Thursday, May 21, 2015

Random Ramblings


Work still hasn’t picked up and someone needed to work the early shift so I said I’d switch and work the later shift for her.  So you know what that means…..


Yep, you get a glance into the inner workings of my mind and the randomness of my ramblings.

There are very few things I’m vain about.  I used to be somewhat over my use of language but now with age and the decreasing capacities I’m noticing in my abilities to write, sometimes I have to sit for a length of time trying to remember the word I had in mind only seconds before that.  So I’m not so much anymore.  But I still have quite a streak of vanity about my hair.  I check the roots daily trying to make sure it’s not getting to thin.  My hairdresser constantly reassured my it’s fine, but I’m not sure I really believe her.

I pay big bucks for getting my hair done, not so much for the cut, but for the colour and highlights/lowlights and stuff.  The time before last,  paid more than ever and because I only got a short amount cut, nobody at work really noticed.

I went again just this past Saturday and told my hair dresser I wanted to go quite a bit shorter this time.  I wanted people to notice it was different (since I was paying so much but I didn’t add the last part).  It was down past my shoulders, I’ve been letting it grow for quite some time now.  Now it’s just past my ears.  Now I don’t know whether it’s cause I’m not used to it this short and haven’t adjusted, or it’s a bad cut or what – but I’m finding it VERY hard to get used to.  To me it looks like a cross between HeMan’s haircut and the little girl from the Buster Brown logo from years past.
There’s also a bit of Bozo the Clown look to it.  The hair is quite red as it’s brand new.  It will dye (get it – hah, hah) a bit and it’s not that I don’t like the colour, but a week or so away will give me and the hair time to get used to each other.  What I would really like to do is have some of it a lovely lavender colour.  Some of the stylists have some of that colour in their hair and it’s so pretty. 
I’m not sure if I have the courage to go that drastic or not.  If I was still in my 20’s it would already be that colour but there is something scary about some women who try and make themselves look decades younger than they are.  But my goodness, it sure is pretty. isn't it?

Speaking of that logo (because I looked it up to add to this post) is that one hellova scary looking dog or what??  I don’t remember having Buster Brown shoes when I was little, but that dog is truly nightmarish looking.  What a thing to do to impressionable little kids.

I’m in that hoping around stage book wise.  I just finished rereading Morning Glory and nothing is quite grabbing my interest at the moment.  I hate when that happens.  I’m waiting for a book to call me again like Morning Glory and it doesn’t always happen like that.  I know Outlaw Hearts is calling me but I can’t answer its call for another few weeks.  I was looking through GoodReads and apparently the last time I read it was in March of 2014.


I have myself in one of those Kristie circles I manage to get into every so often.  I have the first version of the IPad and it’s getting pretty obsolete now.  I was in the gym the other day.  I’d already worked out for almost an hour and was waiting for my trainer to finish up and desperately needing a rest so I was reading on my IPad in the dressing room.  One of the female employees came to me and said I couldn’t read it in the dressing room.  I had no issue with that but thought it a bit odd until she said the rules were no electronic devises with cameras allowed.  And I can certainly see why.  Some members are quite happily walking around naked as jaybirds but I’ll never be one of those.  It hadn’t occurred to me since my IPad is version 1, it doesn’t have a camera.

I downloaded a trial app for fit brain – to exercise it hoping words will stop disappearing on my and it seemed to be working so I ordered the app at a cost.  Then I got an update and without thinking, just updated it.  The updated version is too powerful for my IPad and it crashes every time I try opening it.  I’m limited on the YouTube videos I want to watch.  Some say my device can’t support them.  On top of that, when I went to the gym and didn’t take pictures of naked women, I did put it into my gym bag along with an almost full bottle of water.


You got it.  It damaged my IPad.  It’s so weird looking now.  Half of the screen looks wet and the other half looks dry.  I figure it’s going to short completely soon.  But here comes the problem.  I’m all set to get another one, probably an IPad mini, but I can’t remember my IPad password.  And until I find that out again, there is no sense getting a new IPad.  I did do some shopping on The Shopping Channel a few months ago knowing my IPad was out of date and bought an Acer tablet but…… the password thing.  I can read on the Acer, take pictures and play a few cheapo games and take pictures of naked women if I so chose – before getting banned from the gym completely.  But I need Wifi for the good stuff.  We have Wifi at work, so I bring in the Acer every so often to update both Kindle and Kobo for the books I bought on the Wifi.  And it gets more complicated because I can’t remember my password for my email either.  It automatically comes up on the IPad but I can’t get in from any other computer/tablet.  When I get an updated IPad, that will be a problem.  Another issue with the Acer is I kind of um dropped it and the screen is cracked. 

 I can still do everything, but with a crack going down the side of everything, well, the perfection is gone  So, I have to track down some kind of number that is on the router (I think that's what is is) and then go from there.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my two tablets don't go completely before I'm ready.
Well, tonight turned out to be quite busy so I didn't ramble as much as I could have.  Time to turn out my lights and head home.
'til later.


Statch said...

Your hair sounds cute! And I hear you on the forgetting words thing. It's really frustrating.

I use a program called KeePass for my passwordS. It's a secure database where you can store your passwords (once you remember them of course :-) and access them from any device. It's free too.

azteclady said...

A while back I read an article over at Dear Author about the unnecessary complexity of passwords--all those random strings of numbers and letters, impossible to remember for most regular human beings yet easy to crack by hackers. So I've taken to make my passwords make sense--a phrase, condensed, in two languages, perhaps a symbol or number to substitute a letter or sound. That way I don't forget them nor do I have to keep track of seven million of them.

I do hope that you get to your email before either or, dog forbid, both tablets bite the dust.

farmwifetwo said...

Go into each program and reset your passwords while you can still get into them.

Been there... had to do that.

Wendy said...

Egads, the password thing. Between work and home I have about a bazillion of them. Like AL, I've taken to using a method that mostly works for me (I do still occasionally forget and need to reset!). I abbreviate a song lyric, then toss in a symbol and number string I'm apt to recall. But it's still not perfect. If only I were bilingual - I'd use AL's idea.

And now I've got Buster Brown lodged in my brain. When I see you in July I'm just going to start calling you Buster :)