Sunday, June 14, 2009

I'm back after a great few days

So - my blogging has been kind of spotty the past couple of days. First of all Nath came and stayed with me and then we went to stay with Cindy for a couple of days. On Saturday we had a great day when we met with Lea of ClosetWriter and a Mary, a friend of hers who fit right in. It's always amazing how great it is to get together with other bloggers and fellow book lovers. We checked out a number of book stores over the past few days; first Nath and I here and then when we went to see Cindy. It was a great day and if you visit the others they have pictures. A warning though - I shudder at having my picture taken.

While I didn't get a lot of books at Chapters as I'm trying to hold out for Washington, I couldn't help getting a few:

In Bed with A Stranger by Mary Wine

Riding Wild by Jaci Burton

On the other hand, I went crazy in the UBS's. I ended up with 18! That's too many to put pics of all, but I did score on some good ones!

Outlaw's Bride by Maureen McKade!!

This is one I've been trying to find for a number of years now and was close to breaking down and ordering it on Amazon. Wendy should be pleased with this find! It's a Western!!

Captain of my Heart by Danelle Harmon

She isn't writing anymore but she had a wonderful series a number of years ago so I'm always on the lookout for her early books.

The great thing about these two is they are in almost perfect condition.

In Destiny's Arms by Christine Michels

I was excited to find this one. I have a soft spot for these early futuristics and I have one or two other books by this author.

It's been a wonderful few days and it's going to be a bit tough going back to regular life.


And I can't believe someone I forgot to mention!!! Ames, while not with us in person, was with us on camera. We had a number of video chats - and got to 'meet' her newest puppy - though she says it is her Mom's puppy. I think we know who the real owner will be ;-)


~ames~ said...

Again, I had lots of fun having a small part in the festivities. :P

I'm super jealous of all the book shopping. Good finds Kristie!

Cindy W said...

I'm so glad you had fun! Have a great week! Cindy

Lea said...

It was so great meeting you Kristie! You take great pictures by the way - better than me! yikes... lol

I didn't realize you purchased Mary Wine's book, I would love to hear what you think of it.

I hope you have a good day and a great week.


Heather D said...

I am so glad that you had a great time meeting up with the ladies.

I am really liking the look of the blog too.

I finally watched North and South last week and I loved it. I am putting the movie on my wishlist. My birthday is Aug, and it would make a wonderful gift from one of my not so little ones.

Wendy said...

Outlaw's Bride was actually my first read by McKade, and I *think* her last book for Avon. It's good. It didn't knock my socks off like some of her others, but it's a nice, pleasant read. You could easily knock it out in an afternoon.

azteclady said...


It's lovely "hearing" you so happy.

nath said...

I had a great time Kristie :) and you were such a good girl, not buying books! :)

Glad that you could find some gems!

ps - regular life is hard :(

Stacy~ said...

Sounds like such a fun weekend :) I'm glad you guys got to meet you. How jealous I am! But to hear you coming off of a really good weekend is good enough for me. Hope good things keep happening for you :)

Tracy said...

Great books! I'm so glad you all had a great time at the get-together! I'm jealous! :)

orannia said...

It sounds like you all had an absolute blast - YAH! I'm so happy for you!

No doubt a silly question, but is UBS a secondhand book store? If so, have you discovered the wonder of Bookfinder (, the online secondhand book store :)

azteclady said...

UBS: used book store

Mary G said...

Hey Kristie(& Nath & Cindy & Bob & Lea)
I had an awesome time with you at Cindy's. I can't believe how much laughing we did in between talking about books. I can't say what made us laugh the most but it involved how & why people end up in emergency rooms. I'd share but we agreed that what happens (& gets talked about)in Ancaster stays in Ancaster

Kristie (J) said...

Ames: I can't believe I forgot to mention you! I did an ETA to correct things :-)

Cindy: It was ever so much fun. And we all agreed we would have to do it again.

Lea: It was great meeting you and Mary in person. And I got the Mary Wine book the day before in London. I will let you know what I thought of it.

Heather: Thanks! And it was Nath's doing with help from Ames. HTML scares me!!
And if you notice, you are now on The Crusader list - heh, heh, heh. Now - if I can just add Lea....

Wendy: But! It IS a Western - and in very good shape.

AL: Thanks - it's amazing what retail shopping and meeting good friends can do to cheer one up

Nath: It was tough not buying new. If I hadn't found such lovely older books it would have been even harder *g*

Stacy: Well -- I have another good thing happening in less than a month now so it's looking up.

Tracy: It's great getting together with other bloggers isn't it? Hopefully we can get together sometime again.

Orannia: Yup - UBS is used book store. I don't go to them as much as I used to since it's rare I find authors with backlists anymore. But when I do go - and find some real scores like I did, it's a real thrill.
And I haven't tried that site but I will now :)

Lori said...

I'm glad you all had such a good time. I'm jealous! It means that we need to have another So Cal get together soon, cause I must be going through withdrawal, LOL!

Great books you got, too, Kristie!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kristie! I'm glad you had a good time!! Love your picks BTW!

orannia said...

UBS: used book store

Thank you Kristie and azteclady :)