Thursday, May 14, 2015

A Tale from my Childhood


I think the commercials are getting to me.  I’m becoming conscious of “coffee breath”.  I don’t if I have it or not, but to make sure I’ve started either having mints or chewing gum to eliminate it.  I bought a number of different kinds the other day so I’d have a choice and one of the brands I got was Juicy Fruit.  I very seldom chew gum – except lately when I’ve become paranoid about “coffee breath” – must be an aging thing. 

Anyway, I’d no sooner started chewing my first stick when I was transported back to a much (much) younger me.  Every Sunday afternoon, my best friend and I would go ice skating at a local arena.  I never really much cared for it to be honest, but a boy I had a crush on would be there every Sunday too and every  week I waited for him to ask me to skate.  Alas, I waited every week in vain.  But my bestie and I always filled our pockets with Juicy Fruit gum they sold at the arena and we would skate and chew and chew and skate  to the tunes of Glad All Over by The Dave Clark 5, Get Off Of My Cloud by The Rolling Stones, So Happy Together by The Turtles, and of course many a tune by Paul Revere and the Raiders and I’d hope a boy would ask me to skate with him.

I just finished my morning wake up coffee and I picked Juicy Fruit today.


Don’t you love it when I’m bored at work?


‘til later


nath said...

Ohhh, I used to love juicy fruit!! There's just something about it, the sweetness :P LOL. In a world predominate my mint flavor, it's nice that Juicy Fruit still exists :)

I don't think coffee breath is all that bad by the way.

and yes, love it when you're bored :P

azteclady said...

*raising hand* I do love it as well.

Wendy said...

OMG - Dave Clark 5 ear worm! "I'm feelin *thump thump* glad all over!"

That's going to be lodged in my brain for at least three days.

Kristie (J) said...

Wendy, ROTHL, glad to pass it on. It was in my head most of the day :-)

AL: thanks *grin*. I really am of two minds when I do. I worked hard all morning and did get caught up at work, but then the other part of me is aghast that I'm doing it during work hours. But we are all in the same boat with not a lot to do until they start giving us more work. I would be ever so glad to help others but they don't need it either.

Nath, I go more for the minty flavoured myself. It's that one commercial for some kind of gum where a cartoon coffee cup, a donut and an onion are running all over. I rarely eat donuts or onions so I'm safe from the bad breath they may cause, so that leaves coffee.