Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I did not realize until yesterday when I was printing up my itinerary that you could choose your own seats on airplanes!! It's no wonder every trip I've taken so far that I've had the rotten middle seat and had strangers to the right of me, strangers to the left of me and I was stuck in the middle with me. I've been booking far in advance of when you could do that and then not bothering to check until just a couple of days before I left. And I never noticed that button at the bottom where you can pick your seat.
Unfortunately, I was much to late for the trip to RomCon and will be stuck in the middle seat every flight. On one of the flights, the seat I had to go with was the very last one still open!! But thankfully I checked in time for the flight to Orlando and have window seats both there and back. But it figures the longest flight I'll be squished.


LVLM said...

Oh Kristie that sucks!!! But yeah, you have to check with the airlines because some will let you chose your seats at the time of booking and some you have to wait until 90 days before, etc.

I don't know if you use Orbitz or other such booking agencies or even stick to certain airlines, but you can usually set up preferences so that if you forget to do it or if the airline does it for you, which some do, then you will get your preference usually.

I have my preferences set to aisle seat since I have a bad back and loose bladder and need to get up frequently to stretch or pee.

You can always check the seating arrangement every day for a few days before as well as the day of the flight to see if some seat has opened. I know when my DH and I flew to Hawaii one year I checked the seating and saw that there were one or two whole rows of empty seats so I moved us and we had a row to ourselves instead of having to share with a third.

I hope your flights aren't really long. But have fun on your trip!

orannia said...

I always try and focus on the prize - the destination, which is your case is an absolutely amazing convention :) And I'm so glad that you were able to select your seats to and from Orlando!

Maybe if I save really hard I could go to RWA next year...

~ames~ said...

I usually book through an agent and they ask me when I'm getting the tickets which seat I want. Otherwise I would never have known that!

But now you know, you'll be ready for future trips. :P

nath said...

LOL, Kristie! Well at least, you know for the next few times! :D Learn new things everyday, right? :)

Have fun at RomCon! (I'm so jealous!)