Friday, June 04, 2010

Sometimes I kill me

I have a bit of a reputation at work for sending rather......... unusual....... work emails. Some coworkers like them, other people I'm sure think them very odd.

In my particular job, I have to send a lot of faxes and we have to stamp anything we fax with a fax stamp and date stamp. It can get annoying doing both so not long ago we had a special stamp done just for our department that dates it and marks it faxed at the same time - in one fell STAMP!! It went missing last Friday, and this is the email I sent - along with picture.

Our dear coworker – Faxendate Stamp – is missing!!! We miss him and I think he probably misses us too, though he did wander away. If you have seen him, can you bring him back to his home next to the fax machine? He is unique, one of a kind!!
In the meantime we are making due with his cousins Fax Stamp and Date Stamp, but it just isn’t the same without our own Faxendate. He seems to have vanished on Friday afternoon. I notice his absence particularly this week. He does know how to save time!

Well, finally, a week later, something occurred to me. So I looked and found it. So I sent a follow-up email

Faxendate came back!! Well, at least we found the little rascal. I think he must have been boogeying and partying too hearty and somehow jumped off his table and landed behind the fax machine. Probably that break dance he attempted. I know the whole team was worrying about him and hoping he would once more be reunited with his cousins Date Stamp and Fax Stamp – and then the other one we don’t speak of often, Urgent Stamp. Well, we can cease our worrying. Now, we just need to keep him out of the ‘ink’ on the weekends!

~*~*~ And in other news ~*~*~

And I have a Kobo update!! I've been working on it and managed to drop and drag the PDF books over to the Kobo - with a couple of glitches! It seems I can't change the font size like I can on the other book. And the font is teeny, tiny - so much so that it's too small to read. It does allow me to increase the size of the page if not the font, but when I do that, it moves the page to the right so that I can't read it all *sigh*

And I've found a few drawback. I'm an unrepentant enreader. I don't like that I am, but it's a habit I haven't been able to break and gave up trying. But with the Kobo, I don't think I can do that; not unless I want to click on hundreds of pages! The book I'm reading is very unusual and I want to see how it ends - NOW - but I can't! Also I'm curious about something that I think happened a few chapters back, but again, it's not as easy to flip back in an ereader as it is in a print book.

And I found out I still have to carry at least one paper book with me - in case the battery dies in the ereader and I can't turn it on at lunch when I have some reading time. That happened to me yesterday but luckily I had a back-up print book to get me through the lunch hour.


nath said...

LOL, Kristie. Now that you figured out the drag and drop, you're good for the next level :)

There is a way to convert your pdf file into epub using the Calibre program. Once you've convert it into epub, delete the css file and then, drag it back into your folder and voila, you can change the font size :)

Let me know if you want to try and I'll send you a series of steps to follow...

Was the book you wanted to buy only available in pdf format?

Mollie said...

Lol love the stamp emails.

OMG I can't read the ending of a book. I don't mind hearing some spoilers now and then but I never read the end!

I'm still pining over the nook. Someday, someday...

Leslie said...

I think you'd be fun to work with! I'll bet you brought a smile to some of your co-workers faces with the emails. :)

Emma Cunningham said...

Sorry for doing this via comments but I can't find another way to contact you. I'd like to send you some info on Harlequin and Carina Press, including eARCs of some of the books on the right-hand column of your page! Where can I contact you via e-mail?

Emma Cunningham
Production Coordinator, Digital & Internet
Harlequin Enterprises Limited
416-445-5860 x 298
Twitter @emmacunningham

Kristie (J) said...

Emma - If you check under my profile, my email is in there. And funny I should read this now - I've just been combing Chapters looking for Harlequin ebooks to download :-)

Leslie: I'm often the comic relief at work. I've been know to send my Case Manager, thanks to the wonders of BableFish, emails in very strange languages.

Mollie: It's killing me not to be able to check out the endings long before I get there!!!! Though maybe this will break me of this horrible habit.

Nath: ROTFL!!! I shall be contacting you as what you just wrote is Greek to me - and with no Bablefish to translate!!

orannia said...

LOL - I love the work emails! People will read if you make it interesting, and those were great :)

And yup, it's hard to peek with eBooks. I'm having problems ATM as I can't log on to my Fictionwise Bookshelf with my iPhone...and it's driving me craxy!

Kristie (J) said...

Orannia: I think 6 people responded to those emails with just LOL *g*. And I can now relate to not being able to get access to an ereader book *g*