Saturday, June 20, 2009

I gots nothin'

Just thought I'd do a blog about nothing. Seinfeld was a great show about nothing so here is a blog post about nothing.

I'm doing good but I'm in a state of indecision. I just can't think of anything to blog about. I'm in that mode where I can't seem to settle on anything to read. It's not a reading slump so much as none of my books are calling my name loader than any other ones. I've started a number but none of them are jumping out at me.

I can't even decide what to call the new kitten. I named her Callie but that doesn't really seem to suit her and I'm not quite sure what does. She's adorable and I love her - but she's driving me crazy. She is the MOST curious cat I've ever had. She has to be into everything. And her latest 'thing' to do is start biting at my toes around 3:00 in the morning. Last night I shut the bedroom door but I don't like doing that.

I have an appointment to get my hair done shortly but I don't even know how I want it!!

I can't decide anything!!!!


~ames~ said...

Awwww, Kristie, that's too bad!!

The white cat we had, we never settled on a name for him and we had him for years. LOL So don't feel bad about that. Why don't you call her Tootsie since she likes your toes? :P

And question, what was the last book you read?

azteclady said...


On the books: go check out a couple of old favorites, see if anything grabs you.

On the kitten: I got nuthin'

Hair: well, erm... ahhhh... whatever you had done before?

Heather D said...


Kristie, I have never been able to make a decision. I am one of those people that I actually hate, that can't make up their own mind and when they do it takes forever and a day. I have always been indecisive, but I guess that is a little different from not know what you want to do with this or that. Your hair comment just sounded so much like me everytime I finally schedule an appointment. I have started grabbing my sister and making her go with me and decide what to do with my hair. I have her to thank for my short hair and the bangs that I am trying to grow back out, but I made the decision to change my highlights from red to blond. Yikes they need to be redone!!

Anywho have a great time at your hair appt!!

Kristi said...

Man, that book thing happened to me a couple of weeks ago. Just about drove me crazy. I finally picked up a YA novel that had been sitting on my shelf for a while (LIFE AS WE KNEW IT by Susan Beth Pfeffer) and it sucked me in - Whew!

And your new kitten sounds like my 5-year-old female ;o). She's always been curious and she did the same thing during the night with my feet! Thank goodness she seems to have outgrown most of that (but not all - she can still open drawers and carelessly unlatched doors).

As for her name, it'll eventually come to you. Our cats actually have two names because the names we actually call them are not exactly names you'd want to scream across the neighborhood when you're looking for a cat that got out (see above about opening doors). Nor are they names you would want to tell the vet *evil girn*. These *private* names evolved as we got to know both cats. But they answer to both names (only when they want to, of course). So I'm sure you'll think of something soon (and eventually your toes will be safe, too). Good luck with her!

Lea said...

(((((Hugs Kristie))))

You know sometimes I thing the "Seinfeld" posts are awesome because they are fun.

Glad you found something to read.

I hope your hair appointment went well.

Take Care

Marg said...

I always go to the hairdresser and they ask me what I want done and I am all "I don't really know. What do you think. Maybe I will change it next time!"

Anonymous said...

Hi Kristie I can relate, I am sitting here alone watching the planes from the air show go by, I am restless but cannot seem to concetrate on reading. I have to go grocery shopping but don't want to go out, have to go to my dads to give him a fathers day card but don't really feel like going there. ughh just one of those days where my head and body are not in agreement. blahh Lori Berry

nath said...

Hey Kristie!

I hope you feel better. I'm feeling pretty much the same as you. Sigh, sucks no?

LOL, I think DestructoCat does fit her :) Not the most flattering, but... :P

orannia said...


I like azteclady's idea. Pick an old favourite to restart your reading :)

As for cat names. My cat was Merlin for 24 hours, but it didn't suit. I was reading a Patricia Veryan book at the time and the heroine called the hero (who IIRC had black hair and amber eyes - same colouring as my cat) an 'odious tyrant'. So I called him Tyrant (or Ty for short :) And it so suited him to a 't'! The right name will come to you :)

Good luck with the haircut. I'm trying to grow mine out - no fun!