Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Word of Advice

I can while away many an hour on Amazon, just browsing around; looking up authors backlists, checking out reviews, following other books which are recommended.  I was having fun this morning doing exactly this.  There was one author’s whose book popped up as recommended so I followed so see what I thought.  The synopsis of the book looked interesting so I thought to check out a few reviews.  I usually start at the one star ones because sometimes what bothers the reviewer might not bother me and one can be sure it’s not a ‘fan girl’.  When I did this, I saw the author had made a MAJOR FAIL.
Authors take note and DO NOT DO THIS.  This particular author had responded to the bad grades and when I read what she had written, I had an “oh no you didn’t” reaction.  The first reviewer didn’t say much in her review but did say she enjoyed the book.  The authors response?  She requested the reviewer change her grade!!!!!!  Seriously!!!!!  She wrote that!!!!!! 
The next low grade was even better – in a ‘boy is this a bad author thing to do’ way.  She accused the reviewer of being mean and as there were so many positive reviews, she didn’t understand why the reviewer would do this; she must be one of those people who got off on bringing other people down  AND THEN she requested that she not read or review any more of this authors work.  A huge WTF??  I read the review and I thought it was well written and the reviewer had been clear on why the book didn’t work.  She made no slight to the author personally.  So why the author had to do what she did is a complete mystery.  Of course there isn’t a chance I’ll try her now because she was so stupid in what she did.  They could be the greatest books in the world but her behavior made sure that this reader will never know.
I think many an author knows this, but for those who may not – not everyone is going to love your books.  I would say almost impossible that any writer will get universal high marks.  So instead of getting your knickers in a knot, accept this as an ‘it is what it is’ attitude.  Take something from bad review if possible.  In the case this morning, the negative had some issues the author could work on and try and improve instead of telling the reviewer not read her books anymore.  I can’t imagine a more absurd statement.  You don’t think that’s going to make its way around the wires?  It made it to me.  Because I like to ramble and my motto why say in 10 words what I can say in 100 I wrote more than needed.  So in 10 words
‘til later


nath said...

Seriously, I don't get that some authors still haven't learn this.

Kristie (J) said...

I know eh? I was all set to give this author a try until I saw what she wrote to some of the lower grade reviewers. The hands, sit on the hands if you have to until the need to respond passes.

Brandy said...

I know there have been at least three "scandals" of authors- well known authors- doing this, too. I don't get it. Everyone has a right to their own opinion.

azteclady said...

One would think that most authors who have been online for any length of time would know to vent in private and be gracious in public.

Particularly because what happens online does stay online--there's no rewriting history.

Kristie (J) said...

Brandy, this wasn't a well known author - I just happened to come across her books and I think she writes strictly ebooks so on the one hand she may not have 'people' to tell her how bad this kind of thing is and on the other hand she REALLY needs to stop it

AL: She has a few books but since it looks like she's self-published maybe she is unaware of what a truly stupid thing she did.