Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sharing the Love

One of the great things about coming out of the romance reader closet full throttle is getting coworkers curious to see what I'm reading. A lot of them are readers and slowly but surely I'm getting them reading romance. Now this means lending out my books which is a big of a sticky wicket as I'm very possessive of them. But thank goodness my coworkers treat them with the respect they deserve.

I have about 5 or 6 reading the Stephanie Plum books and now have 2 reading the In Death books. And another team member is reading them too - but she found them on her own. It was great on Friday as the four of us were standing around chatting all about Eve and Roarke and the gang. None of them are as far along in the series as I am and one is only on book Immortal in Death but so far she's loving them. She was saying she had to reluctantly put it down when she finishes to read a book for her book reading group.

I also have a coworker interested in Contemporary books. I gave her In The Midnight Rain by Ruth Wind to read and she loved it. Now she's reading Sugar Daddy and Blue Eyed Devil by Lisa Kleypas. I haven't heard how she's enjoying them yet as I just brought them in for her last week. But I expect she will love them too. She reads Danielle Steel so I'm trying to (and not to offend any Danielle Steel fans) bring up her romance level.

Another coworker just finished Unlawful Contact by Pamela Clare and she loved it. I think she was somewhat discombobulated at the steam level of this one - but she does want more.

I'm hoping that with time and experience, some of them will be open to trying some of the other genres. After SO MANY years of keeping my love of romance to myself, and then wonderfully with the online romance community, it's wonderful to be able to talk in person with others about great books. Of course I do when I meet fellow romance lovers in person at different gatherings, but to sit and discuss the growth of Eve Dallas as a person and a woman, or the feasibility of droids and how great it would be to have auto chefs at WORK is a lovely thing.


I don't often pimp blog contests but I have to for this one!! Stacy of Stacy's Place on Earth has a contest going to win copies of Joss Ware's Envy series. Now I'm not planning on entering as I already have these books. But I strongly urge you to pop on over and enter. Beyond the Night, Embrace the Night Eternal and Abandon the Night are awesome reads and since the title of this post is Sharing the Love and Stacy is Sharing the Love of the Envy series, I say hop on over and see if you can win them!


Kwana said...

It's so nice of you to share with your coworkers and wonderful that you have these new wonders to chat about. I do try with my friends but it doesn't work with lots of them. Oh well.

Kristie (J) said...

It can be a lonely real world for us romance readers can't it? That's why I'm so juiced that many of my coworkers are willing to read and discuss the books I bring in. The one coworker who just started the in Death books also has read all the Stephanie Plum books and really likes Ranger. But I think Roarke is going to give him a run for his money :-)

Lori said...

Some of my coworkers read romance but none read the same authors I do. Still, anyone willing to talk books makes me happy.

Kristie (J) said...

Lori: I have a friend who reads a lot of my books but I don't see her that often and when I do, she doesn't really discuss them except to say whether she liked one or not. Very frustrating as part of the thrill is being able to talk about them.

Scorpio M. said...

My coworker, though not a romance reader, loves the IN DEATH series so I recommended Anne Stuart's ICE series to her thinking she'd like it because of the gritty suspense and the romance element might be a bit tamer. Next thing I know, she's on a romantic suspense binge...Stephanie Tyler, Cindy Gerard, Lora Leigh. Then just a couple of days ago, she told me that she really *loves* the dominant vs. submissive storylines after reading some of Lora Leigh's books. Picture me with a wide-eyed look. She's talking about erotica, right?

I was pretty surprised, I may have even blushed, lol. Even I do not read that type of romance, I'm more a mainstream historical, contemporary reader. So ya never know where a romance reader lurkes.

Thanks for sharing your work tale.

Kristie (J) said...

Scorpio: Isn't it GREAT getting positive feedback on books you've recommended. It's all about sharing *g*. And you're right! We never know who might be a closet romance reader.

Mary G said...

Hi kristie
That's probably one of my fave parts of reading - bonding over books as we well know. Is In The Midnight Rain by Ruth Wind steamy at all? Couldn't tell by the Romantic Times review. New author I found recently: Joyce Lamb, romantic suspense. I read Cold Midnight & Found Wanting but True Visions (just out) blew me away.

nath said...

LOL, well it's so simple for them since they have an enabler!!

but I'm really glad you're finding more and more people to share the love, Kristie :D

orannia said...

I'm so rapt that you are being able to 'share the love' so to speak :) I'm able to talk books with some of my friends at work, although, weirdly, they like very specific genres, but that means I get to talk different books with different people, which is always fun :)

Happy book pimping *grin*

Kristie (J) said...

Mary: Hmmmmmm - the atmosphere is very steamy - it rains a lot and the humidity is high. As for steamy between h/h, yep, it is. It's a great book and I've read and reread it many times.

Nath: I prefer to call myself 'their supplier'. And because I am, I have total control over what books I bring in that they read.

Orannia: They seem to have different tastes among them, so I'm giving them books to read accordingly. It's rather fun to match the person with the book.