Friday, May 15, 2015

Thought for the Day.......

Still at work, still bored and still thinking.
The thought for the day – am I a reader snob?  I started thinking this when I mentioned in my review of The Longest Ride that I’d never read a Nicolas Sparks book and had no intention of ever reading a Nicolas Sparks book.  I wondered why really and the “other” voice in my head answered “it’s ‘cause you be a snob beyotch!” (she sometimes talks to me like that – I really should teach her respect)
But I had to admit she might have a point.  Since I’ve never even tried one, how can I turn my nose up at this author’s whole body of work?  I like, and even love some of his movies though I haven’t seen them all.  I’m still a bit reluctant after watching Message in a Bottle.  I’ve heard his books aren’t well written and not all of them have happy endings and I’ve read where many question whether his books should even be called romances but maybe instead they should be qualified as romantic.
I’m the same way with Danielle Steele.  I think I read one of her book years ago and was less than impressed and scorned her too as “not a real romance writer.”  But she does seem to be popular.  They turned some of her books in to television movies and I think I might have started watching one once and thought “blech” and turned it off.  This is another author I’m a snob about.
Then we have Jackie Collins.  Now her books were popular back in the 70’s and 80’s.  I read one.  Once.  And that was quite enough thank you.  At the time I was also reading Mary Stewart, Daphne Du Maurier, Anya Seton so when I read Jackie Colllins, well, her book really was sleazy trash.
(OMG!! Squeak -  I sound like my mother.)
E.L. James is another author I can be accused of being snobby about, and probably with just cause.  I haven’t read the 50 Shades books, have no intentions of it, haven’t seen the movie and have no intentions in that either.  I’ve read and heard enough that the writing amateurish and the subject matter not true to life and not something I want to read about in any case.  I don’t really understand pain and sex together.
I have read so called racy books. I read quite a few Harold Robbins and Sidney Sheldon and I don’t have a problem with them.  I think, in my own convoluted mind that holds at least two people, that since they weren’t marketed as romance then I’m OK is their books are somewhat tasteless
I do believe it’s because I’m protective of the romance genre.  It’s my genre of choice and one of the big reasons is the quality of many of its authors.  I’ve read all genres and the authors themselves who write romance are some of the best actual writers and I don’t want what I consider ‘posers’ mixed into the genre – like fake chocolate chips mixed in with real chocolate chips.  They may look the same and at first glance they seem real, but the quality just isn’t the same.
But in my defense of romance authors, have I strayed too far into snobishood?
‘til later


azteclady said...

Two thoughts:

One, if you have tried them and don't like them, I don't believe you are being snobbish. Everyone has a right to their tastes and preferences. If in your opinion, those were poorly written, by your yardstick, there's nothing wrong with not devoting any more of your precious reading-for-enjoyment time to their books.

Second, if one defines romance as having a satisfying (HEA/HFN) ending, then a lot of those authors do not write romance. They are marketed as romance because there's a lot of money in the genre, and they are romantic in the same sense Casablanca or Gone With the Wind are romantic: there's a love story and a lot of tears. You'll notice the 'happy ending' part is missing.

A third thought: I think I am a snob when it comes to fanfiction pulled to print, which is the case with the 50 Shades books, as well as with obvious copycat/trend follower books. Those I won't even try, period.

S. said...

I think we all have that feeling. I also won't read the 50 shades but I'll admit to watch the movie when it's on "normal" tv, not on those channels you have to pay extra to have.
As for N. Sparks, I've liked some, others I avoided because thy seem stupid but overall I guess it depends on one's mood, after all that sort of tone might suit us one day.
I've tried Jackie Collins. Totally away from any reality I'd like to know about. Awful.

I like to experiment but like you, some things just don't seem to be worth my time. I already have too much as it is!
Have a good weekend!

Wendy said...

The Day Job keeps me from descending into complete snobbery because I don't want to be One Of Those librarians. So when reader after reader came in asking for Fifty Shades Wendy bit her tongue. A lot. Smiling and nodding may have been involved.

I didn't read Fifty - mostly because I talked to enough readers who did and read enough reviews to know it would piss me right off - and I really dislike "hate reading."

I have read Danielle Steel and wanted to burn that book (Lone Eagle) with fire. I finished the whole book because I had to review the damn thing for TRR, but one book by her was enough. The only characters I liked in that book were the "supposed" villains LOL

Now Jackie Collins is one author I really should try. I'm well aware she's not romance - but her books sound like total trashy soap operas - and Wendy loves her some trashy soaps. Pretty much you calling them "sleazy trash" make me want to run into work tomorrow and request something - but ugh, no time right now.