Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Buying up a storm

Boy, when I finally got into the e-reader field, I didn't do things lightly. Being the obsessive compulsive type - that's why I avoid horse racing, slot machines which are legal in Ontario now, lottery tickets and other various forms of gambling - I know I have the kind of personality that could get hooked real bad and real quick - I did a cannonball leap into e-books!

And once I discovered how easy it is to download from Chapters - well, I scare me!! As one who formerly said never to ereading, I seem to have grabbed hold with both hands, though I only need one to hold it.

One of the neat things I discovered is I can get some Harlequin Temptations once more!! And I discovered a new author. Well, I'd kind of read a couple of her books in the past but she wasn't really on my radar. But Chapters has some free ebooks and one that looked interesting was Slow Hands by Leslie Kelly. It was free, it was a quick read and it was good. So good I went looking for other books I could download and that's when I found the Temptation books. Boy do I miss that line! So I also got Night Whispers, Wickedly Hot and Her Last Temptation. So far I've read Her Last Temptation and I quite enjoyed it too!

And for when I get tired of these books, and feel the need for something different, I downloaded The Lost Enchantress by Patricia Coughlin. I've been eyeing this one for a while, but the price was a bit too high. But it's much lower on an ebook. The same with The Treasure Keeper by Shana Abe!

Or if I'm not in the mood, I now have Hotter After Midnight by Cynthia Eden! Or say I'm feeling like a nice good RS. All I have to do is turn on my Kobo and there I have it!

And just this morning, while still in my ratty old, yet very comfy bath robe, I discovered that I could instantly get Sugar Creek by Toni Blake, a book I've been waiting for a while for now! I was checking out other books by her and discovered a small novella type book, You Send Me, only available as an ebook, which of course I got, at $2.59, who could I not. It was then I discovered Sugar Creek as an ebook. It's not on the main page as that format.

I think I must stop though. This is just too easy! when I can buy a book at 6:30 am - in my bathrobe, I must learn control.

There are still a few glitches. I downloaded Calibre and while that helped, not all the kinks are worked out yet. But at least I can read the two other books I ordered not from Chapters. When all the bugs are worked out - then I REALLY need to watch out. I already have a cart waiting for me.


Mollie said...

That's what I'm worried about when I do finally get an e-reader.

Especially b/c I want the nook and I would be able to download stuff directly to the nook from B&N. Sounds like trouble to me.... :D

Kristie (J) said...

Mollie: what's even tougher - after the first time I ordered a book, they remembered my Visa number so I don't even have that time lag while I try and find it again to change my mind or have second thoughts!!

Mary G said...

Hi Kristie
Maybe I shouldn't be glad it's so easy to download books LOL. I loved Sugar Creek. Great book. I met Toni Blake in Cincy - she's absolutely nice & so friendly. Had her sign a Toni Blake & bought a Lacey Alexander fo her to sign as well.

Wendy said...

I'm able to manage some self-control because my Sony doesn't have the WiFi capability (thank goodness!) and I'm in a pretty comfortable rut of using my eReader for "just" Harlequins and ARCs.

That said, I've noticed I buy way more Harlequins now than I used to. Back in the olden days, I tended to stick to my favorite lines (HSR, HH, SSE) and not stray too far. Now I'm much more willing to go out on a limb and pick up the occasional Intrigue, Harlequin Romance, Kimani, Presents etc.

Nicole Mc said...

Dont have an e-reader...but I'm finishing up Sugar Creek today and I am loving it!! Toni Blake has become a serious fav!

nath said...

LOL, just to let you know, you can buy the Harlequin directly on eHarlequin's website you know? :) and it's not very hard to transfer it to the Kobo ereader... just saying.

I've been really good so far with my e-reader :)

By the way, did you see the skins, Kristie?

Lover of Romance said...

I have a blog award for you at Addicted To Romance

Happy Reading!!!

azteclady said...

I'm scared, what with having an addictive personality too, and given that I'm slowly unraveling the mysteries of my Sony Pocket...

It's probably really good all around that my budget is so tight--I don't go around looking 'cause I know I can't afford it ;-)

Leslie said...

You sound like me when I first got my nook. I went a little crazy buying cause it was just so darn easy!

I don't know if your library has ebook but both my library systems do and oh boy! My library ebook wish lists are huge! Lots of Harlequins and good selection on romances. I have to go slow because I only get the ebooks for 3 weeks.

Don't you just love shopping in your pjs? LOL

Kristie (J) said...

Mary!! You went!!! I'm so happy that you made it. Isn't it just fantabulous getting together with so many fellow lovers of romance!!

Wendy: Hopefully I'll manage some self control soon that it's just a new toy phase I'm going through right now. It's tough though - seeing some of the great prices there are.....

Nicole: That's the one I'm reading right now too - and so far I'm loving it!!

Nath: So far that's still one of the kinks - I'm getting there. And the Harleqin books I got at Chapters were even cheaper than the ones I could get at Harlequin. I do have my eye on a number of Carina Press books though *g*
And no, I don't think they had any skins at the store, though I have seen them online. I'm just waiting for the perfect one

Lover of Romance: Awww - thank you!!!

AL: It is scary isn't it?? A lot of the books I got were very cheap - under $4 and I gave myself a budget to begin with. I still have a bit of room to go on it - and then I will try and wean myself off the ease of buying books online and getting them instantly!

Leslie: To get a book I've been wanting for a while now so early in the morning and not having to get dressed and drive over to the bookstore was an amazing experience. Jammies shopping - gotta love it :-)

orannia said...

I completely lost the plot in the last week and went mad at Fictionwise. I so need to pull back because buying them doesn't mean reading them...

Happy reading Kristie!