Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Confessions of a romance book addict

25 confessions of a book addict

Other bloggers (Jay, Cindy, Renee and now Tara Marie - oops - and Megan - you can tell I've been out of the loop lately) have done something similar and it looked fun so here are some of mine

1) I buy purses based strictly on their ability to carry at least 3 books

2) I’m fanatic about keeping books in good shape. I have some that I’ve read 4 times or more and it looks brand new

3) I made my sister buy me a new book when she borrowed one and read it in the bathtub

4) I keep slips from the debit machine only to use a book marks

5) I have bought quite a few books because of the cover alone

6) I rarely make it past the first chapter before I read the end to make sure there is a HEA

7) I don’t like cartoon covers

8) I have no interest in reading chick/lit

9) I’ve cancelled plans I’ve already made if I’m in the middle of a good book

10) I don’t fold corners

11) I don’t like Mary Balogh’s books (sorry Rosario :( )

12) I only buy books with sex in them and then often skip the scenes

13) I’ve never read Johanna Lindsey

14) I’ve read books when I was supposed to be working

15) I can’t read in a moving car – it makes me queasy

16) I’ve often lost track of the books I have and bought the same one twice

17) I no longer have any idea of how many I have. I haven’t kept track in my excel spread sheet in months

18) I don’t like Kathleen Woodiwiss books

19) I stayed up all night reading a book, got called into work unexpectedly the next day and was so tired I sprayed my hair with deodorant and my armpits with hair spray

20) I reread a book almost as much as a new book. That’s why my TBR pile keeps growing

21) I’m often surprised when an older author writes a real hot sex scene – why I don’t know

22) I read in the bathroom – and not in the tub

23) I’m cheap when it comes to everything else except buying books

24) My book collection at cover price value is worth more than my car

25) I'll go out of my way to collect an authors back list sometimes - even though I've never read that author before

I know I said 25 but there is one more.

26) I did this today while I should have been working


CindyS said...

Number 12! Number 12! That's classic! Me, if the sex is there then it's gonna get read.

#1. Your purses must be HUGE.

#2. You're on a book trading group? How do you manage?

7 & 8 Yes.
9. I won't cancel plans but if someone else (Bob) suggests that maybe he doesn't want to go out, I don't put up a fight.
24. I so don't want to know!


ReneeW said...

I loved your list! I think we're almost twins.

1) 5) 6) 7) 8) 10) check

11) whoa, you don't like Mary Balogh? What am I going to do with you? ::sigh:: (I guess we can't be twins)

12) 13) 14) 18) check

19) LOLOLOL, ouch!

22) 23) 25) check

I loved 26). I do a lot of blogging when I should be working.

Tara Marie said...

Hey Kristie:

I'm right with you on 2, 10, 14, 16, 17, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24--you really are right great minds do think alike--LOL.

3. I don't loan out keepers unless I have a duplicate so this wouldn't happen to me, but my sister, mother and father all destroy books.

12. I thought I was alone in this one. I guess it's nice to know the sex is there if I'm interested--LOL

Jay said...

#1 is hilarious. 1 book I can see, but 3?

I'm doing #14 right now :)

Re: #22 I've definitely had a couple of close calls running around trying to find a particular book before heading into the bathroom.

Megan Frampton said...

Okay, so clearly I am in the minority with the bookmark obsession thing. Maybe I should rethink my neuroses?

I think #1 is a fantastic idea, btw.

And I do love Mary Balogh, but I can see why some wouldn't. And even though I have written a mom-lit, I'm not a big fan of chicklit either--maybe that's why I think I can do better?

Anyway, cool on you for doing this.

Kristie said...

Cindy: I'm only fanatic about new books I buy *grin* although any I get in trade never look any older. And you figure I have over 2,000 books with CDN average price of $7 that comes to $14,000. Scary isn't it?

Renee: can we go back to almost being reading twins if I say I used to like her? I haven't enjoyed anything she's written, even though I kept buying for the longest time though since Thief of Hearts. And as for 19, I kind of wondered when my hair didn't stay but did a big oopsie when I tried to lift my arm and it was all sticky.

Tara: it's wierd about #12 isn't it? We insist on having it but then don't bother reading them when we do. But when they work - Wowzers! Can anyone say Passion or Crazy Hot/Crazy Cool?

Jay: My sisters call them my mom purses. And I'm sadly out of style when small purses are in. I need one contemp, one historical and an alternate (paranormal or RS or whatever else. You just never know what mood you might be in when you're stuck in an elevator

Megan: guess who's book is the historical or RegEncy as the case may be. And of course I'll be reading your mom lit book!! I think it's the angsty young single that doesn't appeal to me. I just can't relate anymore.

Rosario said...

Oh, oh, oh!

1) my own number is 2 books, but yeah. I actually don't do purses lately, and wear a backpack, so that's like 7 books!

3) My sister just took Slightly Married to the beach and got it wet and she didn't even need to be told to get a new copy. And that relates to # 11... how can you!! ;-)

9 & 10, yup, 14, absolutely (that's what ebooks are for... I prefer pdf files, they look more like an economics paper), 19, LOL!!, 20, totally, 22, *blushes* sometimes I do, too.

lori said...

oh my god, I am a bookaholic only it is not just romance I will read and collect any books that catch my interest. I cannot go to walmart without buying a book. I keep at least 2 books going at all times.(one upstairs and one down so I don't have to go looking)(plus the one in the car incase I have to wait anywhere.) I buy new or used I trade, give away or horde.Geez are there group meetings for this. My children say they only see me without a book when I am cooking. Oh my God I'am a addict. lol

Kaitlin said...

Hi, Kristi! Just thought I'd jump in and say thanks for going to my blog. I like yours.

I love to read, but I have the hardest time reviewing books. The only time I do is if the book is either REALLY good or REALLY bad!

Hope you have a great day! :)

Jacinda said...


This inquiry may not belong in this post but if anyone reads this, please help. I love romance books although I'm a recent convert. In particular, I read some books by Judith McNaught and Jude Deveraux. The older books were great but their more recent works leave a lot to be desired. Can you name some authors who've written books along the lines of their earlier works? I'd truly appreciate it.

Oh and I agree with the sex scenes one--I just skip over them too. I want to read these books for the overall romance, the adventure of finding that great big love, the happy ending, not to get off. Plus the descriptions are sort of ridiculous.

Kate R said...

dang, I love number 12.

have you tried reading aloud in the car? That's now one of the only way I can keep from getting car sick.

Anonymous said...

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