Friday, April 14, 2006

No Last Night's Lost

Those who tune in on Thursday's may have noticed the regular Last Night's Lost didn't appear. There was a reason for that!! And I need to vent. I may have mentioned I've been involved in a particulary intense project at work. It was supposed to be done by Wednesday and being the good little worker bee that I am, I worked my little stinger off 9 - 9/12 hour days, no breaks, no lunches, trying to get it done. Well - it didn't get done by Wednesday. I thought my portion of it was, but twas not the case. I had planned things so that I could leave early yesterday - I certainly had the hours in. But that's not quite the way things happened. I started at 7:30am and didn't end up leaving until 6:15pm. Mind you everyone else had cleared out by 4:30 - it being a long weekend and all. When I finally got home - fuming - I was only good for crashing.
Why is it that the muckey mucks who dream up these things, who come up with these brilliant ideas, don't consult with the people who actually do the work?????? If they had bothered to check, I could have told them there expectations were too high - that they were asking the impossible. But noooooo. The workers themselves get no imput into it! They're just expected to get it done. I'd better get huge brownie points over this one!

So no Last Night's Lost.

It was good though. It was Rose and Bernard's story. Turns out that Locke isn't the only one who was cured by the mystical power of the island. And just when I thought Sawyer and Kate were finding something - now we have a possible reemergence of Jack and Kate - hmmmmm. And Michael's finally back again. I wondered what was going to happen with him. Looks like we will find out more next week.

Well - it's 5:00 in the am and I'm heade back to bed again after this brief explanation post.

til later


Tara Marie said...

I loved Rose and Bernard's back story, very sweet. Sawyer once again seems out of the loop.

I sometimes think the last 5 minutes along with the coming attractions is the best part of the show. The writers certainly seem to have the soap opera writing mentality--leave them hanging.--LOL

Tara Marie said...

Oops, sorry to hear work still sucks. Do you get the long holiday weekend?

Kristie (J) said...

Yep - still get the long weekend. The thing is, if they had allowed enough time, I would have loved working on it, it was very interesting, but the speed at which I had to get it done sucked all the fun out of it.

Karen Scott said...

Hey Kristie, I read Tara Janzen's Crazy Cool last night, and all I can say is you're costing me money.

Yep, I went and ordered all the other Crazy books. Sigh.

Me thinks that's 3/3 now. *g*

Kristie (J) said...

Karen: as a fellow comedy writer *grin* I'm so thrilled to see you're enjoyed it. Wasn't it a thrill a minute ride? And the next ones are good too! I'm counting down until I can read Crazy Love. At least there aren't as many Janzen books as Kleypas and Robb - there's a positive.

CindyS said...

Just so you don't upset yourself on Wednesday, I don't think LOST will be on. By the looks of it there will be a 2 hour Alias and another show.

My B-I-L said there was an article in the paper about the fans being upset because there have been 17 repeat episodes this year. I'll have to see if I can find anything about it.

Sorry work sucked but I hope the Bunny brings some treats!!