Wednesday, July 30, 2014


It seems like a long time since I’ve done a “Stuff” post.  That could be because it HAS been a long time.

One of the things that I’ve really been aware of since coming back from my extended absence is how dreadfully out of date this blog is.  It’s time for a revamp as I’m still showing books I read in 2011.  Who cares?  I don’t even care.  That was 3 years ago.  I will slowly be working on this but with only an IPad working it’s going to be slow progress.  But I’ve also been checking out the links to fellow bloggers on the sidebar and by the looks of things, I’m not the only one who took a powder.  Some of my fellow bloggers haven’t posted anything new since 2011.  And there are probably/hopefully many more new ones.  I was thinking if you drop me a quick note, I can add you to my sidebar as I (very sadly) delete some of the older former bloggers who haven’t been active for a while.

 Now this won’t be a quick process.  I still can’t get onto the internet on my home computer, only at work and through my IPad.  Without the ability to do Control C and Control – man do I love those buttons – it’s kind of hard to do much.  And even though work has dried up quite a bit lately – as opposed to those bygone and much missed days when it was even tough to get a bathroom break in it was that busy – I don’t feel right doing it at work.  I think management would frown and deservedly so.  It may just take a while.


I got some rather disappointing news today.  The contractor that I have renovating the bathroom has run into quite a snag somewhere else thus putting my reno back.  I was hoping to get it done next week; all the new stuff is in the store now and they said they would deliver it on the weekend.  But now he says he can’t get to it until the end of August.  I hope they will hold it at Home Depot until then.  Son #1 who moves about every 3 months it seems, is using my basement as his storage facility and no room down there.  I don’t want to leave my stuff outside for that long and I don’t have enough room to store it on the main floor.  *sigh*  Even more of a bummer – I already love my new bathroom in my head and I now hate the one I live with.  I don’t WANT to wait another month.  We’ve been working on getting it done since May and I’ve waited long enough says I.  It’s going to be ever so nice; no tub but nice big walk-in shower with gorgeous gray swirl tiles.  The floor will also be grayish gray swirls – they will look good together – and a blingy like black counter top on the vanity and very dark, almost gray, copper hardware.  The walls I’m having painted a gorgeous shade of salmon and will accent with shades of gray.


There will be those missing my tub though.  I have 2 new kitties.  I wasn’t going to get new cats after I had to have Cally put down when she got outside and was hit by a car, breaking her leg.  It was just too sad- and practically, too expensive.  But I realized I needed at least one cat again when I started talking to my fire detector.  You see, the battery was dying and it was “chirping” to let me know.  The chirping it made sounded just like a guinea pig we owned years ago and I was talking to it for about a week before I realized I either needed to get something living or see someone professionally.  I ended up getting to male kittens from the same litter I names Munch and Fin – I’ve long been a fan of Law and Order SVU. 

Now I’ve had cats all my life but I don’t think I’ve ever been as fond of any as I am of these two.  I’ve had them for a while now so they are no longer kittens.  They were taken away from their mama too early; I got them from a girl at work that got them from a neighbor who lied to her about how old they were.  They still suckle on stuff a lot.  A lot of different kinds of stuff; my head, my hair, my arm.  You should see them on fleece or flannelette.  They spread themselves out flat like pancaked squirrels, get their purring motors revved up full throttle and are off to the sucking races.  Munch – the more mischievous one loves to play fetch with a straw.  I throw it, he runs and gets it, brings it back to me and drops it right in front of me.  It’s a very fun game for both of us, though not so much for me at 3:30 in the morning when he’s up and rarin’ to go.  I found myself wondering if perhaps I was getting to carried away this morning though when I started giving them smootchie kisses – right on their kitty lips.
  Eeewwww.  Their favourite place to hang out now is in the tub.  I love watching them jump and run when I turn the shower on and they are still in there.
And a warning - though it's eeewwww to talk about kitty kissing, there will probably be many a story about my kitties.


And going back to the Shades of Grey – am I the only one not looking forward to the movie?  I haven’t read the books, don’t want to read the books and I haven’t watched the trailer.  I’ve seen bits of it on some of the entertainment shows and I’m totally meh on the guy who plays the lead – Christian isn’t that his name?


And speaking of books into movies, what I AM looking forward to is Outlander.  Now the guy who will be playing Jamie DOES do it for me.  It’s going to be playing on Showcase here in Canada though not starting until near the end of August as opposed to earlier on Starz in the US.

One of my more popular posts a number of years ago was one I did on how much I hate the Charmin commercial with that stupid bear family.  I thought that would be the worst series toilet paper commercials ever.  Part of me is morbidly curious to check out the website –  But I was wrong.  Dead. Wrong.  Scarily and frighteningly wrong.  There truly is worse and now I’ve seen the worst of the worst and I’ll never be the same.  I’m referring to those commercials where the English lady takes a roll of toilet paper and I don’t know – wipes or something – into a dimly lit speed dating lounge and asks prospective men about their toilet paper/pooping habits.  There is a series of them but it wasn’t until this particular add came out that I started humming that song ‘How low can the go.”  Sometimes I greatly fear for our society.
Dang – I’ve missed doing this kind of ‘stuff’


‘til later


Phyl said...

It's great fun to read one of your chatty posts again. Welcome back!

azteclady said...

Oh this is so much like coming home.

Only better, because you won't nag me to make my bed and be polite to the guests even you hate :grin:

Brandy said...

I miss posts like this! Munch and Fin sound adorable. As a kitty lover you are more than welcome to chat about your kitties! I have absolutely no desire to read the Shades of Gray book(s) or see the movie. Bleh.
Sorry about your renovation being postpone.

Kristie (J) said...

Phyl, and now that I'm not so busy at work, my NEED to get chatty again has returned. And as James Brown sings (and probably will hear a lot of with the upcoming biopic) "It Feels Good.". Or is that "I Feel Good"? Either one applies though

AL, thanks! But Krisite can give them a whuppin' even if I can't.

Brandy, I think they will feature in many a story. And if I even see a book that says "if you like 50 Shades" or similar, I back right off.