Thursday, May 07, 2015

Random Ramblings

Egads but I’m bored!  I’m on the later shift and I was a busy little worker be and got all my work done during working hours and now I have nothing to do, but I have to kill two hours.  The coworker I’m on with is great, but she’s a mega-worker and would be aghast if she knew I wasn’t working working.  But I’ve nothing to do except spew words here.

I met with my former trainer last Monday.  It went good, but I’m still most upset with myself at what I let happen.  But – I just have to get over that.

I was supposed to meet him again last night but I had a tooth pulled in the afternoon.  Now one of the things that is strongest about me is my imagination and when it comes to imagining pain, I doubt there are few who can top me.  I caught a glimpse one time in my records and it was right there in black and white, patient has low threshold for pain.  So they doped me up real good yesterday.  They gave me (I think) 1 ½ Lorazepam that mellowed me real good and then nitric-oxide for the actual tooth extraction.  I had no idea I would be loopy and when I was talking to the dentist before the tooth was yanked out of my head, I mentioned I had an appointment later in the day with a trainer and she said I absolutely shouldn’t go.  I had my neighbor take me and pick me up.  From the time I got out of the dentist chair, I remember nothing.  I meant to call Mark and postpone as soon as I got home.  I don’t really remember but I’m pretty sure I did and got voice mail.  Then I totally zoned out for a few hours and called again around 5:30 because I didn’t remember calling the first time.  I tell you it’s scary not remembering things like that.  I have no idea what I said on the phone – but I sure hope I didn’t say anything embarrassing like he’s my non-sexual crush or anything like that.  *gulp*

I also have no memory of paying for it.  The way our plan works, I pay up front and then the insurance company sends a check.  I was debating on calling the dentist’s office to see if I paid but an email came through saying they had processed the latest billing.  But I’ve no idea how much I paid – or even more important – how I remembered my debit password.

I’m still feeling the lingering effects today.  My jaw feels like someone punched me and if I move my head to fast I get dizzy.  I shall be very glad at the end of the day today.


The list of authors who are attending RWA this summer is out.  Many of them I’ve never heard of, but I’ve copied the list and highlighted the ones I want to meet.  But it’s going to be way different this year.  In years past, I’ve picked up tons and tons of books.  I’ve had them shipped home as I’ve had to many to carry myself. 

But now that I read mostly ebooks, the call of the free mass market book is silent.  I didn’t make it last year but I know the year before different publishers were giving away cards that you could use to order ebooks from.  I was in transition then so I picked up some, but not a great many.  I’ve my fingers crossed that publishers have caught on and have an even number of books and ecards.  That will also make the traveling much easier.

I did notice though that a lot of authors I’ve discovered in the past couple of years aren’t signed up.  I don’t know if it’s because the vast majority of their books I’ve purchased as ebooks and they either self-publish or write for small independent epublishers. 

Which leads me to wonder what the pros and cons of these authors attending RWA might be?  How many are even members of RWA?  Since they write and self-publish, is there any benefit to them going?  Are they hoping to be picked up by a big name publisher?  While for their sakes it would be nice, selfishly for me, it wouldn’t be so good since as soon as they do, the prices of their books would sky rocket.  I see that Courtney Milan and Carolyn Crane will be there and if I’m not mistaken they both self-publish.  I’m looking at some of the workshops they are offering and some look like they would be helpful for those authors.  I guess I’m just bumbed that there seem to be so few.  Or then again – maybe they will be there and just not at the literacy signing.

Speaking of traveling, I was dithering on how to get there this year – drive or take a plane.  The thought of driving in NYC simply can’t be contemplated.  So I’m doing what I did the last time it was in New York.  I’m going down a few days early to visit with my sister who lives in Massachusetts and then take the train from Albany, which isn’t far from where she lives) to NYC.  The train trip, much of which is along the Hudson, is gorgeous.  I’ll put on my soundtrack to Last of the Mohicans and just go back in my imagination.  It’s not just pain I imagine.


Well, almost time for me to head home.  I did it.  I made it through day after tooth extraction day.


‘til later


Wendy said...

I think a lot of self-published authors may be writing in a vacuum, or else they belong to other organizations besides RWA? That's my gut feeling anyway.

BUT! Since you missed last year, I will say that the number of self-published workshops has dramatically increased (I haven't looked at this year's schedule yet cuz I'm lazy) - but last year? You could have easily attended nothing but self-pub workshops the whole time.

As for publishers giving away ebook codes? Samhain, obviously. Avon did again last year. And I thought somebody else did, but I can't remember who now? It was probably either Loveswept or Carina and my memory is just shot. I tend to be conservative taking print (I usually end up shipping two boxes) but if I can take ebook codes, I do. OH! And Smashwords gave away a thumb drive again last year - so more books there. I immediately weed out the stuff that doesn't interest me (paranormal, a good chunk of YA, most NA....) but I usually hang on to a few to at least try the first few chapters.

I need to double check, but I think my employer will pay for shipping - in which case I'll probably be greedy and take what I can get - because Lord knows we can easily find homes for books at work. Lots of libraries to stash books in :)

And if you end up not making it to NYC, I'll know you met Daniel Day Lewis on the train ride and we'll never hear from you again! LOL

S. said...

Sorry to hound you now....
I loved Daniel Day-Lewis on that movie!!! Then after being in "love" with him in this movie I watched "My Beautiful Laundrette" where he's a sort of gay jerk. Ohhhhhhh how I mourned him....
Not that I'm against gays, I totally support them!! But it was Daniel Day-Lewis and he was mean there. Still can't face it nowadays!
Happy weekend!

azteclady said...

Kristie my Kristie...

Glad you made it to the trainer, and hoping you can make it again as soon as the mouth (and head) feel better.

Lots of hugs going your way, while I mourn that I am not going to NYC

*insert cute sad puppy pic here*

Kristie (J) said...

Wendy, I'll still pick up books for coworkers and maybe a few for myself, but my main hunt will be for ebooks - which makes things really weird in a way. And here I am driving so shipping wouldn't have been an issue - other than getting them from the hotel to my car in Albany.
And alas - the DDL in my dreams doesn't really exist - it's Nathaniel aka Hawkeye who has my heart.

S. Wasn't he just SO DREAMY in that movie?!?!?! The two scenes in particular, the night at the fort and then when he's telling her to stay alive. I've come to the realization that it's not the actors that make me swoon, it's the character they inhabit. I've seen him in a couple other movies, though not My Beautiful Launderette - and nothing. Not even a tug of attraction. It's his Hawkeye that makes those motors run - heh, heh,

Kristie (J) said...

AL: we rescheduled for Monday night - which works out well since I'm off Monday (working the weekend - including Mother's Day - 12 to 8 which is kind of crappy) I wish you were going too - *puppy dog pic back at you* But hopefully I do lots of blogging during the time I'm there.

azteclady said...

I'm gonna have Kristie blogging at RWA????

*happy dancing*

(still wish I was there to scare poor Wendy...)

Renee B said...

I really feel for you about the dentist experience. I haven't ever lost my memory, but certain things faded or didn't seem important to me at the time. I see that you are reading Rosanne do you like her? I have been thinking about buying one of her books. Hope you are enjoying it...I do love a good western romance.

Kristie (J) said...

AL - I plan on it - just on either my Ipad or the other tablet I have. I've no idea how to upload pictures though so it will kill me to do without.

ReneeB - I love her books and have collected almost all of them over the years. The best of them for me though is Outlaw Hearts - coming out VERY SOON now as an ebook. I just adore the love story between Jake and Randy and it's such an emotional book too.

nath said...

LOL Kristie. I read your post on Thursday and on Friday, I was removing my 4 wisdom teeth. Let just say that your post convinced me to take the sedative that the dentist had prescribed :)

I can't wait till RWA so we can all get together! I'm driving and so, planning to take as much books as I can :)

Perhaps self-published authors are not participating to the literary signing, but they will be there? It's hard to tell who is registered and who isn't.

As much as self-publishing is popular nowadays and works... I don't know, I still feel the goal is to be published by a big house.

Kristie (J) said...

Nath - LOL. And I bet you went on a fine "trip" without really going anywhere. FOUR of them. Yikes!
And are you actually going to drive INTO the city. you're a braver lass than I am. Though the great thing of driving is being able to take back as many books as you can isn't it? I can hardly wait to see you!

nath said...

It was just a sedative, didn't knock me out or anything. Just made me dizzy, which means I've learned my lesson.

Nope, not planning to drive in the city because parking is so expensive. Hopefully, I'll be able to leave my car at Hils.