monroe: They awe me with their talent!! I'm totally hooked too!

Barbara: Thanks!! *g* It's a work of love - that's for sure.