Monday, November 21, 2005


A dear friend got me a copy of The Outsider - the movie based on the book by Penelope Williamson. This is one of my favourite books and it's been driving me nuts wanting to see the movie ever since I heard they made a movie of it. We watched it tonight at her place and then *sigh* I got to take it home.
I thought the movie was very well done. Tim Daly starred in it as Johnny Galt and I've thought he was great ever since Wings. Niamoi Watts played Rebecca Yoder a young Amish widow. Johnny is a gunslinger who recuperates at Rebecca's after being shot. It stayed pretty close to the book, something not always done.
Of course now I will have to brave "the basement - where spiders live" to search out and reread the book again. And then watch the movie again.
I wanted to find a picture, but of course couldn't find one now that my picture pasting program is working again.

'til later

PS - my picture pasting program is working again but Blogger doesn't seem to want me to change fonts. It's gone now