Saturday, June 06, 2009

Retail Therapy - Part Deux

First off - thank you to all of you for your words of encouragement!! It was so comforting to read them all and know that I have such a wonderful bunch pulling for me. And to Lisa - I did check out that site and bookmarked it. There are some great suggestions. And knowing too that so many of you suffer too - while I feel bad that I'm not the only one - still it helps knowing I'm not alone.

Now for more Retail Therapy 0r What I Did After Work.

First off I stopped at the beer store. I don't normally drink it very often, but on a hot summer day when I'm done working it just seems to hit the spot! Ron always drank Labatts Blue and since I'm very far from a beer connoisseur, I go with Molson Canadian 'cause I think their commercials are funny.

They just crack me up!!

Anyway - next stop was Home Outfitters. The big purchase there were a trio of lamps - two table and one floor. I mean - one gets new furniture so one of course needs new lamps to accessorize doesn't one?

Next stop - Chapters! I kept it low though knowing I'll be getting bunches and bunches of books in July. Renegade by Sarah Parr was my only purchase. I knew I'd have to get this one after reading Katiebabs review.

I thought I did very well at stopping at one.

Then it was onto Walmart. I was looking for a cheap chair to go with the other furniture but alas I didn't see any. But! I did get two bookshelves. And they were such a good price and I have so many books, I think I'm going to have to get another one. I also got a new painting to hang on the wall downstairs. There was one, but it was one that Ron's grandmother painted - and it looked like something someone's grandmother would paint! *shudder*.

When I finally made it home, I saw that Landscaper Guy had been to cut the grass. Now, while things still look pretty bad around outside the house, at least the grass isn't too long. I'm going to have to take before and after pics. And pics of the Destruco Kitten.

I spent the rest of the night boxing up books to take downstairs. So far I have five bins full - and that's just the one bedroom! I still have the bathroom, kitchen, two more bedrooms and living room to pack up. I called both sons to see if they could come over tomorrow after I'm done working and do grunt work for me. Men are good for heavy lifting.

Anyway, after scaring myself with the amount of money I spent, I'm feeling ever so much better!


SarahT said...

Good for you, Kristie! I also ordered 'Renegade' on KB's recommendation, along with Toni Blake's 'One Reckless Summer'. I am easily persuadable when it come to books.

BTW, I finished Elisabeth Naughton's 'Stolen Fury' last night. While it wasn't as good as your description of 'Stolen Heat', I enjoyed it and read it in one sitting. In a debut novel,I'm pretty tolerant when it comes to flaws which don't directly affect the quality of the story. Many authors iron these out by their second or third novels. Also, I loved Peter Kauffman and really want to read his book! I'll post my review next week.

Lea said...

Sounds like the best therapy every Kristie!!

I'm so very happy you are feeling better - and you now have lots of lovely reminders of your therapy day. ;)

Have a great Sunday

nath said...

Retail therapy definitively sounds great :)

If you want to wait till I come, I'll help you assembling the shelves :) Can't wait to be in your library!!

Kate Diamond said...

Thinking of you.

orannia said...

Ohhh, your library is going to look soooo good!

And pics of the Destruco Kitten

Yes please! And I'm glad that you're feeling a little better :)

CindyS said...

Okay, I hadn't seen all those commercials and wow, I killed myself laughing. The guy at the bar, 'you said eh' too funny!

You are definitely working harder than I am. The idea of putting the laundry away is making me want to crawl into a ball. Bah.


Anonymous said...

haha, i love that you are proud of only buying one book, but then buy two bookshelves!

also i loved this, "but it was one that Ron's grandmother painted - and it looked like something someone's grandmother would paint! *shudder*."

Kristie (J) said...

Lusty reader: LOL - When you put it that way, it does sound funny doesn't it? And seriously - that picture was SO ugly. I asked the boys if they wanted it and they both looked at me rather oddly.

Cindy: Being a watcher of sports - they have some of the best commercials during baseball and/or hockey games!! And I think one of the best things about us as a country is the ability to laugh at ourselves. And I say eh all the time :)

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Nath knows how to do that kind of thing. I can take the pics - but it's loading them onto the computer that I struggle with!

Kate: Nothing like retail therapy and good plans to help snap one out of a funk.

The shelves are built - well except for the one I bought tonight - but it's only a half shelf so it's easy. It's the loading onto that will be the hard part now :-)

Lea: We will have to work something out so that you can see it too. You aren't all that far away!!

Sarah: I fully plan on getting Toni Blake's new book but she is going to be in DC so I'm planning on getting an autographed copy!!