Monday, April 17, 2006

Suppose I gave a party

One of the really cool things about blogging is getting to “know” fellow romance lovers from all over Canada, all over the US and all over the world. One of the downfalls of blogging is knowing the chances are that I’m never going to ‘meet’ all my friends.

I have thousands of books – and I do mean thousands (and thousands)! There’s good news and bad news about that. The bad news is they are all over the house. Once upon a time I was organized and began putting them in boxes alphabetically by author and storing them in our basement. See – we only have two bookshelves. Long ago I abandoned the alphabetical storing though, and eventually the storing in the basement. Now they are in boxes and bags all over the house. I’ve been reading blogs where readers are discovering or recommending some of my old favourites and as I seem them come up, I long to look them up for a reread myself. But things have gotten totally out of control lately. I mentioned in a response on Ag’s blog that I would love to throw a party and each guest would get one box or bag - no, not to keep *grin* I mean to look through. We’d meet in the living room, drink wine, get sloshed and have a jolly good time discovering all the treasures I have. But few of my friends read romance (although one of them – and you know who you are – is discovering the joys or romantic suspense), so the thrill just wouldn’t be there for them – if they even agreed to come.

But the fellow fans I’ve met through blogging – that will never make it to my neck of the woods – sigh – they would be in romance heaven.

Here are just some of the treasures they would find!

Lisa Kleypas ENTIRE backlist – I’m even talking her books that are so old they don’t even appear on Amazon! Book I think she’s wishing she hadn’t written. A time travel! I even have a time travel she wrote. Or is it reincarnation? I could never quite figure that one out. I'm thinking Where'sMyHero would be loving the K box.

The entire collection of Lorraine Heath – in her pre-Avon days, back when she wrote really really good westerns

Ann Stuarts backlist
including just about every Harlequin book she wrote.(I can see Megan and Cindy would have a field day here – they would be all over the S box)

Elizabeth Lowell – before she switched to RS. Yep - I have her medievals and her Only books and all her Harlequins.

Karen Robards – before she also switched to RS. I even have the much hated Sea Fire. Some of her other historicals are pretty good. I’m really wanting to reread Tiger’s Eye again!

Connie Brockway’s entire backlist - even the ones that never get mentioned.

Marsha Marsha Marsha (I bet she gets that a lot) Canham’s backlist.

Justine Dare/Davis entire backlist. She wrote some really good ones. Even many of her Harlequins were very enjoyable. I bet most people don’t even know she wrote a couple of really hot angel books!

Jayne Ann Krentz backlist – back when she was still fresh! And also in that vein – all her older Amanda Quick books.

And sticking with Q’s – Julia Quinn’s backlist – before the Bridgerton’s took over her universe. Of course many of these have since been reissued so they aren’t as rare as they once were.

Deborah Simmons backlist – I’d love to reread many of these ones.

Susan Sizemore’s time travels – Yes before there were vampires – she wrote some good time travels I loved!

Elizabeth Thornton – I know Ag is discovering and rediscovering her books.

And vampires? I have the first ones when they came out years ago – before their renaissance began. We are talking Maggie Shayne and Linda Lael Miller here.

I have all 3 of the Elizabeth Elliot books – We could all ask the question at the same time! "Whatever happened to Elizabeth Elliot anyway?"

I have tons of Gayle Wilson books – the current president of RWA.

Patricia Veryan – I think there are some very hard to find books in my collection.

Teresa Medioros who has a most excellent backlist. Jennifer B is discovering her books

Of course I would let everyone read them. KarenS would be happy. I wouldn't be costing her more money.

I have ghost romance, vampire romance - before they were "in", a lot of futuristic romance, werewolf romance (from years ago), time travel, historical, RS – You name the genre and I think I have one. I think I even have one Bertrice Small book and a few Connie Masons and gasp – a Cassie Edwards or two (unless I traded them in – I probably did – quickly)

So you see – wouldn’t it be a lovely party?

'til later


Suisan said...

ELizabeth Lowell--my mother remains quite annoyed that I insist on dabbling in the Romance section of the pool. Would like me to come play in the deep end with the novels reviewed in the NYT. So she sends me "worthy" books for my edification. In the last parcel? A new RS Elizabeth Lowell. HA!

I did chuckle just a little bit at her expense. Quietly. Just a little.

romancelover said...

I want to swim in your Kleypas pile and also your Stuart pile. I just discovered Stuart and am desperately looking for her oldies. Brockway...gosh, I absolutely loved AS YOU DESIRE. I am RSVPing YES YES YES to your party. What Brockways do you have that are never mentioned?

CindyS said...

First, romancelover needs to get out of MY pile of Stuarts!! Second, anytime after I move to my new home - name the date. I would actually be able to come because A) no flying and B) Bob could drive me and I wouldn't panic!

I have some excellent backlists of authors *cough* Derek Craven *cough* that I keep for those 'break in case of emergency' moments in life. I cracked The Duke by Foley and I was really into it but "Tiiiiime is not on my side, no it ain't" (sorry did you see that movie?)

CindyS Ooooh, I'll bake cookies and we can eat cake and have ice cold coke and ....

sybil said...

Hell I invited myself over on Ag blog ;).

Marg said...

Just tell me where and when and I will do my best to be there!!! Sounds like fun!

Tara Marie said...

It sounds like a great party.

I actually do this occassionaly.

I've been giving (loaning) large quantity of books to my family and friends for years. Last summer I gave away a several shopping bags full of books to Moms from my son's preschool, they were over for a playdate and we ended up talking books. I think we had a better time than the kids.

My sister still has her nose out of joint, because I haven't gotten my Marsha Canhams back yet.

One mother told me the other day she is in desperate need of Nora Roberts.

Kristie (J) said...

Suisan: and weren't you tempted to tell your mom that Elizabeth Lowell ah wrote many a fine ROMANCE *grin*

Romancelover: the Brockways are
never mentioned are
A Dangerous Man
Promise Me Heaven
Anything for Love
(now mind you I only recently got hold of the last two and they are still waiting to be read)

Cindy: *yes you are still on my Craven-o-meter.* And cookies and cake with coke would be wonderful. Chocolate chip cookies with walnuts - lots of walnuts! And maybe some brownies and butter tarts too!

Sybil - you would of course be a co-hostess! We could sit on the couch and debate our favourite Kleypas hero. That could make a lively discussion that everyone would want to join in on. Then we could bombard romancelover with our favourite western. Chances are very good that I have a copy we could convince her with.

Marg: I will let you know. Just bring a list of books you've thought of reading. Of course it will be a week long party - need lots of time for the out of towners to make it - so you will have to clear your calendar for a week long party - then of course you will need recovery time after for all the excitement.

Kristie (J) said...

Tara; you could bring a few bags ' books too! You would have to initial them first so we don't get them mixed up. Then we would ooh and ahhh and compare books we love. I would oooh over WOH, you would aahhh over NIE.

Valeen said...

Now, that's a great idea! I want to come to that party!

I'd dive into all the old Klepyas that I haven't read yet. I think there are only a few.

The only things really old in my collection are VC Andrews, LOL - the rest are all ones I've bought in the past 15 years.

Megan Frampton said...

What a sweet, awesome idea! I wish we could all meet up, 'specially if there were some Anne Stuarts in the mix (back off, Cindy, some of them are MINE!).

I'd bring chocolate chip scones and wine.

Kristie (J) said...

I would of course send the private jet I have in the hangar at out local airport to pick everyone up. I'd see if I could get John Travolta to pilot it with Harrison Ford as copilot. I expect it would stop in Australia first to pick up all the Australian guests, then fly to Sinapore, Europe, make various stops in Britain and then fly to the islands to pick up any guests there. Then it would drop off those guests before flying across Canad and the US (you can see why we would need at least a week)
Valeen - you would find many that are older than that to choose from and Megan - you and Cindy could do tradesies.

Nikki said...

That sounds like so much fun! Count me in!

I have been looking for those time travels by Lisa Kleypas forever. They are the only ones of hers I don't have!

ReneeW said...

Kristie, just name the date and I'll be there! Sounds like you are sitting on a treasure trove of books. I could help you get organized, really, I'm mostly very organized. Awesome collection, I'm jealous. Cindy, get your mitts off the Stuarts, you already have them all, right? Well, ok you called if first. *pouting* Oh, wait, that was romancelover.

Holly said...

I have Kleypas' entire backlist as well. All of them. Every book she wrote. The same with Quinn and about 50 others. But sadly, I only have about 900 books...I'd come to your party, drink tons of wine and ooh and ahh with you!

I think you should work on that. ;)

sybil said...

I would be happy to co-host! hee it will be the party of the year.

Do you have all great oop trads as well? So Ro can ahhh over the MB?

Kristie (J) said...

Nikki: Her really old ones are interesting because her heroes in some of those really are quite vile. But you would be able to see how different she writes today :)

Megan: Scones would be most lovely. You could bring the recipe because I tried to make them once and ended up with really hard lumps that were good only for doorstoppers. And wine - I'm always up for wine.

Valeen: that particular Kleypas book is a buried in a box one. I haven't read it in years and little did I know when I got it, how rare it would become. But I would gladly let you read it!

Renee; help in organizing would be great. I'm scattered at the best of times. And not to worry - there are a lot of Stuarts to go around.

Sybil: I don't have a lot of trads for Ro, some Marion Chesney and I do have a number of Heyers, but I think she would adore the Veryan trads I have. I think Alyssa would agree with me!

Rosario said...

Ok, then, I've got a new # 1 for my "if I won the lottery" daydreams. Everyone would get a first-class air ticket (except Cindy, I'd send a limo to pick her up) to go to Kristie's house for the book party. And I wouldn't even be tempted to steal any old Trads because I could totally blow $ 100 a piece on them online!

Nicole said...

I'm late, but can I come too?! Sounds like loads of fun.

Maybe we should make it into a spa retreat. Romance and relaxation and fun conversation. What could be better?

Jay said...

awww, this totally sounds like fun. Makes me want to organize a con or something. Summer's coming....